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This November, the crystal clear waters of Ibiza will welcome the Alma Festival, a three-day experience with world leaders in biohacking, nutrition and personal growth where wellness and spirituality are enhanced. A year and a half after the inauguration of the resort, this autumn they will celebrate personal reconnection from the 3rd to the 6th of November.

Six Senses was born with the essence of offering a quiet and peaceful place to its guests, linking them with the natural life that surrounds them. And so, thanks to the retreats, they are able to completely disconnect from the world through a wide range of programme of activities. During the three days, the Alma Festival will host international leaders who will take part as guides of the events. From live dance and music, acupuncture, culinary experiences, and sharing ideas in talks or meditation classes in the evening.


During the three-day retreat, the programme will offer ceremonies and workshops. Because the resort is surrounded by nature and the sea, guests will be able to get in touch with the roots of the earth.

The power of meditation

With a welcoming ceremony, guests will be welcomed by Brazilian spiritual guide Sah D’Simone. He specialises in meditation, self-knowledge, mental and physical health, letting the positive energy that surrounds him flow. The connection with nature is essential in these experiences, so there is nothing better than starting to relax by the sea and the sun. Another of the most special guests is Dave Asprey, considered the father of biohacking, who, thanks to science, has been working to discover techniques to improve physical and mental performance.

In addition, Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, and Michael Smith, co-founder of Calma, will also be present.

I am excited to bring my 6-phase meditation practice and methodology to Alma Festival attendees so that they can get the keys to unlock their full potential. This is a radical new vision of meditation for modern life. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or if you have a scattered mind. This meditation is suitable for absolutely everyone, no exceptions, says Vishen Lakhiani.


Dave Asprey will share his knowledge on how to be able to control one’s own biology. He will convey that spirituality and sharing are vital elements for the procedure. In addition, simple elements such as getting the right amount of rest can benefit one’s physical and mental state.

Through the Mindvalley platform, Lakhiani has launched various learning tools to raise human consciousness. Thus, through meditation, each person can come to control their mind, setting their goals in life. During the retreat, guests will be able to discover the 6-phase meditation method. Meanwhile, Michael Smith, will share a talk on the benefits of getting proper rest. Following on from the talks, sustainable fashion and sexuality are also present. Lily Cole will be in charge of raising her voice on the need to reduce environmental impact. While Emma-Louise Boynton and Emma-Louise Boynton will share ideas on how to get rid of fears that condition women.


Connecting with yourself and sharing ideas is the main goal at Alma Festival. That’s why, during the group dinners, you will get together, learning from each other. Exchanging the sensations of the experiences lived during the day.

Another essential element at Six Senses Ibiza is healthy nutrition and high quality, so one of the guests is Jasmine Hemsley. The young Englishwoman will provide the benefits of Eastern nutrition, giving a different vision that enriches health. In addition, she will also be present at the meditation class using the famous crystal bowl. Using the instrument, rounding its edge with a drumstick, you can balance emotionally thanks to the connection with the sounds it emits.

Connecting body and soul through exercise

The programme is full of activities in which one can connect with oneself through tranquillity and relaxation. But there is also movement; to release all tensions while being aware of the control of the body. The resort’s leading teachers will be present for the yoga, fitness and mindfulness workshops. The trainer Taryn Toomey, with her programme The Class, will start her classes by cleansing body and soul and then boosting it with cardio. A journey from stillness to revolution, ending with inner peace.


Taryn Toomey  through dynamics and movement will accompany guests to boost the connection with the spirit.

The music and sounds bring to life and release everything you need to let go of. Throughout the three days, guests can enjoy live music, dancing in the Beach Caves area and Sanctum. The latter is an experience where Luuk Melisse created synchronised music with breathing, functional movements, fitness and martial arts. Each movement has its own motive, as the intention is to reach a deeper conscious layer.

All in communion, sharing and experiencing in a personal way how energy flows in a place surrounded by peace and tranquillity. Alma Festival will not be the only event they will bring to Xarraca Bay this autumn-winter. They already have several immersive experiences that will be announced soon.

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