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Sagrada Barcelona is the first one hundred percent philanthropic luxury brand. A project born from the hand of the United Arab Emirates businessman, Aamer Abdul Jalil, based in Barcelona for some years now and who has committed to donate all the benefits of this new initiative to social causes. “For Pediatric Welfare” of the Barça Foundation is the first program that will benefit.  .

Just a few days ago, the company Sagrada launched its first product, a perfume-jewel inspired by the unique architecture of Barcelona and which is valued at 1,600,000 euros. The extraordinary piece is a work of art that combines design and perfumery. .


The organic, rounded shapes and vibrant, golden colors reflect the spirit of Barcelona.

A perfume-jewel inspired by the city of Barcelona .

The design is inspired by nature and the organic modernist shapes of some of the most iconic buildings in the city of Barcelona. The pyramid-shaped structure serves as a base for the perfumes but moves away from straight lines and seeks an organic and fluid movement reminiscent of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the liquidity and flow of the perfumes it supports.  


From the jewelry Bagués Masriera, creators of the piece, they state that: .

The profusion of details and the technical and creative virtuosity takes shape in materials such as glass, silver, gold, enamel and precious stones. Two techniques have been used for the enamel: on the one hand, the plique-à-jour, used in the realization of modernist stained glass, and on the other, the champlevé, which provides a finish very similar to trencadis, so characteristic of modernist architecture.

The color is also protagonist again in representation of the vibrant and colorful city in which it is inspired. The fired glaze produces an effect very similar to that of the ceramic mosaics and stained glass that flood the buildings of Barcelona. The four colors present in the piece, as well as the four medallions that make up the piece, represent the ingredients of each of the perfumes, inspired, in turn, by the seasons. 

Four seasons, four fragrances

Perfumer Jimmy Boyd, the project’s nose, states that: .

Sagrada’s jewel-perfumes bring us closer to the emblematic Catalan capital in a unique way and in the purest form that exists. There is much to contemplate beyond shapes and colors, and there are other ways to transmit, as with an essence.

The prestigious perfumer has been inspired by how the people of Barcelona live during the four seasons of the year to choose the essential oils that shape the fragrances. Thus, each of the perfumes combines an olfactory family according to the season it wants to reflect: nuts and chocolates for the cold winter; neroli and earthy flowers for a fresh and dynamic summer; roses and jasmine for spring; and aromatic plants from the Montseny forest for autumn.

18 ingredients are enough


Gaudi’s numerology has served as inspiration not only for the design of the piece but also for the fragrances.

Boyd’s creativity has gone beyond the scents. He says that, although a classic perfume has between 70 and 150 ingredients, each perfume designed for this exceptional piece of Sagrada Barcelona has been elaborated with only 18 components. 

Gaudí, the modernist figure par excellence in the city, had an innate sense of geometry and in his works we find multiple numerological elements… many of them are still an enigma. We have taken as a reference one of the figures most present in the works of the Catalan artist, 18, limiting the number of components of each perfume to this precise quantity.

Sagrada Barcelona has launched a unique product that, while being part of the world of luxury and exclusivity, aims to influence society through philanthropic projects. A way for its founder to thank its host city and an opportunity to create a work of art.