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Regent Cruises presents its sixth ship in Spain: the Seven Seas Grandeur. A ship cared for down to the smallest detail and that will have the first Fabergé egg on board for a very unique reason.

Regent’s new ship carries on board a multimillion-dollar art collection totaling 1,600 pieces, mostly contemporary art. Choosing, assembling and mounting them in the different spaces on board has been a two-year job for the entire specialized team, which has toured galleries on several continents and contacted artists and designers directly to buy or directly commission new works.

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Art Experience: the app to connect with the artwork and the artist

The art pieces can be enjoyed at a glance in the suites, the entrances to the restaurants, common areas, lounges, halls or access areas. To come across them is something frequent that leaves greater or lesser sensations, although in this case, they wanted to take a step forward in the interaction between the collection and those who observe it, as the shipping company wanted to make an artistic tour of the ship, the Art Experience, available through Regent’s mobile application.

SEVEN-SEAS_OBRAS-DE-ARTE-MAGAZINEHORSEThis Art Experience is immersive and interactive for travelers to connect, not only with the work of art but also with the artist(s) who created the piece they are observing. The intention is to follow a tour or do it in short segments to have an analysis and more information about the works exhibited in the main spaces.

With each new ship, our team works tirelessly to identify and source the most impressive range of artworks, creating a collection that would be envied by most modern museums, to ensure that our guests’ time on board is as enriching and stimulating as their time on land.” “With each new ship, our team works tirelessly to identify and source the most impressive range of artworks, creating a collection that would be envied by most modern museums, to ensure that our guests’ time on board is as enriching and stimulating as their time on land.”

Said Andrea DeMarco, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises.


Thus, Regent travelers use this same application to find out about the daily program on board, view shore excursions or the ship’s gastronomic offerings and telephone directory.

The crown jewels

Among the 1,600 sculptures, photographs and paintings on display, stands out, for example, the cherry bonsai created by Savoy Studios for this ship. Made of bronze and hand-cast glass, it is a jewel that presides over and is an experience for those who enter the Pacific Rim, the Grandeur’s fabulous Pan-Asian restaurant.

Seven-Seas-Grandeur-The-Cherry-Sculpture-Bonsai-Cherry-Tree-magazine-horseAnother work to highlight and that is practically inevitable to stop looking at, is by the Brazilian Walter Goldfarb. It is called the enchanted tree and is a 12-meter high tapestry that presides over a towering atrium. The glass elevators that pass in front of it or the terraces of the different bridges that lead to this hall of various heights allow different perspectives on the work of Goldfarg while sailing… or being in port.

Seven-seas-grandeur-tapestry-enchanted-tree-magazine-horse-travel-culturePablo Picasso is also on board. With three lithographs exhibited in the Prime 7 restaurant, a classic steakhouse with 100% American taste, which is the main nationality of the shipping line’s travelers. The works, lithographs, are called ‘Toros y Toreros’, ‘Antes de picar al toro’ and ‘Picador picando al toro, con matador al tranquilo’ and for an international audience, it aims to show the beauty of the bullfighter’s costumes and their movements, along with the power of the bulls as part of Spanish heritage.

Seven-Seas-Grandeur-three-works-by-Picasso-in-Prime-7-Magazine-horse-restaurantThe stainless steel sculpture by Beijing artist Zheng Lu “Dripping Water – Waterfall” is located in Serene Spa ¬ Wellness on Deck 5.

Seven-Seas-Grandeau-Sculpture-Zheng-Lu-Waterfall-Serene-Spa-Wellness-magazine-horseThe Favergé egg called ‘Journey in Jewels’.

Finally, the most outstanding piece of the collection exhibited on board is possibly the most exclusive: a Fabergé egg designed specifically for the ship where it will be permanently displayed. The shipping company’s commitment to this legendary brand and vice versa has a good reason to be: Sarah Fabergé, founder of The Fabergé Heritage Council and great-granddaughter of Peter Carl Fabergé was the godmother of the ship, which was officially christened in the port of Miami last December.

SEVEN-SEAS_HUEVO-FABERGE-MAGAZINEHORSEFor the moment, of the new Fabergé egg, which will be the first to ‘live’ on a ship. The meticulous interior design and mechanisms of this unique piece are shrouded in mystery and will be revealed, along with the rest of the complete art collection during the christening of this ship, which takes the concept of luxury travel at sea one step further.

Characteristics of the ship and its gastronomy

On board, 551 crew members serve 746 guests in 375 suites, a very high quality ratio both in terms of passenger to crew ratio and square footage available for those traveling on the ship.

As options to rest, sail and live on board, those who travel on this brand new ship can choose from 15 categories of accommodation: from cabins ranging from 29 m2 to the 412 square meters that has the jewel in the crown, called Regent Suite, with all accommodation options intermediate between the two categories. Apart from the differences in terms of space, these rooms are united by a design that evokes a residential feel and classic luxury, taking advantage, above all, of natural light.

SEVEN-SEAS_GRANDEUR_SUITE-MAGAZINEHORSEThe high quality common areas, the gastronomy of the highest level in different spaces, relaxation and pleasure are assured on board thanks to quality standards that make the self-considered “the most luxurious shipping company in the world”, not far from that claim.

The impeccable gastronomy is showcased in the main restaurant, Compass Rose, which specializes in regional and international cuisine. The restaurant’s ambiance is enhanced by a large chandelier of intertwined lights, replicating trees in an enchanted forest.

Seven-Seas-Grandeur-Trees-of-lights-and-glass-at-the-restaurant-Compas-Rose-Magazine-HorseThe pan-Asian restaurant Pacific Rim features Asian culinary specialties, including dishes such as grilled Korean lamb chops, wok-stir-fried beans, and eryngii mushrooms. The restaurant boasts a dimly lit and abstract lotus flower design décor.

RSSC_GRANDEUR_PACIFIC_RIMUndoubtedly a luxury gastronomy on the high seas, the mixology in its bars, the meticulously designed excursions, the works of art, the Spa & Wellness, the excellent service and attention to detail, provide the traveler with a unique experience as a ‘tailor-made trip’.