Writer Francesca Febo

From June 13 until January 31, 2016 will take place in London the most waiting exhibition of shoes: “Shoes: Pleasure and Pain“. Screen-shot-2014-12-04-at-10_45_17 In this event you will find the most daring and amazing shoes from all over the world: from ancient Egyptian sandals make of pure gold, to the creations of the most eclectic designers. shoes_main_image The aim of the exhibition is to point out the cultural importance and the significant changes that have lived shoes in the history of the world and different cultures. 7__Wedding_toe-knob_paduka_silver_and_gold_over_wood_India_1800s__Victoria_and_Albert_Museum_London Also examine and show latest developments used in the footwear industry. 9__InvisibleNakedVersion_Andreia_Chaves_2011_Photo_by_Andrew_Bradley The exhibition will take place at the “Victoria and Albert Museum” of London, one of the most famous and renowned museums of art and design. Admission is 12 pounds. More infos: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/shoes-pleasure-and-pain/