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Summer is here, the heat is here, the good weather is here and with it the classic beach myths. We all wonder what the correct answer is to recurring questions such as: How often do we need to apply sun cream, what is the right amount, how often, etc.? We reveal all these questions with the help of Doctor Gabriel Serrano, dermatologist and president of Sesderma Laboratorios Sesderma.

Some people think that if we put sunscreen on we don’t get a tan, but that’s not true. The sunscreen ensures that our tan, although a little more difficult to achieve, is much healthier for our skin. Not only should you always apply sunscreen, but you should also apply it regularly. One application a day is not enough; to protect our health, Doctor Serrano warns us of the importance of applying sunscreen every 2 hours at most.

If you take a dip, whether at the beach or in the pool, it is important to remember to re-apply after your skin has dried. Most importantly, don’t skimp on the product, apply plenty of cream, especially to delicate areas to ensure maximum protection. What’s more, there’s no point skimping if sun creams have a shelf life of nine months.

Sesderma: A line that adapts to every skin type.

After all this advice, Sesderma presents its new line of sun creams with 100% vegan active ingredients: Sophieskin. The result of years of work, a formula with active ingredients such as:  green tea extract, centella asiatica, Goji berries, aloe vera, niacinamide, zinc and calendula oil.

Seven different face shields have been created, with a formula for every skin type and every need and all of them have a protection factor of 50, are water-resistant and do not sting in the eyes.

Cremas solares Sesderma

BB Cream SPF50, Price: 9,95€ – Regenerator SPF50, Price: 9,95€ – Anti-Blemish SPF50, Price: 9,95€.


Start with the sunscreen BB Cream SPF50, brightens skin, smoothes wrinkles and conceals imperfections, as well as providing a hint of colour to the face.The Regenerator SPF50protects from the sun while providing renewed skin free of fine lines and wrinkles. The Anti-blemishes SPF50 has a depigmenting action, restoring vitality and natural light to the skin, as well as reducing blemishes thanks to its combination of active ingredients.

SESDERMA-SOPIESKIN-protector-solar-magazinehorse cremas solares

Antiarrugas SPF50, Precio: 9.95€ – Oil Balance SPF50, Precio: 9.95€ – Calm & Protect SPF50, Precio: 9.95€ – Kids SPF50, Precio: 9.95€.


El Protector Antiarrugas SPF50, es la opción ideal si se busca una piel más luminosa, con menos arrugas y que combata los signos del envejecimiento. El Oil Balance SPF50 está indicado para pieles grasas y con tendencia acneica. El Calm & Protect SPF50es específico para piel sensible, con rojes o extremadamente seca. .

Finally, for the little ones, we find the sunscreen Kids SPF50, formulated with aloe vera extract and 100% mineral filters, to offer maximum safety and tolerance when applied to children’s skin..

SESDERMA Sophieskin sun creams


After discovering this magnificent range of products, Doctor Serrano reminds us of the meaning of the numbers on sunscreens. These 15, 20, 30, 50 indicate the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), i.e. the photoprotection level of a cosmetic. The length of time we can remain exposed to the sun without the risk of sunburn. For example, in the case of fair skin with a natural resistance to the sun of 10 minutes, if we apply SPF 30, it means that the skin will be protected from the sun for 300 minutes. The 10 minutes are multiplied by the index 30 in this case (10 x 30 = 300 minutes).

Although the high quality creams ensure 500 minutes of protection, remember to avoid staying out in the sun for more than 2 hours at a time. It is also important, as we have said before, to apply plenty of cream at least 30 minutes before coming into contact with the rays. Following the advice offered by the professionals at Sesderma ensures that we obtain the best care for our skin.


ISDIN: Sun protection to prevent sun spots

When it comes to sun protection, one of the leading laboratories in Spain is ISDIN, with more than 45 years of experience in the market. The leading brand in photoprotection presents its formula in pleasant textures and different formats, for the best adaptation to the needs of each skin type;

Your version Fusion Gel SPORT SPF 50 is the ideal photoprotector for sportsmen and women, this year a new improved formula is introduced featuring GINGER CELL PROTECT, a 100% natural ginger root extract rich in 6-Shogaol that provides cellular fortification against oxidative damage. Noted for its ultra-light and breathable formula, it is the ideal gel sunscreen for hairy areas such as arms and legs.

Cremas solares ISDIN

ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport SPF 50


Also contains GINGER CELL PROTECT its formula Lotion Spray SPF 50, a photoprotector in lotion form with a light formula that is immediately absorbed, intensely moisturising the skin, leaving it soft and silky. Suitable for all skin types, including atopic skin.

The third and last texture presented by the brand for this summer season is an immediate-drying, water-resistant oleo-aqueous lotion, the innovative HydroLotion SPF 50. With Sea Friendly formula, where most of its ingredients are biodegradable and/or inorganic to minimise their impact on the marine environment. This sunscreen protectsand detoxifies and revitalisesskin exposed to the sun thanks to the antioxidant action of Chlorella Maris.

ISDIN Lotion Spray SPF 50 – ISDIN HydroLotion SPF 50


Always bearing in mind the need to protect our skin with sunscreen, maximum every 2 hours during the hot summer. Choose the ISDIN formula that best suits you;



MYORGANICS: Protection for body and hair

From MYORGANICS they offer us a line of sun creams for the whole family: MY.TAN. Three products that make up a line that protects both our body and our hair from exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water. Perfect for making the most of all the water activities that summer has to offer.

