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We start the fall with the 7 art highlights for this October. We tour seven exhibitions presented in Europe, full of history, innovation and where women matter.

Art permeates our daily lives, everything is continuously evolving and every month we can enjoy new exhibitions that make us learn and enjoy it. Let’s take a look at the 7 art highlights for October 2021, covering the life and work of Salvador Dalí, Van Gogh, Monet and Goya. Enjoy the art on display at The Regent’s ParkThe Regent’s Park, or review how women were depicted in Vogue Paris or how the artist Titian depicted them on canvas. Women, who throughout the centuries have been silenced on a social level, as they claim in many exhibitions, but were and continue to be elemental.

Salvador Dalí and the digital experience

The art of Salvador Dalí continues to travel the world year after year, a source of inspiration for new generations. Continuing with his legacy and exposing it, the Crossmedia group, with the creative direction of Monogrid and Fundació Dalí, have inaugurated an immersive digital exhibition about the artist in Florence, Italy. Inside Dalí is the title they have chosen for the exhibition because it reflects the intention that visitors should enter into the artist’s identity, learn about his personal evolution and how this translated into his work.

The selection of images that can be seen here have been chosen in great detail, and detail Dalí’s production in five areas. On the one hand, the characteristic Renaissance curiosity of an adolescent who moves between the austerity of a father and the transfiguration of the mother. The consistency of time, the obsession with death that Dalí will combat with asceticism, Eucharistic sublimation and the Wunderkammer. The latter is a camera that shows Salvador’s extraordinary versatility in using different expressive languages beyond painting.


Inside the digital exhibition Inside Dalí

The Fundació Dalí began this line of exhibitions with Dalí. L’enigma sense fi, which opened in Baus de Provença on 6 March 2020, and which currently can be visited at the Atelier de Lumières in Paris. The aim of these presentations is to bring the work of the Catalan artist to a multigenerational audience with new formats and languages. In this way, Crossmedia is one of the reference groups in the dissemination of culture using new technologies. In fact, they have previously dealt with artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh. The work can be enjoyed at the Cattedrale dell’Immagine, and will later be exhibited in Antwerp, Belgium.

When: From 16 September 2021 to 16 January 2022.

Where: Cattedrale dell’Immagine, Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5, Florence, Italy.

Hours: Monday, Thursday: 10.00h-18.00 . Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10.00-19.00

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.

The present and future world in The Regent’s Park

Art and sculpture is back again in London and this time it can be enjoyed free of charge. The exhibition Frieze Sculpture opened on 14 September at The Regent’s Park. Curated for the ninth year by Clare Lilley, programme director at Yorshire Sculpture Park, this edition features a wide range of international artists, such as Ibrahim El-Salahi, Vanessa da Silva and Rose Wylie.


Exposed sculptures of Vanessa da Silva and Muamba Grove

This year, works have been selected that address themes such as environmental concern, something that is very present in our daily lives, and awareness of it is growing. For example, the American artist Daniel Arsham presents his works Unearthed Bronze Eroded Melpomene and Event Horizon by Stoyan Dechev. The former presents remnants of a fictional post-apocalyptic archaeology, while the latter expresses the fear of an endangered future.

Each Frieze Sculpture installation brings such a different picture of sculptural practice and it is encouraging that this year is especially global. Although the artists span three generations, I see exciting sculptural conversations across time and geography and, although many sculptures here relate to social and environmental concerns, there is a much heightened colour and deft handling of material, resulting in an overall sense that is celebratory. – Clare Lilley, Curator of Frieze Sculpture.

This open-air exhibition will coincide with Frieze London and Frieze Master at the same venue, exhibitions that can be visited between 13 and 17 October. Leading galleries from around the world return to the English capital, and the programme will feature a wide range of activities and talks. Discovering new artists is something very present, being a platform for those who need to be seen for their talent. In addition, established artists will always have their place.


