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 Go on vacation to shout. This is the new and original proposal of the Royal Hideaway Hotel Sancti Petri, a paradise on the coast of Cadiz to escape and … shout!

What seems more like a joke than a vacation has a true scientific foundation. Shouting helps release repressed emotions, releases endorphins and generates a sense of well-being and relax. After the good summer life, the return to work also involves returning to stressful situations, to routine.

View of the hotel facilities, considered one of the best Spa Resort in Spain

This is the reason why the Shout Therapy, the new wellness getaway of the Royal Hideaway Hotel Sancti Petri, is born: to relax and enjoy Cadiz, its history and its landscapes.

What is Shout Therapy?

Two days, massages, menus designed for the good mood and shouts guided by a specialist. And all this around the waters of the Atlantic. Is there a better way to eliminate the negative things than throwing them into the sea with a shout?

The program begins with a shout-liberating session on Barrosa’s beach, at the foot of the hotel. An activity that will be repeated twice a day and that will include:

  • The Happy Food menu, a plan designed with ingredients rich in magnesium, Vitamins E and B, selenium or zinc, which reduce asthenia and prevent dizziness or feeling of sadness.
  • A sports meditation routine, with which through a series of light movements and bioenergetic exercises, relax is achieved, both psychically and physically.
  • Relage Massage, relaxing and adapted to each host individually.

Hotel RH Sancti Petri’s terrace

Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe

Between therapy and therapy, massage and massage and food and more food, enjoying the privileged enclave of the hotel will fill the rest of the days of the stay. It is located at the foot of Barrosa’s beach, recognized as one of the best beaches in Spain and that has more than 8 km of fine sand and crystalline waters where you can wander, swim or practice water sports.

Sunset at Barrosa’s beach

And 40 km away: Cadiz. The oldest city in Europe with more than 3,000 years of history to study walking by its streets, squares, markets, beaches and monuments. And its inhabitants, from the Phoenicians to the Punic and the Romans. All of them have left for our enjoyment ruins, walls, theaters, gates, arches and towers that transport to us another era.

The old town of Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe

Whether to shout, dance, meditate … no matter what we do but we have to leave behind the routine for a few days and discover new places. This is just one of the many time-out options offered by hotels, knowing the pressures to which we are subjected, yes, very original and surrounded by a dreamy landscape.

Shout Therapy getaway price from 180 €.