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These are the top products to protect, moisturise and revitalise your hair during the summer.

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In summer, in addition to protecting your skin, we must take care of our hair. At this time of the year, our hair suffers more than at any other time of the year, in continuous sun exposure and drier than usual. It is important to choose products that provide extra hydration, protection and repair for these months when we are exposed to the sun, chlorine and the beach. We present you different products to take care of your hair during the summer.

Hydration and shine with serums and oils 

Guerlain Youth Oil-Serum for Scalp and Hair

The new Guerlain product revitalises the scalp and repairs the hair fibre. It combines the art of formulating oils with “dynamic Black repair” technology to restore youthfulness to the hair and strengthen it from the roots. The Serum-Oil leaves hair shiny, nourished, dense, strong and recovered after sun damage. With 97% of ingredients of natural origin, its formula combines the richness of a nourishing oil, the lightness of a refreshing water and the power of a serum concentrated in honey and jelly.

Guerlain Scalp and Hair Youth Oil-Serum

Guerlain Scalp and Hair Youth Oil-Serum: 136€.

Super Anti-Aging Scalp Serum by Dr Barbara Sturm

The Super Anti-aging Scalp Serum rejuvenates hair after cleansing and is specifically formulated to revitalise, repair and treat damaged hair. This anti-ageing serum boosts shine and volume for lifeless hair. In addition, it includes ro-Vitamin B5, cationic hyaluronic acid and sunflower seeds designed to return youth and prevent premature hair ageing.

Super Anti-aging Scalp Serum by Dr Barbara Sturm

Super Anti-Aging Scalp Serum by Dr Barbara Sturm: 90€

Maximum sun protection for hair

Dry Sun Oil by Seventy One Percent

The surfer brand Seventy One Percent presents a dry oil sunscreen ideal for hair, face and body. Dry Sun Oil SPF30, formulated with organic buriti vegetable oil, protects dull, damaged and coloured hair and restores natural shine and moisturises thanks to organic jojoba vegetable oil. It also has a delicious exotic scent for a truly sensory experience.

Dry Sun Oil by Seventy One Percent

Seventy One Percent Dry Sun Oil: €28.90

Seventy-One Percent Dry Sun Oil: €28.90

Protect your hair from sun damage and prevent dehydration with Kinactif Suncare Protector spray from KIN Cosmetics. Hair is exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis, this protector will prevent colour fading and provide great hydration. Another plus point is that it is water resistant, so it will withstand even eternal days at the beach. Through an excellent combination of apricot kernel oil, ceramides, wheat proteins, vitamin E and UV filter, it creates a barrier against UV rays. It deeply regenerates the internal hair structure, restoring elasticity, softness and natural shine.

Kinactif Sunscreen de KIN Cosmetic

Kinactif Suncare Protector from KIN Cosmetics on €15.40

Nourishing and repairing masks

Rose Pink Clay Mask by Aromatherapy Associates

This pink clay mask for nourishing and per-cleansing treatment is a must-have for this summer. Rose Pink Clay Mask is a multi-purpose product for cleansing, purifying and moisturising hair, while enjoying the power of aroma therapy. It can also be used on the face and body. Rich in French pink clay to nourish and refine and sweet almond oil and shea butter to improve hair softness. Contains therapeutic aromas of essential oils of rose, geranium and palmaras.

Rose Pink Mask of Aromatherapy Associates

Rose Pink Mask by Aromatherapy Associates: 51€

Prebiotic Hair Care Mask by Gallinée 

Prebiotic Hair Care Mask is the ideal choice to restore scalp health. This 3-in-1 mask soothes irritation, balances the scalp and restores the moisture needed for radiant, luminous hair. Its formulation maintains the pH through lactic acid and physiological pH, strengthening the skin barrier. It also soothes and moisturises thanks to the action of fermented rice water and madura oil.

Prebiotic Hair Care Mask by Gallinée

Prebiotic hair care mask de Gallinée on €25

Shampoo for cleansing of impurities

René Furterer gentle micellar shampoo

Enriched with Organic Lavender Floral Water and Organic Castor Oil, the Micellar Shampoo from René Furterer’s new Naturia range can be used for daily cleansing, providing softness to the hair, perfect for after a day at the beach. The micellar technology for make-up removers is also applied to this shampoo with the same goal of softness: effectively cleansing while preserving the balance of the scalp and hair fibre. It also eliminates all traces of impurities and pollution particles. Its packaging is recyclable and refillable, reducing the plastic used by 77% compared to its old non-refillable packaging.

Gentle micellar shampoo by René Furterer

René Furterer gentle micellar shampoo: €20.40

Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo by Venn Cosmetics

Go one step further in hair cleansing by providing extra active ingredients to the hair with Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo. A product designed to effectively remove dirt and impurities, while reducing sebum and preventing flaking of the scalp. The key to its formula is the combination of the best of science and nature. It includes a complex of probiotics and prebiotics to restore balance. And a traditional Korean recipe based on rich herbal extracts, which provides soothing properties.

Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo by Venn Cosmetics

Synbiotic Polyamine Shampoo by Venn Cosmetics: 57€

Keep your hair colour all summer long

Franck Provost Couleur Collection

Keeping tints intact and without going to the hairdresser’s during summer is a difficult task. Keeping your hair tone perfect during summer is possible thanks to the new line of Couleur products by Franck Provost. The brand has just redesigned its hair products in search of a more sustainable collection that is more in tune with real needs. The Couleur collection is specifically designed to prolong the duration of colour on all hair types. Its products are formulated with 97% natural ingredients. Its recipe, in addition to maintaining colour, moisturises and illuminates the fibre and protects it from external aggressions such as UV rays. The Couleur range includes a shampoo and a colour treatment.

Colección Couleur de Franck Provost

Products from the Couleur de Franck Provost collection

Colour Shampoo by Franck Provost 250ml: 18€ // Colour Care by Franck Provost 150ml: 22€.

Conditions and protects;

René Furterer express detangling spray

This silicone-free ultra-light mist detangling spray instantly detangles hair. Its two-phase formula guarantees instant shine and detangling, all without weighing hair down thanks to its aqueous phase. With lavender floral water and organic castor oil, this spray is the SOS detangling treatment that will leave your hair perfect as soon as the need arises.

René Furterer Express Detangling Spray

René Furterer express detangling spray: €21.20

Cleanse and refresh with Dry Shampoo

René Furterer Invisible Dry Shampoo

René’s invisible dry shampoo refreshes your hair with a single gesture andwithout leaving any residue. It adds volume, lightness and freshness with a natural, silicone-free, silicon-free, aluminium-free and vegan shampoo. Formulated with absorbent ultra-fine natural rice powder, with nude-coloured “clean” pigments, it refreshes the scalp.

René Furterer Invisible Dry Shampoo

René Furterer Invisible Dry Shampoo 75ml: 9,90€ // René Furterer Invisible Dry Shampoo 200ml: 18,70€ // René Furterer Invisible Dry Shampoo 200ml: 18,70€.

This is our selection of products to protect your hair during the summer months and moisturise and care for it all year round.