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With the stress caused by the city, work, routines, sometimes you have to take a break and what better than in the middle of nature.

For that there is the phenomenon of glamping or glamorous camping, a booming global movement that combines camping in the great outdoors with luxury and comfort. Previously, at Horse we had seen different glamping options, but this time we offer closer options.

It is not about staying in a hotel or in a rural tourism house, but in the trees. There are different proposals such as the Hotel Artic TreeHouse in Rovaniemi (Finland), The Woods Maine (Norway), Chewton Glen (England) or  Cabañitas del Bosque (Galicia).

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, a privileged place to contemplate the Northern Lights

The first of these is the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (Tarvantie 3 96930 Arctic Circle, Finland) which is located in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle in Finland. This hotel blends luxury comfort with local traditions and modern Scandinavian design. In 2020 they have been nominated in the World Luxury Hotel Awards in the Luxury Architecture Design Hotel and Luxury Eco categories.


Image of the Artic TreeHouse cabins.

Each Arctic Treehouse suite is nest-shaped, while the Arctic GlassHouses have a private sauna, and the ArcticScene executive suites are located on a wooded hillside. In each of them you can contemplate the aurora borealis and the midnight sun.


Artic Tree Hotel Finlandia

Not only do they offer unbeatable accommodations, but also an enviable gastronomic offer. Their restaurant called Rakas, which in Finnish means beloved, where they demonstrate their love for Nordic food.

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Treehotel, a new concept of tree-houses

Treehotel is located in Kallax in northern Sweden. Your stay allows you to observe the pine forests from its various cabins. From September to March there is also the possibility to see how the northern light illuminates the sky. In addition, this environment allows you to go fishing or pick berries.

Among its tree houses is the mirrorcube, a cube-shaped construction covered with glass that creates a mirror effect. On the other hand, there is the “bird’s nest” which simulates a large bird’s nest or the UFO which simulates a UFO.


Image of the 7th floor suite.

One of the main novelties is the “7th floor”, a suite designed to offer “levels of experience”. In the room there are different windows with panoramic views. In the center of the room is a terrace, where the floor is a net with a pine tree in the middle. This suite has two bedrooms and five beds, and also has a bathroom, shower, and incinerator toilets, all with ecological elements.

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The Woods Maine, refined and redefined

The Woods is located in beautiful Norway (Maine). Tucked away from the coast in a rustic, wooded setting, it immerses its guests in the fresh mountain air. The local town surrounding the cabin is only 25 minutes away with activities such as hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

The house can accommodate up to four people and is perfect for families, as it has a double room (king bed) and a single room with two beds.

Cabaña - The Woods Main

Exterior image of The Woods Maine (Norway)

It has been designed and built by Pete Nelson, the master of tree houses, together with Nelson Treehouse & Supply, and it shows in every detail. For one of the features that the Luxury Tree house has are the shafts of natural cedar branches that line the terraces and staircases of The Woods. Each branch is carefully designed to fit its new home among the trees.

Images courtesy of The Woods Maine

Chewton Glen, luxury in the middle of nature

If you want to enjoy luxury while looking to unwind, Chewton Glen (New Forest, Hampshire, England, UK BH25 6Q) is the place to be. It is located in the south of England very close to the town of Bournemouth and reopens this May 17,you can book now.


Exterior of the Tree House Studio at Chewton Glen

Se trata de un hotel de cinco estrellas que aparte del alojamiento habitual dispone de cuatro modalidades de casa árbol: la studio suite, la loft-suite destinada a un público más bien familiar, la hideaway suite, de unas dimensiones mayores y the yews, la mayor y la más lujosa.


Image of the lounge of the Tree House Loft Suite at Chewton Glen

As for the activities it offers is a proposal of gastronomy very attractive and a luxurious spa. Also scheduled to perform in 2021 are singers Olly Murs and Michael Bublé.

Images courtesy of Chewton Glen

Cabins with all the comforts

Cabañitas del Bosque  has five farms with cabins in the trees all very close to the Ría de Muros Noia.  His latest project is Cabanas de Albeida (Albeida s/c, 15287 San Cosme de Outeiro).

This is a place located in the province of A Coruña in Galicia, near the coast and just over half an hour from Santiago de Compostela. At Cabanas de Albeida there are nine tree cabins and five pallales, formed traditional Galician houses. From these cabins surrounded by deciduous forest you can see the estuary.


Image of the interior of Cabana das Donas overlooking the estuary.

The cabins and pallales are equipped with many amenities such as jacuzzi. Since they have not only a dream interior but also a nice terrace. There is even a cabin, ‘la cabana de Pancho’, where there is a viewpoint where you can get to see the Roman bridge over the river Tambre, “A Ponte Nafons”.


View of the Cabana de Rego Pepe, one of the cabins of Cabanas de Albeida

From this point you can do many activities in nearby places ranging from kayaking, bungee jumping, excursions, canyoning, horseback riding, rafting to ultralight flying.

Images provided by Cabañitas del Bosque

So now you know, if you want to disconnect from your routine and reconnect with nature, there is no better way than staying in a tree house surrounded by nature and with endless activities within reach.