Event Horizon works, with which the artist wants to express his fear of a cruel future

In terms of novelties, Frieze London will feature a new section: Unworlding, curated by Cedric Fauq, with a selection of international works that focus their idea on the decomposition of the world as we know it. This will extend throughout the fair and will include works by Nora Turato, Ndayé Kouagou and Natacha Donzé.

When: Frieze Sculpture: 14 September to 31 October. Frieze London: 13 October 2021 to 17 October.

Where?: The Regent’s Park, London, UK

Opening hours: From Wednesday to Sunday you can choose between 11.00h to 17.00h.

Tickets: You can buy tickets for Frieze London here.

Venetian women of the 16th century

As it does every autumn, the Vienna Museum of Art History focuses on the great masters of antiquity, this year the Italian painter Titian, and the exhibition Titian’s Vision of Woman focuses on the artist’s depiction. The visit includes more than 60 paintings from international collections such as the Louvre in Paris, the Prado in Madrid or the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, among others, in addition to the museum’s own.


Interior of the exhibition at the Museum of Art History Vienna


From left to right: Violante by Titian. Portrait of a young woman, known as La Bella by Palma il Vecchio.

Inspired by the poetry and love literature of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Italian artist, together with his contemporaries such as Palma il Vecchio and Lorenzo Lotto, created poetic portraits, idealising the figure of women. Illuminating the Venetian image of women and celebrating them as the major subject of life, art and love. After the discovery of women as portrait subjects, the visit leads into realistic portraits of young, blonde women, ideal in Venice at the time;


Interior of the exhibition with the different works on display.

The prominence of women in 16th-century Venetian painting came from the Renaissance itself, when they were no longer depicted as saints. In addition, during the visit we can see the portraits of the Bellas, where they sometimes show their breasts or play with their hair. For a long time, these representations were considered to be of young courtesans, but over time research has been carried out on the subject and it is believed that these gestures symbolise fidelity and devotion to future husbands.

When: From 5 October 2021 to 16 January 2022.

Where: Museum of Art History Vienna, Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien, Austria

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00h to 18.00h. Thursday from 10.00h to 21.00h

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.

The legacy of impressionism

To celebrate the arrival of autumn, the Royal Palace of Milan has brought to the city an exhibition dedicated to Claude Monet, an iconic artist of Impressionism. Within it we can enjoy 53 paintings by the artist, including Water Lilies, Reflections on the Thames and The Roses. Divided into seven sections, the visit introduces us to the reflection of the genre and the artistic production of the master on the theme of light, and his way of painting, with small brushstrokes and with that dim light, has made his works into renowned collections such as On Trouville Beach or Charing Cross.


From left to right: Parliament, sunset and Sailing boat at sunset.

The route of the visit takes us chronologically through Monet’s works, many of which are private. In fact, the painter kept them in his house in Giverny and never wanted to sell them, despite the fact that they strongly convey his essence. Theearly works introduce us to a different vision of the drawing of the time, from there we move on to rural and urban landscapes, and of course, to green weeping willows and solitary Japanese bridges. The exhibition is part of the museological project Museums of the World at the Palazzo Reale, always with the objective of presenting collections and stories of international artists.

When: 18 September to 30 January 2022.

Where: del Duomo, 12, Milan, Italy

Schedule:From Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00h to 19.30h. Thursday 10.00h to 22.30h

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.

Getting to know Van Gogh on a life-size scale

The art of Van Gogh arrives in Madrid with a magical exhibition, an immersive experience that takes you first-hand into the ideas of the Dutch artist. Meet Vincent Van Gogh, is the only official exhibition of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam coming to the Spanish capital for the first time. The visit is three-dimensional and is divided into six different scenarios that allow visitors to delve into the history of one of the world’s most renowned artists. It is a cultural phenomenon and a world award-winning exhibition.


The exhibition offers a full-scale version of Van Gogh’s best-known paintings.

