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February 2020 is a leap year. So there is one more day to enjoy life and those little aesthetic and intellectual pleasures that month after month we propose in our shiny highlights. As always, proposals from here and there, and for all tastes. Let’s go get them.

Catalan Fashion Week is back

The 080 Barcelona Fashion reappears among the best proposals for this February 2020. If you want to know the collections of Catalan designers who will triumph in autumn and winter in a few months, you have to go to the parades of the 25th edition of the 080 Barcelona that will take place in a few days. Specifically between 3 and 6 February.

A parade in previous editions of 080 Barcelona Fashion

But beware, because it has already been announced that the next event will have to wait, as it will not take place until June-July 2021. So make the most of it to soak up the best of current fashion and design in Catalonia. That and no other is the aim of its organisers: the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion, the CCAM.

Mary Quant, living fashion history

Another one of our highlights for February 2020 that you have to hurry for. This is the exhibition that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is dedicating to the designer Mary Quant (1934 -). This is a review of a long professional and creative career in which she managed to bring the most original design to the streets, always following her motto of “making fashionable clothes available to everyone“.

Three printed sets from between 1964 and 1971

There is time to see it until Sunday 16 February 2020 and see up to 200 Quant garments and accessories in the halls of the London V&A. Among which their most legendary mini-skirts, shorts and bell-bottoms will be on display. As well as many other original accessories in the form of glasses, boots, lingerie and make-up.

A shoe exhibition

And from London to Paris. Specifically to the Museum of Decorative Arts in the always interesting rue Rivoli in the French capital. The exhibition “Marche et démarche: histoire de la chaussure” opened there last November. In other words, “walking and walking: history of footwear“. An exhibition that closes a trilogy of the MAD that began in 2013 with an exhibition on lingerie, and continued with another in 2017 on the evolution of taboos in the history of fashion.

Pair of boots from 1935, and so modern!

Several hundred pieces of footwear from different periods, as well as paintings, photos, films, posters… and everything that makes us reflect on what our shoes say and how we choose them. You can see it until 22 March.

Anthony McCall throughout February 2020

The exhibition Split Second (Mirror) and other works by the British artist Anthony McCall will remain at the Galería Cayón in Madrid until 29 February 2020. His works arrived there last December and there is no visitor who doesn’t walk through the gallery and is surprised by this montage that fuses different artistic disciplines: photography, drawing, film projections, sculptures….

Reflections, steam, light, keys to the work of Anthony McCall

All this in a very theatrical atmosphere, where light treatments always play a leading role. Something that this exhibition and all the others he has mounted in recent decades have in common, as McCall, at over 70 years of age and from his New York studio, never stops working and presenting montages and works in galleries and venues all over the world.

Ballerinas, models and New York

It is customary that in our highlights there is a proposal in New York City, so for February 2020 we want to recommend the exhibition: “Ballerina: Fashion’s Modern Muse” which will open next Friday 7th at the FIT in New York, where it will remain until Saturday 18th April.

The influence of dance on the haute couture of Charles James is more than evident

The title already indicates the content of the exhibition, we are going to see how ballerinas have been great muses for the world of fashion. And they have been so both for the bodies of these women, as well as for the most common garments in the world of dance. The tutus, the corsets, the tights,… at a given moment went from the stage to haute couture. In the same way that ballet costumes have been inspired by fashion creations.

ARCO 2020 arrives, faithful to its appointment.

From 26 February to 1 March the halls of the IFEMA fairgrounds will once again be filled with the best of Spanish, European and world art. The numbers bear out such a statement. The work of more than 1,300 artists from around thirty countries will be on show, two hundred galleries from half the world will be present and some 500 collectors of different origins and tastes will be strolling and negotiating both sales and acquisitions.

What is art? No? The answer in ARCO

An event for art professionals, but also for amateurs, as the number of visitors in previous editions has been around 100,000 people. In short, ARCO is one of the most important art meetings on the international circuit, with the exhibition of gallerists and also with various workshops and lecture programmes to get to know contemporary art from a wide variety of perspectives.

More contemporary art and more NYC

We finish our highlights for February 2020 with a bet as risky as interesting. The exhibition of the young Latvian artist Daiga Grantina (1985 -) at the New Museum in New York. Her work has been there since 21 January and will remain there until 17 May, a very long period, which gives us an idea of the value of this young artist who recreates atmospheres by transforming the museum’s rooms into small habitats made up of the most varied materials, shapes and colours.

The universe of Daiga Grantina

More than art, we could say that Dagia Grantina is capable of creating the most inspiring environments. Something that we at Horse Magazine like to identify with, because with these highlights of February 2020 and with all those to come, what we really want is to inspire you.