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Seven virtual museums are going to star in some very unique highlights, just like the moment we are living in. Confined at home for health reasons, we have no choice but to escape with our imagination. So instead of packing our bags to visit exhibitions, festivals or events scattered around the world. On this occasion we suggest you open the links that we include and take a tour of some of the most exciting museums in the world.

They are so fascinating that even the virtuality of these visits does not detract from their charm. It is true that nothing is like standing in front of the great works of art, but let’s be positive. These virtual museums allow us to enjoy wonderful works in total comfort, reclining in our favorite armchair, without paying a euro for admission and without the burden of overcrowding.

So let’s enjoy them. Our selection includes some of the most important art galleries and museums in the world, so everything has already been said about them. We just have to dive into their rooms, paintings and sculptures from the sofa of our home.

The Solomon Guggenheim, the pearl of New York City

Few virtual museums in the world can offer us a visit with the charm of the New York Guggeneheim. And is that traveling through its white architecture and walk through its circular ramps designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is always special, even on a screen. Entrad en su propuesta de internet. Not only a masterpiece of contemporary architecture is toured, but also photographs, installations, sculptures, audiovisuals… always suggestive.

The Guggenheim in New York, impressive inside and out (Photo Emilio Luque).

The virtual museums of the Vatican

In reality the visit to the Vatican Museums and its great jewel, the Sistine Chapel is not comfortable. You have to stand in a long line and then you see everything with excessive crowding. Quite the opposite if we enter this link and enjoy one of the most special virtual museums. It is possible to enjoy Michelangelo’s frescoes from an infinite number of points of view, to approach, to move away, to marvel in short with one of the most impressive pictorial ensembles of all times.

Interior of the Sistine Chapel (Photo Snowdog)

The Uffizi in Florence

We have already mentioned that these virtual museums were going to provide us with some very unique highlights. Usually we dedicate ourselves to show artistic manifestations of current events. However, the exceptionality makes us remember the great classics of art: Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael… all of them are in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The great artistic temple of the Renaissance city that is always crowded with tourists. Well now you can discover it peacefully with this simple click.

Botticelli’s Primavera, one of the masterpieces of the great Florentine art gallery.

The Hermitage Palace in St. Petersburg

The last of our virtual museums dedicated to the most classical and ancient art takes us to Russia, to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, the former imperial capital on the shores of the Baltic. There you will find one of the largest museums on the planet, the Hermitage in the former palace of the tsars, where more than 3 million works of art from all periods and origins are kept. Well, the best of the best can be seen in its very complete virtual itinerary.

Parau, parau by Gauguin. From prehistoric to 20th century art is present at the Hermitage.

Mexico’s Museum of Modern Art, one of the best virtual museums in the world

Whenever you can, it is always good to plan a visit to Mexico City, a metropolis absolutely overflowing and full of surprises. Among them its incredible Museum of Modern Art, where you can meet not only great local artists such as Frida Kahlo or the muralist Diego Rivera. Lots and lots of world-class contemporary art. If anyone still doesn’t believe it, just take a look at this virtual tour.

Frida Kahlo, a must in Mexican contemporary art

Our proposal in Asia

As a rule, in our monthly higlights there is always a proposal in Asia. It could not be less when it comes to selecting the best virtual museums in the world. We have chosen the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea. An institution with four different locations throughout the country. In Gwacheon, in Deoksugung, in Seoul and in Cheongju. Well, all of them are within reach of our computer thanks to this link that invites us to discover the modernity of art in the Far East.

Jung Tak-Young one of the great artists to be discovered at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea

The Metropolitan of New York

We could not miss among our select virtual museums the Metropolitan Museum of New York, a regular in the highlights and in other Horse articles. A visit to the Met never hurts, even if it’s through a computer screen. So we invite you to immerse yourself among its collection as heterogeneous as it is marvelous. Undoubtedly a great antidote to discouragement and an invitation to reflect on this moment. A reflection for which there can be no other conclusion than to believe in the capacity of work and creation that the human being possesses, the weapon with which the current pandemic will be defeated.

Cezanne’s Card Players, a gem at the MET

And for music lovers, the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) of New York is offering free opera on its official website for the duration of the Covod-19 crisis. They will be free broadcasts for audiences around the world.

Each evening at 7:30 p.m. local time, a different production will be available in HD for the next 20 hours:

  • Tuesday, March 17: La Bohème, by Puccini.
  • Wednesday, March 18: Il trovatore, by Verdi. 
  • Thursday, March 19. La traviata, by Verdi. 
  • Friday, March 20: La Fille du Régiment, by Donizetti. 
  • Saturday, March 21: Lucia di Lammermoor, by Donizetti;
  • Sunday, March 22: Eugene Onegin, by Tchaikovsky.