Written by: Mar Cinca

International lovers day is upon us, and even though red lingerie is the most traditional kind, every year we get other options beside passion red or pink that belong to Valentine’s day. Depending on your personality, you’ll prefer to wear an innocent white or soft pink lace set, or be more daring with a sexy black body or a bright red corset. As follows, you will find 4 key sets that will make you feel sexy on Valentine’s Day.



Far from being restrained to the bedroom, bodies have gotten gradually more comfy and wearable on our daily lives, specially under a boxy cut shirt where a tiny bit of lace shows under the neckline. Discreet and sexy at the same time, it’s the perfect outfit for a romantic dinner under candlelight.

50 Shades of Pink

Simple and femenine, more innocent and discreet than red, it allows us to play more around the design, since it’s a more youthful shade. Nevertheless, once we stray towards the fuchsia, we start a more fun and passionate trend. In order to not look too juvenile, you should go for trendy necklines such as Yamamay’s halter.

Lovely Red


Traditional, daring and seductive, the color red always steals the show every Valentine’s day. Following this year’s lacy trend, Undiz introduces a bra with a delicate back, perfect for a backless dress. The other star is the one we’ll feature in the next look: bras with a delicate ribbon over each cup, that, when worn, show a bit of skin, in a very sexy and daring way.

Destaca tu escote


These simple ribbons enable us to enhance the sensuality of our cleavage, tracing it delicately. Our advice, if you want to avoid looking vulgar while showing this kind of cleavage, is to pair it with a wool V neck, so, as you could do with the PPP Promise, you get to see the ribbons but in a discreet way.