Written by: Mar Cinca

The new restaurant the entire London scene is talking about. Kate Moss, Goldie Hawn and Rita Ora went to its opening day, and the restaurant itself is filled with celebrity references, from the design by the Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, to the lamps and sculptures made by the wonderful architect Frank Ghery, and art by Damien Hirst and Michael Roberts.

Sexy-Fish-----barkitchen---Image credit Martin Brudnizki_

It’s the last acquisition of the Caprice family Holding, a long awaited event that left no one indifferent.

Sexy Fish, just as its name points out, its a restaurant where the sushi and seafood menu is what prevails, nevertheless, we mustn’t forget about their dessert selection or their creative cocktails, that have small asiatic proverbs attached to the glasses.

Even though their menu is filled with extraordinary items, the true star of the show is, undoubtedly, the interior design. The Martin Brudnizki Design Studio had already designed other Caprice establishments, but it really took the public by surprise with Sexy Fish. They define it as mid-century glamour, we believe it is very Hotel Budapest-esque. It has a very luxurious feel due to its raspberry leather seating, dark stained timber clad pillars and esmeralda onyx flooring. But the ceiling gets all the attention, with a surprising mural by Michael Roberts (fashion and style director of Vanity Fair) that represents a coral reef.


A more lively scene can be found in the bar, with an American diner inspired style, in a salmon colored and lava stone design. This is where one will find 20 koi fish lamps created by Frank Ghery, and bronze siren shaped bookends designed by Damien Hirst. There is also where Frank Ghery’s glistening crocodile is placed.

Sexy-Fish-----Gehry-crocodile----Image credit Martin Brudnizki

To achieve more intimacy in such a wide space, it has been divided into smaller areas with curved banquettes and low-level dividing walls, so, even if it’s a divided space, you can enjoy the whole room at all times.

Sexy-Fish-----barstairs-----Image credit Martin Brudnizki

There’s also a more private alternative, downstairs. Accessible through an esmeralda onyx staircase, a turquoise, gold and aqua environment can be found; linked with the main dining hall through onyx, glass and brass designs. It’s called the Coral Reef room because of its impressive decoration with the biggest living reef coral tanks in the world. All these details create a powerful but relaxing environment, just like the ocean.

Sexy-Fish-----Coral-Reef-Room-----Image credit Martin Brudnizki

Hype is often unfounded, but for the Sexy Fish it is exactly how it is in reality. You may visit it on Berkeley Square House, London.