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The secrets of sleeping well to be more productive and have a healthier life.

On October 6 we premiered the talks in By Safe House under the name of Pop-Up Events with Dr. Eduard Estivil, well known in pediatrics and European specialist in sleep medicine. For 13 years, he worked as a neuropediatrician at Vall d’Hebron and San Juan de Dios Children’s Hospital. From 1989 until today, he directs the Estivill sleep clinic at the Quiron-Deixeus University Institute in Barcelona and director of the Sleep Unit at Quiron Hospital in Sant Cugat, Sabadell and Madrid.

More than 70,000 patients have visited his clinic, he has written 24 books on sleep medicine  and good habits highlighting ‘Duermete niño’ translated into 19 languages and more than 4 million copies have been sold.

Dr. Estivill made us a test of our sleep habits and discover what is our sleep chronotype. The aim of these talks is to connect in a relaxed way among the people who attend. The duration is one hour and then enjoy a pica-pica dinner accompanied by wine.



Pop-Up Events


Once a month, in By Safe House, we will talk about fashion, art, design, books, cinema, travel … So for the next November 10, reserve to receive Elisabet Olivé, the first Spanish person to write a book of Personal Shopper. Are you going to miss it? places are limited.