On the 10th of June was inaugurated the 16th Serpentine Summer, one of the most important social events of this summer in London. In this edition, the prestigious Serpentine Gallery has selected some of the most distinguished international architects, between them Barkow Leibinger and Yona Friedman, for the construction of four inspired artworks in the Queen Caroline’s Temple, a classic-styled summer house placed in the proximities of the area.

Bjarke Ingels has been the responsible for designing the Pavilion where lectures and projections are scheduled during the exhibition, which will remain opened until the 9th of October for anyone wishing to enjoy one of the best expositions of contemporary architecture worldwide.

serpentine summerQueen Caroline’ Temple

serpentine summerMap of the premises

“Unzipped Wall”, the Pavilion

Bjarke Ingels (from Group BIG) has been designated to be responsible for the design of the Pavilion this year. For this Serpentine Summer 2016, he has created a geometric composition built with 1,802 fiberglass frames, making a reference to the simple and basic structure of the brick.

serpentine summer‘Unzipped Wall’

The “Unzipping Wall” transforms the line into surface by changing the wall into space. As Bjarke Ingels points out himself, “it creates a slew of possibilities both outside and inside”, this is possible thanks to its vacuity and the wavy form of its structure. A complex and three-dimensional atmosphere that, without any doubt, captivates anyone who penetrates into the Pavilion.

serpentine summerBjarke Ingels (from Group BIG)

serpentine summerViews from the interior of the premises

The Pavilion constitutes the most important work of the exhibition because its interior is destined to embrace activities related to the event, as the Saturday Talk: talks, projections and meetings that the gallery has scheduled so that the visitors get a better grasp of the works through their creators.

Under the influence of the Queen Caroline’s Temple

Furthermore, another four prestigious architects will present this year their respective versions of the Caroline’s Temple. With the original house as the source of inspiration, they were built with different materials and in a total surface area of 25 square meters.

The architect Barkow Leibinger, based in Berlin, has created an open and wavy structure that reproduces a geometric concept in a loop. Its shape, that reminds us of a tree, and the colours of the wood he used merge perfectly with the natural environment of the premises.

serpentine summerVisitors resting in the interior of the structure

serpentine summerIts shape reminds us of a tree

serpentine summerThe only material used for the construction was plywood

From his standpoint, Kunlé Adeyemi offers us a structure that seeks to represent an inverted replica of the traditional Queen’s Caroline’s Temple. The material and the robust shape, designed by Adeyemi, uses prefabricated block constructions made of stoneware that allow the visitor to feel as if the room were the original house.

serpentine summer                                        Visitors in the “interior” of the version of the original house

serpentine summer                                                                             Perspective from one of the sides
serpentine summer          The design toys with the space simulating windows and doors as the ones from the room it represents

The modular structure of Yona Friedman explores the concept of versatility by means of a ring-shaped binding composition using metal circles of 1.80 meters in diameter mounted to form a bound skeleton that, additionally, has the option to be mounted and dismounted in different shapes and composition. 

serpentine summer                                                                        Caroline´s Temple by Yona Friedman

serpentine summerWork’s metallic structure

Finally, the design of Asif Khan is based on a polished-metal platform that offers a different perspective compared with the others, and that consists of three spaces jointed by a wavy line made of wooden rods.serpentine summer                                                   The work toys with the light through its vertical rods

serpentine summerVisitors in the interior of the structure

Tommy Hilfiger, co-host of the Serpentine Summer 2016

This year, the event that always gathers a great number of celebrities from the world of art, fashion or design will be sponsored by the American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who has stated: “Art has always been one of my sources of inspiration since I started my career”. He seems excited because it represents an opportunity to support the artistic community.

serpentine summer, tommy hilfiger                                                                                           Tommy Hilfiger 

Horse Mag believes Serpentine Summer 2016 is an essential event for anyyone who wants to know the last trends in architecture, fashion, art and design, that gather at this annual event located in the stunning setting of Kensington Gardens.