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When we think of decorating our living room we immediately think of the changes of colours of its interior and the paintings. Which proposal do we opt for? Bimago brings you an aesthetic and colourful option with its screens.

The living room is the place in the home where family gatherings and visits from friends take place. If you want to separate two rooms, the folding screen is the perfect accessory to decorate your living room as it is a decorative element that has been gaining popularity in recent years because it is mobile, adapts according to your needs and gives a chic touch to the space.

Screens as a versatile and novel alternative

Decorative folding screens by Bimago are ideal for spaces within a living room because they allow you to separate the dining room from the rest, without having to build a wall between them.

Its pieces are foldable, easily transportable and adaptable to any home. In addition, the designs are very varied: avant-garde, floral, artistic, graphic, with oriental or city elements, among others.


Example of a living room design using a Bimago folding screen

The bombs, unlike paintings, are excellent for hiding undesirable portions of the living room from the gaze of visitors, whether it be wall imperfections or electrical wiring. They are very versatile as they are very easy to move and relocate, without the need for arduous installation or measuring.

Colour options

The bombs bring localised colour to the interior of your living room. But what about the walls? When thinking about the colour of the walls, it is essential to also consider the colour of the furniture, as both should harmonise or create visually pleasing contrasts.

Pastel colours of different shades are recommended, always making sure that the ceiling is painted white or a very soft shade, so that it looks higher. Other splendid colours for the living room include grey-blue, grey-white, beige, wine, turquoise, lime green (with a tropical feel) or red (selecting white furniture to make the room look like a Red Velvet).


Examples of Bimago decorative screens in different designs

On the other hand, you can also consider wallpapers from Bimago, which imitate different material reliefs, especially for decorating the wall behind the television, which should be sober and unattractive so as not to distract the attention and tire the eyes even more. It is enough to wallpaper only one wall, it is not necessary to upholster the whole room.


Examples of decorative screens from Bimago of different designs

Assuming that the bombs and wall colours are ready, and that you are still missing a spellbinding element in your living room, then it is time to think about the paintings. The main painting should be placed as close to the sofas as possible, so that visitors can gaze at it and enjoy its intense colours. Here you can afford a painting with a splash of colour; as long as it is pleasing to the eye.

The bombs, cleverly placed and designed as decorative elements, can also play with their designs the role of any other painting or be the colourful centre of a delicately painted living room.


Images courtesy of Bimago