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This November our highlights are very fond of travelling, since we are going to go around different parts of the world, from China to the American continent. And of course we are going to make a few stops in different places in Europe. All with the aim of providing you with ideas to carry out enriching experiences with the highest quality.

1-Exhibition Girls Posters at the Transport Museum of London

The London Transport Museum is opening these days its Poster Girls exhibition. A century of art and design. That is, a century of art and design embodied in 150 posters created by women. That is their particular tribute to women to commemorate the centennial of women’s right to vote in Great Britain.

One of the posters exhibited by Herry Perry in 1928, in this image advertising the buses to get to the Great Derby.

It surprises the large number of women artists who have made this type of posters. We can see the designs of the best-known such as Mabel Lucie Attwell, Enid Marx or Laura Knight and there are also other creations by practically unknown artists. All of them tell us about how throughout the twentieth century their work was very considered and demanded. Why? Because it has an undoubted quality. To prove it, you have to go to this exhibition that will remain open until next January.

2-The Iceland Airwaves Festival begins in Reykjavík

Who said you can not make a festival with cold? And not in any cold, but in the Icelandic cold of its capital Reykyavík and also in the city of Akureyvi. There, between November 1-5, the Iceland Airwaves will be held, a festival full of music and art. All this as transgressive and innovative as all the Icelandic proposals, something that perhaps is due to its harsh climate, which somehow forms part of the festival, since almost all of it takes place in the long winter night of these latitudes.

Poster announcer of the Iceland Airwaves Festival

The events do not take place in large concert halls. They are programmed throughout the city in bars, some of them very small, in music stores, bookstores and even in churches. In these venues, groups of all musical styles will play, but always with very personal proposals. Some concerts will be very intense, others will be more electronic, and there will also be very intimate ones. However, this intimacy will be much greater in events called Airwords, in which literary texts are recited or reinterpreted in the form of perfomances. In short, a festival full of surprises

3-Yayoi Kusama and Richard Serra in the David Zwierner gallery in New York

Those who travel to New York during the month of November will not be short of exhibitions and events to attend. But from Horse, we want to highlight the samples of two great current artists. One would be Richard Serra that on November 4th will open two huge works of forged steel to which we are used to. These works, as well as many of his previous drawings can be seen in the David Zwirner’s gallery at 537 West 20th Street in Chelsea.

David Zwirner presents the new forged steel installation by Richard Serra. Images via

And a couple of days before, on November 2nd two exhibitions of the Japanese Yayoi Kusama will open. She is one of the most amazing artists of the last decades of the twentieth century, a forerunner of movements such as Pop, minimalism or feminist art. Well, she is still working and now she will show her Very Eternal Soul series of 66 paintings within the Festival of Life, and, at the same time, she also will be at the Infinity Mirror in Chelsea.

Portrait of Yayoi Kusama in her studio

This past October 1st, Yayoi Kusama has just opened her own museum in the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo. In this enclosure five floors devoted to the work of the renowned Japanese artist can be visited. On the first and second floors, paintings and sculptures will be exhibited, while the fourth floor will be full of her Infinity Rooms.

4-Exhibition at the London Design Museum: Ferrari, under the skin

We have to travel to London to dazzle ourselves with this new proposal, but now we have to visit its Design Museum. In its rooms from November 15th and until April 15th 2018, the engines of the most famous car team of all time will roar: Ferrari. A mythical brand that is capable of capturing the attention of motor enthusiasts, design enthusiasts and the general public.

Ferrari is more than a car, it is a symbol. For example, Christian Dior used it for a presentation of his autumn designs

The Ferrrari exhibition, under the skin, gives an overview of the 70-year history of the Cavallino Rampante’s brand. Seven intense decades that have humble beginnings but that would end up becoming an icon of speed and glamor. The exhibition unveils the entire Ferrari universe, not only its mechanics and design, in which engineering is so important, but we will also know its customers, its triumphs and its future.

5-The third Sunday of November the most famous Burgundy wine auction is held

In November, one of the most famous charity auctions in the world is held in Beaune. It is the Les Hospices de Beaune auction, and this year it will be held on the weekend between November 17th and 19th. This follows a tradition that dates back to 1859, when Burgundy wines were auctioned here for the first time. In that first occasion, it was a more local event, but nowadays it is an event that attracts buyers from all over the world but always professionals, since it is not an open bid for individuals.

Image of a last edition of the Les Hospices de Beaune auction

However, that is not an impediment to be able to go to what they call The Three Glorious Days. Three days in which you can visit the wineries, you can taste them, uncorking and a lot of activities accompanying the central act that is the auction. An auction that is always chaired by celebrities who may be politicians, artists, athletes, etc. For example this year, among other personalities, Charles Aznavour will attend. And, as always, the benefits of the bids will be given for the charitable works that Les Hospices de Beaune does.

6-Hermès in Shanghai showing the designs for horses

The title of this surprising exhibition of the French group dedicated to luxury will be Harnessing the Roots and its protagonists will be the horse harnesses that they manufactured in their beginnings, in the first half of the 19th century. Hence the reference to the roots in the title of the sample. Although not only the harnesses of the beginnings will have a space in this exhibition, they will also show mounts.

Piece exposed in the exhibition Harnessing the Roots of Hermès

However, it is not just about showing off these equestrian tools. The final objective is to contemplate them and be able to appreciate how the shapes and materials of these nineteenth-century designs and made for horses have been able to influence the most novel fashion and accessories designs. Undoubtedly, it is surprising and interesting, that is why the show was born with the vocation of being itinerant. It will open on November 18th at the Hermès store in Shanghai, but will visit other cities on the planet. We will continue informing you

7-Patricia Urquiola opens an exhibition this November in Philadelphia

To the many awards that the architect and designer Patricia Urquiola already has, such as that of the Order of Isabella the Catholic or the Gold Medal in Fine Arts, now we must add the Award for Excellence in Design that will receive by the collective Collab, coinciding with the opening of her exhibition: Patricia Urquiola, Between Craft and Industry that will take place on November 19th at the Museum of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and that will run until March 4th, 2018.

Patricia Urquiola with her designs of chairs exposed in Phildelphia

An exhibition that aims to show how Urquiola’s creations combine perfectly the most traditional with the industrial field. And that does it in individualized pieces of furniture, such as her famous chairs, or in the integral design of interiors. And how does she do it? Perhaps that is the most interesting part of the exhibition, since it is possible to discover the creative process of one of the most acclaimed designers at an international level.

And with the Spanish creator we finish our highlights of November, which, as always, have a bit of everything to satisfy all readers of Magazine Horse.