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Writer Maria Jesús Urra

The classic Terre d’Hermès and Jour d’Hermès are renewed this summer with the launch of their freshest and lightest editions, designed for men and women and ideal to enjoy, even more, the approaching summer season.


With Terre d’Hermés Eau très fraîche, the bitter orange characteristic of Hermès is added to the light and natural touch of this fresh water, along with woody notes and a halo of purity that wants to unite man with water and earth, in a voyage of aromas from which it will not be easy to escape.

Its new extra-flat packaging, redesigned for the most modern man, rises from the depths and soars skyward, true to the essence of the brand, while maintaining the details that characterize it, such as the Hermès rivet set or the orange thread reflected in the metal shoulders. A symbol of luxury.


The version for them this summer comes from the hand of Jour d’Hermès Absolu, a declaration of love to floral aromas, revealing the beauty of femininity in a graceful and luminous trail. Notes of lily, jasmine, gardenia, rose or apricot mingle in a summery joy behind which hide, also, the refinement and sophistication that characterizes the perfumes of Hermès.

Its classic lantern bottle and the color of pink amber with the neck set in rose gold combine perfectly with this perfume that carries femininity as a flag.