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Although temperatures are dropping and the hours of light shorten every day this does not mean that you have to be sad and paralyzed without leaving home. No. Actually, after the summer break a new year stars, and institutions, exhibition centers or museums prepare their new programs with events that often start in October. And from all of this, here we present those that we consider the highlights of the next month.

The Summer of Love in Boston

We have already entered the fall, and it is time to close the successful exhibition The Summer of Love. Photography and Graphic Design at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. However, if you are traveling to the US city, you still have time to visit the show until Sunday, October 22nd. Why should you? Because it proposes a trip in time and to another city of the United States: San Francisco in 1967.

One of the posters featured in The Summer of Love

More specifically to the neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury of the Californian city, where the hippie and psychedelic movement reached its maximum expression and materialized in an aesthetic that flooded the photography and graphic design of the moment. Those photos, album covers or posters are exhibited 50 years later in Boston. It is a way of paying tribute to a summer of mythical love, but which was also a time of deep social and way of thinking changes.

The Lisbon Design Show 2017

The biggest design event in Portugal will take place in Lisbon from October 18th to 22nd: the Lisbon Design Show which in this case reaches its 8th edition and does so with a program of the most tight and agitated. Because this fair has room for all disciplines and design branches. From product design, to fashion desing, going through graphic creations or interior equipment.

Poster of the 8th edition of the Lisboa Design Show

All the big design firms in Portugal and from a big part of Europe have a place in this meeting. But also the programming includes two sections of great interest. One of them is Trends LXS where the protagonists are the young Portuguese designers who find here a relevant launching platform. And the second is the Africa Fashion by LXD, which becomes the great opportunity for many African designers who can present their work in Europe and hence take the plunge worldwide. For all this and to be informed of the latest news in design, this event becomes essential.

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar in London

In 1867, the first issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine was published in the United States. A century and a half later it continues to be published and is one of the references in the world of fashion and culture worldwide. Well, to know the reasons of its long history and its enormous prestige it is best to go to the Museum of Fashion and Textile in London, where from 20th October to January 21st 2018 the exhibition Harper’s Bazaar – The first and last word in fashion will take place.

Evolution of some Harper’s Bazaar covers

The magazine began as a simple brochure, but gradually expanded the number of pages and the quality of its contents. Then, the best editors of every era started to work in it; the most glamorous photographers portrayed the most beautiful models dressed by the wise hands of the most elegant stylists and great names of journalism and literature wrote in its pages. In short, this exhibition is a review in images of the highest culture that goes from the end of the 19th century until today.

Hello Robot Exhibition in Ghent

The Belgian city of Ghent is always an interesting destination, especially to be stunned by the beauty of its historic buildings overlooking the canals. But this city has an important tradition in the industrial design, and, for that reason, it is not surprising that in a monumental building of the center an interesting Museum of Design opens its doors. Here, temporary exhibitions are held with very innovative proposals.

The temporary exhibitions of the Ghent Design Museum are always interesting

That is the case of the sample Hello Robot, which will start on October 27th and will remain open until Sunday, April 15th, 2018. An exhibition that invites us to think, because robots already live with us in factories, drones, mobiles… In this sample, they are going to show them to us and they will make us reflect on these questions: will they take away our work? Do they take care of us or are they a threat? Do they make us more creative? Can they play with our children? That said, an interesting and surprising exhibition.

 Manuel Pertegaz’s collected works in Madrid

The exhibition hall of the Canal Isabel II of Madrid inaugurated on September 9th the exhibition Manuel Pertegaz, in which a complete review is made throughout his long career. This exhibition will remain open until November 12th and lots of people are expected. Not in vain, Pertegaz is one of the greatest couturiers of the twentieth century in Spain and with a career as long as his own life, that reached 97 years.

Pertegaz’s wedding dresses were always spectacular and capable of filling a room on their own

He has many designs, so this collected work requires a lot of time. His work is presented in three floors of the exhibition hall starting with his most emblematic works. Then, his creations of prêt-a-porter and haute couture can be reviewed. In this way, we can see how his art evolved and, in general, the society he dressed for decades.

Michael Kvium’s Circus Europa in Copenhagen

For those who do not know him, Michael Kvium is a Danish creator who has developed and exhibited his art in half the world, always fascinating with his theatrical scenery, his paintings or his performance with the Værst group. And recently, on September 2nd, he presented at the ARKEN, the Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, his most current exhibition: Circus Europa, which will remain open until January 14th, 2018.

The circus is the environment chosen by Kvium to perform a critical portrait of our time

The title of the exhibition, Circus Europa, provides the two keys to understand these images; as the purpose of Kvium is to portray our time and our continent as if it were a circus show. And of course it does so with a critical spirit, as it denounces events such as the situation of refugees or the constant attacks against the climate. In addition, it also talks about the identities and how the separations divide. However, in spite of all this, the show must go on and our lives must continue.

Inauguration in October of the YSL Museum in Marrakech

At the beginning of this month, Pierre Bergé, great lover and partner of Yves Saint Laurent, passed away. He has been the director of the works to open the YSL Museum in Marrakech, where they both lived, and where they recovered the splendid Majorelle Garden, now one of the tourist referents of the Moroccan city. By the way, the designer’s ashes remain in these gardens since his death in 2008.

Yves Saint Laurent strolling through his beloved Marrakesh

It is precisely near the Majorelle Garden that the museum has been built, which will open soon (we do not know the exact date, although it will be in October). A work for which Bergé chose the best among the best. Beginning with the KO studio that has designed the architecture of the building and followed by Christophe Martin who has created the scenography that envelops the creations of the couturier. Some pieces that, undoubtedly, show the great Moroccan and Eastern influence in Yves Saint Laurent’s creative imagination.

From Horse, like always, encourage you to discover each of these proposals in person. For sure, you will like more than one, because for this October we have prepared a menu of the most varied, both thematically and geographically speaking.