Interview to Sharon Sever, creative director of Galia Lahav Haute Couture

ivory tower collection galia lahavIvory Tower Collection

The special ‘red carpet’ style of Galia Lahav is one of the most characteristic attributes of this haute couture design house established in Tel Aviv. Its wedding and party dresses are pure luxury at first sight. The cascading silk tulle skirts, the Italian ivory lace or the incredible necklines make dream to thousands of brides around the world, who want marrying with its designs.

The St-Tropez Cruise collection Galia LahavThe St-Tropez Cruise Collection

ivory tower collection lahav galiaIvory Tower Collection

Tales of the Jazz Age collection Galia LahavTales of the Jazz Age Collection

Galia Lahav presented his 2017 bridal collection in Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Entitled GALA No.2, the company has wanted to transmit the love for nature, with a combination of warm colors and delicate vintage lace.

galia-lahav-desfile-bridal galia-lahav-desfile-bridal2galia lahav desfile barcelona bridal week Galia Lahav fashion show in Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

“Overall it is a very romantic collection”, Sharon Sever (the creative director of Galia Lahav) told us after the fashion show. “There is a lot of color, and this is something new. There is a very nice combination of siennas, cappuccinos or roses”, the designer said about the highlight of the collection.

“Lace are also very different, with a lot of crochet, guipure, and old handmade embroideries“, he added. The serenity and beauty of Isola Bella, an island known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea, has been the source of inspiration for his proposal for the next wedding season.

galia lahav desfile barcelona bridal weekgalia lahav desfile barcelona GALA No.2 Collection of Galia Lahav

GALA No.2 is designed for a stylish, lively and spontaneous bride, that she gives herself the whim of a haute couture dress. “The bride who inspires me is a woman who pays attention to detail, he wants to go out and be spectacular on her wedding day”.

The Galia Lahav bride is also a bold woman, who is not afraid to show her body in the most special day of your life. “The girls now go to the gym, take care of themselves, pay attention to their physical and do not sit at home to watch things how happen. Brides have more confidence, the word sexy doesn’t scare them and to be sexy is somewhat less hard today”, Sever said.

galia-lahav-desfile-bridal-detallegalia-lahav-desfile-barcelona-detalles galia-lahav-desfile-barcelona-detalles2Lace is part of the Galia Lahav’s DNA 

sharon shever desfile galia lahavSharon Sever at the end of the fashion show

Simplicity doesn’t fit in with Galia. The founder of house that takes her name, started a small business of custom-made ivory lace appliques. Gradually, it evolved to become the empire it is today, but lace is something that will always be part of its DNA.

“Galia loves lace and there is always something of them in our dresses”, claimed its creative director. “Of course, a woven fabric can be nice, but for me would be too dramatic or majestic. A small wedding dress in my opinion is more interesting with lace”.

“Sometimes we do this kind of dresses more royal, but not much because it’s not the Galia’s bride”, Sharon Sever revealed. For him, “all wedding dresses should be a jewel, should be the crown jewel”.

Galia Lahav identifies herself as a designer of luxury aesthetics and detail, who combines art and fashion through each of their garments. In her studio in Tel Aviv the creative process and the production takes place, since for her the whole creation of a wedding dress should happen within the same intimate and personal environment.

The obsession for detail, the highest quality and this luxurious and artistic style of Galia Lahav is something that is also present in its party collections. For next season, the design house bet on black and red colors as protagonists, as well as a palette of floral petals like purple or yellow.

Galia Lahav’s party dresses can boast of being worn by dozens of celebrities on red carpets. One of them is Jennifer Lopez, for who they created a dress. “We love her”, admitted the creative director of the firm.

galia-lahav-celebrities Jennifer López and Vanessa Hudgens in Galia Lahav designsgalia-lahav-celebrities2Jane Wu and Michelle Rodriguez in Galia Lahav at 2016 Oscars After Parties

Sever also revealed he would love to work with other actresses and singers like Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett. But for them, the most important thing is to dress “a woman who has something to say, a woman like Beyoncé that has something to project, which is not just a pretty face. This gives a new dimension to the garment”.