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What was once only a practical accessory, which served to prevent cold feet, has now become an essential accessory, becoming a ‘must‘ in our ‘outfit’.

Here, we show you the latest trends in socks. Discover how to give personality to your look through the latest fashion: socks suitable for every occasion.

Moccasins and socks

Mocasines - Calcetines - Tendencia - Magazine Horse

Prada and Chanel loafers with white sock and netting

This risky trend has unleashed the masses. We used to associate loafers with long socks to school uniforms. Now, this outfit has become trendy and different luxury brands such as Prada or Chanel, among others, have created their own loafers and sock designs. In recent weeks we have seen how different ‘celebrities’, including Hailey Bieber and Coral Simanovich, have worn this footwear with white sock.

Hailey Bieber - Coral Simanovich - Mocasines - Calcetines

Hailey Bieber and Coral Simanovich show us the new trend in the networks: loafers paired with socks.

Sandals and socks

Fashion has broken many clichés, among them the fact that sandals with socks are only worn byguiris’This combination has become a trend and on the spring-summer’21 catwalks different renowned fashion firms have opted for this set, among them the French brand Celine, creating its own design of sock and sandal.


From left to right: Celine, Prada and Gucci

Below knee sock

Another option is the high socks to complete your outfit. These are ideal to combine in the spring months with ‘shorts’ or short skirts. Gucci, Prada and Fendi, are three of the many fashion brands that have opted for this accessory known as Knee High Socks’ In the fashion show of the spring-summer 2021 collection, we saw how luxury fashion house Fendi used this type of sock on both men and women.


Fendi Prada and Gucci high socks from the spring-summer’21 collection

Heels and socks

The trend that awakened in 2019 does not stop growing. More and more firms are joining this style. This year in the parades of the new collections for this spring have been seen fashion brands that have given this trend a touch even more atrevido, adding socks of different colors. A clear example was the model worn by Lourdes León for the Marc Jacobs collection: rainbow-colored socks combined with red stilettos. Fendi also added this accessory to its models, combining them with luxurious and elegant garments.

Tacones - Calcetines - Marc Jacobs - Fendi - Magazine Horse

Rainbow high socks from the new Marc Jacobs collection and Fendi socks with heel SS21

Sport and ‘Over The Calf’ socks

The pandemic has had a major impact on sport and physical activity. Over the past few months we have seen many people joining running. This fashionable sport has led luxury brands to create their own trendy designs.

Now that spring is just around the corner, brands have taken the opportunity to launch their own high sports socks, ideal for wearing with sporty shorts and go with the latest fashion.

An example of this has been Nike, which has presented for this new season the Nike Spark Lightweight, a model of high sock, compression and breathable, exclusively for this sport.

Calcetines - Deporte - Over The Calf - Nike - Magazine Horse

Calcetines de running over the calf

As we can see throughout the article, the socks have been reinvented with different types of fabrics, colors and shapes, adapting very well to any occasion. These accessories have become an essential fashion accessory, with which to complete your ‘look’, and give a modern and sophisticated touch to your style.


Images provided by the brands mentioned above.