Inside it, it allows you to go inside the portraits and painted pictures, being able to touch and observe on a real scale everything he represented. In this way, it is not just a display of his art, but through different activities, viewers can learn about it and be an active part of it. For example, his bedroom is composed in a real way, and it is possible to delve into everything he painted.


In an interactive way, visitors can interact and learn about the artist’s life and works.

Throughout the visit, you can enjoy projections, as well as audioguides that explain his history and works from the point of view of Van Gogh and people close to him. This multi-disciplinary exhibition has been created by the experts at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, with the aim of introducing visitors to the life of the artist in a fun, innovative and technological way.

When: From 30 September 2021 to 9 January 2022.

Where?: Paseo de las Delicias, 61, Madrid

Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10.00h to 20.00h. Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00h to 21.00h.

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.

Vogue Paris: 100 years of fashion

The Palais Galliera is hosting the major exhibition Vogue Paris 1920-2020, celebrating 100 years of the iconic magazine. Founded by New York-based Condé Nast Publications in 1920, it is the oldest French fashion publication still in print, and represents the capital of Parisian fashion, artistic and cultural life.


From left to right.: William Klein, Simone d’Aillencourt, Marggy Rouff dress, April 1961, Guy Bourdin, Donyale Luna in Paco Rabanne dress, Junio 1966, David Sims, Kate Moss in Gucci Bolero, directed by Joe McKenna, March 2004

The visit immerses visitors in the creation, adaptation and anticipation that has characterised the brand since the 1920s. Visitors will discover its history and the editors who shaped it, such as Michel de Brunhoff and Emmanuelle Alt. The exhibition brings together around 400 archive works of the magazine, including covers, documents and films, and highlights great illustrators and talented photographers who have managed to represent the images in the most elegant way, such as Testino, Klein Horst, etc.


René Gruau, Lanvin-Castillo suit, Revillon dress, March 1957

The magazine had its own identity from the start, but it was not until 1929, with Michel de Brunhoff as editor, that they managed to move towards a more pronounced autonomy as a French edition. By promoting talent, connecting with great dressmakers, painters and designers, they succeeded in creating a social and artistic circle seeking the highest level. Also, along the way, the French brand has put the spotlight on several collaborators such as Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerld, whom Vogue has supported throughout their careers.

When: From 2 October 2021 to 30 January 2022.

Where: Palais Galliera, 10 Av. Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris, France.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00h to 18.00h

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.

Goya, pioneer of modern art

Francisco de Goya, one of the last great court artists and a pioneer of modern art, comes to the Fondation Beyeler in collaboration with the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid. The major exhibition brings together around 70 paintings and more than 100 masterly drawings and prints by the artist. The visit invites visitors to enjoy breathtaking portraits and enigmatic pictorial worlds;


The maja dressed as Goya

During the tour it will be possible to see key works that are in museums and private European and American collections, as well as paintings that are rarely shown from Spanish collections. The story of Goya will explore and explore in depth the main themes he expressed, such as portraits, the royal family, nobility and women, as well as the day-to-day life of Spanish society at the time.


From left to right: Doña María del Pilar Teresa Cayetana of Silva Álvarez de Toledo, XIII Duchess of Alba. Witches Sabbath (El Aquelarre)

In addition to the exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy the new film by the contemporary French artist Philippe Parreno, which has dealt intensely with Goya’s disappeared country house and his legendary murals, the Black Paintings. These masterpieces have been filmed up close and set in imaginary scenes, in order to promote the relevance that the Spanish artist has had for centuries.

When: From 10 October 2021 to 23 January 2022.

Where: Fondation Beyeler, Baselstrasse 101, Basel, Switzerland

Hours: Thursday to Tuesday from 10.00h to 18.00h. Wednesday from 10.00h to 20.00h

Tickets: You can purchase tickets here.


Images courtesy of Crossmedia, Frieze, Meet Vincent van Gogh, Palais Galliera, Museum of Art History Vienna and Beyeler Foundation.

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