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Here are the 7 trends that will take the world of make-up by storm this autumn-winter 2022.

Grunge Glam is coming on strong in make-up, the 90s decade has infiltrated the lips, Chrome Lighting or make-up with gloss will be the special touch for everyday… Read on and you’ll find out which one will be yours.

Summer ends to open the door to the new makeup trends for the autumn-winter 2022 season. Horse gives you the best beauty tips for success in the coming months.

1. Explosion of colour in the eyes

Although the big winner for the coming season is natural make-up, the colour pop on the eyes has won out on the catwalks. Purples, oranges and even black are ideal options to give that unique touch of colour to your make-up and achieve the perfect balance between simple and innovative. The cosmetics brand M.A.C. offers us different eyeshadow options to create our looks.


M.A.C. shows us with these looks that this autumn colour is going to be the main protagonist

Tom Pecheux the creative director of YSL Beauty proposes a new palette of 10 eye shadows ranging from browns, pinks, maroons and yellows to give a touch of warm light to the eye. With textures that are highly pigmented with satin, shimmer, metallic or matte finishes to create the smoky eye, emblematic and characteristic of YSL.


Couture Cloor Desert Nude Eyeshadow Palette by YSL Beauty

YSL Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara delivers EXTREME volume up to 200% more in an instant. It has a tapered double volume brush that makes the mascara last up to 24 hours.

In addition to the use of different and striking colours, the make-up also opts for a less rigid finish, opting instead for a look that is more “dressless“, using the smokey technique to apply the shadows. Following this line, we find the Grunge Glam style, a look that opts for punkish and undergounds trends through dark tones such as grey or black and glitter such as glitter or metallic products.


M.A.C. presents its version of grunge style through dark colours and trends such as glitter tears.

2. Graphic eyeliner.

Bold colours are all the rage, as are fun and casual looks. That’s why the classic eyeliner continues to be on the rise, albeit with a bit of a revamp. In the coming months we will be able to see what beauty brands have dubbed graphic eyeliner. That is to say, an eye line in different shapes and even with drawings.


M.A.C. proposes graphic eyeliner using eye shadows or eye pencils in bright colours.

This trend is easily adaptable to all tastes as it is very versatile: we can find more original looks with bright colours such as orange, blue or pink and making larger shapes. Or we can opt for a more sober eye make-up, in black, white or nudes, and with a shape more similar to the traditional eyeliner, like the one proposed by Guerlain with Blanca Suárez.


Actress Blanca Suárez presents Guerlain’s autumn make-up (from left to right and from top to bottom): Crayon Yeux 01 Black Ebony eye pencil, Ombres G eye shadow palette, Kisskiss Shine Bloom lipstick and Terracotta Original sun powder.

3. Bold lips and glossy lips: two different but equally successful trends.

As with eye shadows, designers are turning to strident shades for lips. This rising trend has been dubbed bold lips by cosmetics brand M.A.C. and is based on shades such as reds, oranges and plums. Givenchy offers its Le Rouge Interdit lipstick, a new formula of the Maison’s most famous lipstick. With a formula based on natural ingredients and a silky finish, it is the perfect lipstick for this autumn.


Le Rouge Interdit lipstick in shade N37 is a powerful red with a silky finish and refillable case.

Finally, glossy lips are also a hit with celebrities and beauty brands. The glossy, soft-looking finish that gloss leaves behind is in perfect harmony with any make-up. Plus, you can add a touch of colour and even glitter if you’re looking for something a little different. M.A.C. also reveals the arrival of the Korean icy lips trend, a technique that consists of blurring the edges of the lips with the gloss itself or with Vaseline.


On the left, an example of glossy lips with glitter. On the right, an icy lips look in hot pink. Both make-up looks by M.A.C.

5. The face: natural make-up wins

Although bright colours are on trend, this new season the makeup look continues to win. The no makeup makeup look is trending, especially among the younger generation. This technique is simply based on making the skin look as natural as possible. In this way, foundation is replaced by lighter formulas, such as BB or CC creams and bronzer is applied in a very diffused way.


Chanel offers us this new season make-up that brings luminosity and naturalness to the face.

The aim is to achieve a natural glow on the skin. Lancôme is launching its new Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow foundation this season, with medium coverage and hold for up to 12 hours. It uses micro-light technology that fuses with the skin, leaving the face luminous and juicy. The foundation is available in 24 different shades.


6. Lip liner is making a comeback

The most popular trend for lips is the liner flip. This technique, so typical of the 90s, consists of going over the edge of the lip and the corners with a make-up pencil in a darker shade than the lipstick to be used. This gives the effect of depth and volume.


Lip liner helps to gain volume and pomposity in a natural and discreet way, as shown by M.A.C.

6. Powerful and eye-catching blusher

Eyeshadows are applied in smoky and casual looks and, following this trend, blush is keeping up with it. That’s why this autumn we’ll see a growth in showy colours such as orange and coral tones and even darker shades such as purple. In this way, as proposed by M.A.C., we achieve harmony between eye and face make-up, creating a powerful and striking look.


M.A.C. proposes these two daring looks using bright blushes that merge with the eye shadows to sculpt the face.

7. Make-up for them too

It’s been years since men entered the world of make-up, but this autumn we’re going to see a growth of male personalities in the make up universe. For them, the trends follow a very similar line to women: colourful eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner, juicy lips and bright and luminous skin. M.A.C. offers in its collection some looks ranging from a much more relaxed and fun style to grunge and punky make-up.


M.A.C. proposes, for them, a more subtle look or a grunge and punk style.

Make-up as a form of expression

The new autumn-winter 2022 season shows that clean aesthetic, a style based on neutral tones and simplicity, continues to win over the public, especially the younger ones. Although the use of colours for the eye and lip areas is a trend, the general trend continues to be natural and light make-up.

The aim is no longer to hide all the imperfections of the face, but to enhance them and show the world a real face: with pores, texture or freckles. Make-up is increasingly understood as an art, an expression of the self to show who we are and to declare a part of ourselves to the rest of society.

Images provided by the aforementioned brands.