Our first highlights for 2018 will continue in line with those of last year. That is, the purpose is to inform about the most relevant cultural events. They can be art exhibitions or fashion shows, design proposals or fairs worldwide known. And they can be here or there, if they are high quality events, they are included, as it shows these 7 highlights for the month of February.

The MoMA of New York has traveled to Paris

This exhibition, located in the new building designed by Frank Gehry, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, was inaugurated on October 11th. Since then, thousands of people have been contemplating 200 works that have crossed the Atlantic, to travel from the MoMA in New York to the French capital. 200 works selected from the best of its artistic collection to reflect what “being modern” is.


All the artistic vanguards are present in the exhibition Etre moderne: le MoMA à Paris

The repertoire of artists chosen for the exhibition Etre moderne: le MoMA à Paris is very suggestive and spectacular. There are masterpieces from Cezanne to Yayoi Kusama, including Duchamp, Frank Stella, Brancusi or Mies van der Rohe. That is, geniuses of painting, sculpture or architecture that give us a vision of the most complete of art evolution from the late nineteenth century to nowadays.

In memory of Leonard Cohen

Montreal has been celebrating its 375th anniversary; and obviously in celebrations of similar magnitude the Canadian city could not forget one of its most illustrious sons: the poet and singer Leonard Cohen, who died in November 2016. In this way, practically coinciding with the first anniversary of his disappearance, the exhibition, simply entitled Leonard Cohen, was inaugurated at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal.


Leonard Cohen receives an unprecedented artistic tribute in his hometown, Montreal


This modern troubadour has been a source of inspiration for decades for Canadian artists and from any corner of the planet. And not only for musicians, also for creators of many other artistic disciplines. Precisely that is what can be seen in this exhibition until April 9th. The creative tribute of local and international artists to the great composer and writer.

Adolf Loos in Barcelona

You can visit the exhibition Adolf Loos. Private spaces till next February 25th in the Design Museum in Barcelona. A sample conceived mainly from works from various museums and institutions in Vienna. Something logical, since it was in the Austrian capital where he developed his architectural and design activity during the first decades of the last century.

The most groundbreaking designs by Adolf Loos are the main stars in this exhibition

If you travel to Vienna you can see some of the most emblematic buildings of Loos. Although it was his conception of the private spaces of his buildings and in the design of the furniture where the architect showed to be very revolutionary. That is what is discovered in this exhibition. Those who cannot go to Barcelona and see it ​​will have the opportunity to enjoy it at the CaixaForum in Madrid from March 28th to June 24th, 2018.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion returns

The second of our highlights located in Barcelona: the 080 Barcelona Fashion, a regular event in Horse. This year 2018 will take place from Monday, January 29th to Friday, February 2nd. Throughout the week the Recinte Modernista de Santa Pau will host the shows of the latest collections of numerous designers among which we can find firms such as Antonio Miró or Custó Barcelona.

In this edition there are programmed more than 30 fashion shows of many designers

But as in previous editions, the 080 Barcelona Fashion is more than fashion shows. There is also a series of highly interesting parallel activities for professionals in the fashion industry. And also for all those who aspire to be one. That is to say, there is a vocation for the future with activities such as the Space for Schools where students from several design schools in Barcelona will present the dissertations prepared in the past year.

Ocean Liners: Speed ​​& Style disembarks in London

London is another regular city in our monthly highlights with the always interesting Victoria & Albert Museum. On this occasion, we will talk about it again to recommend the exhibition Ocean Liners: Speed ​​& Style that will open next Saturday, February 3rd and can be visited until June 10th.Therefore, take note if you plan to travel to London throughout the spring.

A trip of the most glamorous aboard elegant transatlantic


Especially recommended is the visit for all who, like us, are lovers of boat trips. In this case the exhibition proposes a virtual trip to the most romantic time of the great and luxurious transatlantic ships such as the Titanic or the Queen Mary. From old posters, scale models, old objects, the luggage of travelers or the machinery of ships, ships that not only crossed oceans but transported ideas can be recalled, designs and innovations from one side of the world to the other.

The ARCO Fair returns to our highlights

“The future is not what is going to happen, but what we are going to do”. That phrase sums up the spirit of the new edition of ARCO, the Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid. A new contest that will take place in the IFEMA fairgrounds from Sunday 21st to Thursday 25th February. 5 days in which more than 200 galleries from around 30 countries will exhibit their works.

Aspect of a previous edition of ARCO

ARCO is a fabulous opportunity to buy art and also to check how complicated and varied the artistic world is. Some creations that sometimes are not enclosed in museums or galleries. Many are born with a vocation to take the streets, and this materializes with initiatives such as Urvanity Art that will be developed in parallel to the trade fair. A perfect occasion for street artists to contribute their vision of the modern city.

Mural created in the framework of UrvanityArt activities

These are Horse’s suggestions for the month of February. Some highlights of the most suggestive, captivating and varied. Surely there are some of them you don’t want to miss. At least, we hope so.