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Horoscopes have always been very present in all cultures, and for as long as we have been aware, wise men have analysed the stars, dates of birth and times to find out how things might go. This is something that can be investigated in any personal situation, for example, the ways to travel according to the zodiac sign.

Our personality is deeply rooted in the knowledge we acquire, the experiences we go through and our unique character from the moment we are born. The signs of the zodiac is something that also characterises us, our day of birth and the exact time of day makes us different from the rest. We can believe it more or less, but there are always many things that make us personally right, and the fact of travelling also differentiates us according to our sign. The travel company has developed a report studying and relating the ways of travelling according to the zodiac sign. More than 10,000 trips have been analysed, taking into account which countries were most in demand, how much they were able to spend or whether they preferred to travel alone or accompanied.


Who spends more or prefers to travel alone

The price of bookings depends very much on the economic level of each person, but in the report the result is that Capricorns spend the least when it comes to booking. It seems that their practical and money-oriented nature has something to do with it, while Sagittarians are the biggest spenders. When it comes to travelling with family or friends, Taurus is the sign which least wants to travel alone, preferring to discover the world in company. When it comes to travelling alone, Capricorn has emerged as the most inclined.

Travelling with animals

It is becoming easier and more accessible to visit cities accompanied by our pets, in this case it seems that Aries is a sign that likes to book with their dog. Characterised by the fire element, they are energetic and adventurous, and there is nothing like travelling with their best friend. On the contrary, Leo seems to prefer to leave the small animals at home, and enjoy themselves without that burden.


Sportswear and advance bookings

The Scorpio, totally emotional and intense, is a sign that reserves more space for sporting equipment. Their personality can vary from person to person, but they are hard workers and fight tirelessly to achieve their goals, even if it costs them. As for those who buy the least sports equipment, it is strange as they are energetic and extroverted. One explanation for this result in the report may be that they prefer to rent sports equipment once they arrive at their destination, and not before. As we have said, this fire sign likes to be constantly on the move, and planning their future adventures in advance is something they frequent.

Preferred travel destinations

Travelling enthusiasts are not afraid to visit any country full of culture and historic buildings. Cities like Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul or Athens still welcome thousands of people every year. But the report has catalogued and collated the results of their research, and found similarities between travellers of a particular sign and particular countries. For example, Virgo and Libra have a tendency to go abroad, specifically to New York. The former tend to go to elite areas in Manhattan, booking in the best neighbourhoods. The sign of the scales is not far behind, and they like to explore in very modern cities with great advances, such as this one in the United States.


Aquarius and Pisces are the first to book in Asia, Bangkok in first place. In fact, the Thai capital was the most visited in 2019, and it is the Asian culture that most strongly attracts the Western world. Aquarius tends to explore among its culture, being able to visit temples, while Pisces can’t get enough of the blue ocean. Thailand has large areas of nature and clear waters, with the Phi Phi islands a popular destination in recent years.

To discover and enjoy Mexico, Sagittarians are the first to visit it. The fire sign tends, in a higher percentage, to travel to Latin America, where culture is transmitted with great passion.

Meals and insurance

When travelling by boat we can enjoy their gastronomic offerings, and Taurus is the sign that spends the most. It is much easier and quicker to take advantage of the food court, and not to prepare it at home. The latter is something Capricorns seem to do, preferring to take their own diets for the trip, and thus save and manage money.


As for insuring travel, data shows that Aries and Cancers are more likely to do so. Now, with the restrictions, the travel industry includes it a lot in case there is a specific problem. And this for these two signs is very good. As for Gemini, it is the one who asks for it the least, because no matter what, the trip will be perfect.

Our horoscope, western or eastern, is present in our daily lives, whether we believe in it or not. At the beginning of 2021 big fashion brands such as Dior, The North Face or Burberry took into account in their collections the Chinese New Year. Until February 2022, the golden ox characterises our year, full of recovery, strength and effort, something very fitting after having gone through a very tough 2020.


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