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These are the highlights to enjoy in Ausseerland, an Austrian region unknown to many and with a lot of charm.

Gliding down the ski slopes, getting to know new traditions, visiting cities or relaxing in a spa with beautiful mountain views. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it becomes reality in Ausseerland, a region of Austria perfect for your dream winter holiday.

Whether you are adventurous or prefer a relaxing holiday, Ausseerland is the perfect place for you. With a wealth of activities on offer, this corner of Central Europe is sure to surprise you.


El Lago Toplitzsee. Credits: Katrin Kerschbaumer Photography

Ausseerland is a region steeped in history. The town of Hallstatt in Salzkammergut is made up of rich salt deposits, which have been in use since 1500 BC. It is also famous for the finds of an early Iron Age cemetery and prehistoric mines.

The main spring is officially recognised as a healing spring. The salt water is piped from the salt mine directly to the drinking fountain in the beverage room of the Altaussee administration and spa building. This is part of a drinking cure, which is said to relieve gall bladder, liver, stomach and intestinal diseases as well as gout. One of the most famous spas in which to visit the healing waters is Narzissen Vital Resort Bad Aussee, which combines modern architecture with the traditional style of the region and has panoramic views of the nearby mountains of the Salzkammergut and Ausseerland regions.

Winter magic in Austria

During winter Austria is a magical place to unwind. In the Austria region of Ausseerland, you can find all kinds of activities to take your mind off the worries of everyday life. Skiing, mountain hiking or visiting the cities full of lights are just some of the things to do.

In Ausseerland you can also enjoy fine dining, such as in the restaurant Kohlröserlhütte Genuss am See, located in the Ödensee nature reserve, is hidden in the middle of nature. Its philosophy focuses on consistent accessibility, harmony and nature conservation, conversion to renewable energies and energy optimisation, modern working conditions for the team and, above all, a special guest experience. Apart from the restaurant, you can also enjoy their gourmet shop with all their handmade products: pestos of all kinds, pasta, spices, vinaigrettes and chocolate.


The restaurant Kohlröserlhütte Pleasure at the lake. Credits: Die Abbilderei – Dieter Sajovic.

In addition, Ausseerland is a region that is conscious of sustainability and the use of resources. For this reason, if you visit Austria you will be able to observe the appreciation of the country’s natural resources. Innovative mobility concepts, a focus on regional and ecological products and dialogue between visitors and hosts make your trip a very special experience.

Activities to do in Ausseerland

The Ausseerland – Salzkammergut region offers countless possibilities to experience and soak up its culture. We present some of them in this interactive map.



In addition, there are many other things to see and do. For example, the cross-country skiing trails in Bad Aussee and Bad Mitterndorf are perfect for those who want to take up cross-country skiing. They are also located around the Grundlsee Lake and offer spectacular scenery. Apart from skiing, other winter sports such as ice skating are also available.

For those looking to relax and unwind, a good option is to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This way, you can enjoy the scenic wonders of the region in a calmer way.

Festivals and traditions in Ausseerland

Depending on the time of year you decide to visit this region, you may find different festivals and celebrations typical of the country. For example, the Carnival. It is celebrated in winter, when the town is filled with groups singing and dancing carnival songs about misfortunes, local politics and local conditions of yesteryear. The traditional figures are the Trommelweiber (drum women), who represent the classic Carnival sex change, the Flinserl, figures who represent spring and are based on the Commedia dell’ arte, and the Pless, who represent winter.


The Flinserl during Carnival. Credits: S. Zink

Another typical celebration is the Narzissenfest, or Darcissus Festival. It takes place in May and is a flower festival with the daffodil in the spotlight. There is a parade in Bad Aussee and a procession across Lake Altaussee.

Finally, in winter, just before Christmas, St. Nicholas, Krampus and Habergeiss are celebrated. Krampus is the terrifying figure of the advent traditions and the companion of St. Nicholas. On 5 December, in Altaussee, Bad Aussee and Grundlsee, the Krampus-Groups parade from house to house. In Bad Mitterndorf, the traditional Nikolospiele from Tauplitz and Pichl-Kainisch are performed.


Krampus-Groups celebrating 5 December. Credits: Steiermark Tourismus

Ausseerland is one of Austria’s most charming regions. Come and visit it to enjoy its landscapes, traditions and culture.