The Barbadian singer offers her personal vision to create ‘Denim Desserts’, a limited edition capsule collection of Denim shoes. We present the Rihanna’s ‘Manolos’.

The excessive and exuberant creator Manolo Blahnik walks at 73 years old with many experiences behind him. Whoever thinks that he is a man at the end of a road is wrong. His expertise and disturbing creativity along with his strong personality have turned his shoes, called Manolos, in the most mythologized ones of the world. Perhaps this irrational fear to stop is the trigger of a frenetic activity in which he retreats to get even closer to his longed for youth, and this year it has led him to join Rihanna in a surprising collaboration.

RIHANNA MANOLO BLAHNIK- MARZO 2016 colección zapatos

For the artist, this union has been like a dream that it came true last May 5 when “Denim Desserts” launched for sale. It is a collection of shoes made from denim fabrics and designed with Manolo Blahnik.

rihanna manolo blahnik collection collaboration denim shoesManolo Blahnik & Rihanna working on the collection at the designer studio (April 2016)

The result is a Deluxe union with unique pieces that stand out for the use of textures like denim and stunning handcrafted details such as applications, rhinestones and embroideries inspired in the Rihanna‘s own tattoos.

rihanna manolo blahnik shoes collection collaborationRihanna & Manolo Blahnik finalizing the details of the collection

This exclusive line of footwear includes six different designs of Limited-Edition sandals, stilettos, booties and boots and it reflects the passion, creativity and style of two personalities so influential and disparate at the same time. Classic elegance and the meticulous manual work of the Spanish designer come together with the artistic style of the famous singer.



DENIM THIGH-HIGH BELTED BOOTS manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collection
Denim Thigh-High Belted Boots – High boot with stiletto heel, tied at the waist with jewelry applications (3,835 €)

DENIM TIGH-HIGH BELTED BOOTS COLLECTION manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collection


DANCEHALL COWGIRL JEWEL manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collectionDancehall Cowgirl Jewel – In light-blue denim with crystal applications inspired by the tattoos on the hand of the iconic singer (2,145 €)

DANCEHALL COWGIRL DENIM manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collectionDancehall Cowgirl Denim – In its indigo denim version and cords (1,235 €)


SEA SALTS SEQUINS manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collectionSea Salts Sequins – In light-blue denim embroidered with sequins (1,235 €)

SEA SALTS SEQUINS DENIM - INDIGO & LIGHT BLUE manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collection
Sea Salts Sequins Denim – With a central strip and buckle at the ankle, available in blue denim indigo and denim light-blue (845 €)


RIHANNA sandals manolo blahnik shoes collection
Rih Vi’s – In light-blue denim with delicate jewelry ornaments embedded in the frontal strip (845 €)

RIH VI´S- INDIGO DENIM manolo blahnik rihanna shoes collection sandals
Rih Vi’s – In its indigo version (845 €)

The capsule collection of only 400 pairs went on sale in selected stores from London, New York and Hong Kong, as well as on the website of the luxurious brand (, with prices ranging between 700 € and 3,000 €.

The collection has been a success on sales and it reflects once again the power and influence that the charismatic singer possesses, transcending her musical side and placing her as a star collaborator in the fashion world. And the union with the master shoemaker Blahnik confirms how the merger of two creative and influential universes has become one of the most prolific in recent times.