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The nineties is the decade of fashion and under its influence, designers claim a return to an aesthetics that another season we want to remember

Sounds a song, Smeels like teen Spirit from Nirvana, as a prelude to the stylistic and inspiring the grunge fashion he left the 90 mark. Ein the bleachers, a crowd of disgruntled teenagers scruffy air, still automatons chords with plaid shirts, Dr. Martins boot type shoes, overlays, long hair and caps back, immune to the real significance of what is happening: the confirmation of a new anti-commercial and countercultural stance, which was revealed through a style which in itself was a contradiction.

Garments such as the bomber jacket, dungarees, the crop tops, floral print dresses, the perfecto jacket, were the basic safe a sloppiness studied that drew the stylebook of an era, that this season becomes part of our stylistic imaginary.

bomberBomber jacket

FOTOS POST5 DungareesFOTOS POST Perfecto JacketFOTOS POST7Crop tops

For the Spring / SUmmer 2016, the fashion catwalk rescues the style of hip hop, rap and urban tribes in the form of air sports pants, baggy jackets, caps and fanny packs.

90Sporty pantsFOTOS POST11 CapsFOTOS POST10Funny packs

Fashion brands as Alexander Wang, Chloè, Burberry, Louis Vuitton o Loewe, get inspired in a trend, that twenty years after, recovers it status as an icon decade.

Among the pieces is rewire the imaginary Slip Dress decade is the garment that seamlessly blends the perspective of the past with our most current present. Was in 1993 when Kate Moss turned this dress in a hit of that times and this season uncovers its erotic potential reinventing its lingerie inpired in the lingerie bodies. Fluid line, thin straps, cut on the bias, shown in fabrics like satin or satin, snow-white colors, lengths, with openings and touches of lace. From Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent o Jonatahn Saunders, the Slip Dress molded into the current key minimalist essence that already triumphed in the 90’s.

902Slip Dress

Nostalgia, brings us this seacon to translate the imaginary aesthetic  of the 90´s into a contemporary language, where grunge and rave culture influences, are the reflection of how fashion  keeps the feeling of every comback trend can be better.