Cremas solares MYORGANIC

MYORGANIC sun creams

MY.TAN organic products protect against aggressive UVA and UVB rays with their composition of olive oil,argan oil and shea butter.

Let’s first discover the Cleanser Hair and Body, a shampoo that gently removes chlorine, salt and sweat after a day spent in the sun, whether you’re having fun at the pool, beach or on a walk. Moisturises and regenerates hair and skin, making it more elastic.

Hair and body cleanser, Price: €29 – Hair and body cream, Price: €31 Sun protection SPF15, Price: €31.


With the hair clean, we are ready for the Cream Hair and Body, a moisturising conditioner that makes your hair soft and your skin supple. Finally, the spray Sun Protection SPF15 protects skin and hair from dryness caused by sun, salt water and chlorine. It also prevents colour fading and is useful for achieving that “beach effect” hairstyle.

The best way to sum up this organic line is:cleansing + moisturising + protection. MYORGANICS is the ideal range to pack in your suitcase for your family getaway this summer.



 The Spanish firm NASEIunveils its star vegan product, based on antioxidant plant-based ingredients.

The Biscayan firm, founded in 2008, only uses organic and local ingredients to create skin and hair care products. For this summer, they present their Aftersun formula, a natural way to fight against premature ageing and skin irritation;

Cremas solares NASEI

Bálsamo nutritivo de mandarina y geranio. Precio: 40.50€


The nourishing balm of mandarin and geranium oil melts into the skin with a sweet and fruity aroma thanks to ingredients such as marigold oleate and lavender essential oil that soothe the skin after exposure to the sun, as well as carrot oil, with a high content of betacarotene that acts as a natural antioxidant against free radicals. In addition to these properties, it contains olive oil, almond, avocado, rosehip and wheat germ.

After exposure to the sun, the skin loses hydration, a good trick offered by NASEI to retain the most hydration is to shower with a mild soap that respects the hydrolipidic film. Preferably based on olive oil. Afterwards, gently towel dry and spray rose water over the body. With the skin still wet, apply the Aftersun balm. To prevent the appearance of wrinkles caused by lack of water in the skin;

NASEI Balsam


NASEI balm is multi-purpose, it can also be used to condition hair ends and nourish particularly dry areas of the body. Such as the lips and even the heels of the feet.

Take care of your skin, without forgetting the environment with NASEI balm. A cocktail of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids and their fat-soluble vitamins. It will give you soft, protected, elastic and ultimately healthy skin.



PFC Cosmetics: Anti-ageing protection

As we all know, the sun is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing. PFC Cosmetics is committed to its new summer line with a range of three sun creams with protection factor: SPF 30, SPF 50 and SPF 50+ Anti-Ageing;

Cremas solares PFC Cosmetics

Sun Protect SPF 30. Price: 19,90 €.


The Sun Protect SPF 30is formulated with Hydromanyl®, which releases moisturising active ingredients in a sustained way to quench the skin’s thirst and, thanks to its vitamin B3 composition, effectively protects against “electronic” radiation or blue light, providing antioxidant action. .

For skin that needs even more care, there is Sun Protext SPF 50+also formulated with Hydromanyl®. With a very high daily facial UVB and UVA photoprotection.

Sun Protect SPF 50+. Price: 22,90€ – Sun Protect SPF 50+ Anti-Ageing. Price: 24,90€ – Sun Protect SPF 50+ Anti-Ageing.


Finally, the Sun Protect SPF 50+ Anti-Ageing, contains active ingredients such as Radiance Extractwhich acts as a global anti-ageing active, helping to restore even skin tone and improve skin texture. Perfect Renew exerts a skin-perfecting effect by stimulating the epidermal cell renewal process and vitamin B3 helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving skin tone.

From PFC Cosmetics gives us an answer to one of the questions of the summer: Should we put cream under the mask? The answer is clear: Yes. PFC specialists warn us that the mask leaves 50% of our face uncovered, such as the eye area, one of the most delicate and where the signs of ageing are most noticeable. Therefore, it is important to apply cream all over the face without neglecting the areas that are protected under the mask.

180 the concept: Get ahead of the sun

After looking at all these options, the experts at nutricosmeticsadvanced 180 the Concept explain the importance of preparing your skin up to three months before sun exposure. You may not be in time for this year, but pay attention so you can apply all these tips next summer.

Nutricósmetica 180 the concept

Nutricosmetics 180 the concept


We already talked in Horse about growing market of Nutricosmetics, supplements of natural origin and high quality that help us to take care of our physical appearance and our health. An example of this is the Treatment of 180 the Concept, which prepares the skin by improving its natural defences and increasing melanin. It restores moisture levels, promotes tissue regeneration and accelerates the repair of inflammation after sun exposure.

As Gema Cabañero, director of R+D+I of the advanced nutricosmetics method of 180 the concept, says:

The sun brings many benefits, but it is necessary to prepare the skin three months before sunbathing and stimulate its internal processes so that it is able to assimilate the many positive effects and protect itself from the harmful effects.

Price Solar Plan Treatment 195€.


In short, the Solar Plan180 the Conceptbrings together the active ingredients needed to fight against photo-ageing by preparing and protecting our skin against sun exposure.



This summer don’t forget to protect your skin and most importantly, which of our proposals do you choose?



Images courtesy of the brands mentioned.