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The Caribbean is everything we could wish for to relax: paradisiacal beaches, a tropical climate all year round, nature in its purest state, turquoise waters and delicious food. But the island of Jamaica hides a thousand plans that you can not miss to enjoy unique experiences.


So, although Jamaica is a beautiful island to enjoy under a shady leaf and in a hammock, these five alternative things to do on the island may surprise you and encourage you to try experiences you didn’t know before.


Shining waters

The Luminous Lagoonis a natural wonder, home to millions of microorganisms that light up at night. These, called dinoflagellates, dwell within this beautiful and magical lake, which extends into Falmouth Bay. There are only four places in the world where this phenomenon can be observed: in Indonesia, in the Bahamas, in Puerto Rico and, of course, in Jamaica. But, Jamaica’s lagoon is said to be the largest and brightest of all..

The night tour has a duration of 45 minutes, it starts at Glistening Waters, and it is possible to take a swim in the shimmering waters… an unforgettable experience.

Luminous Lagoon - Jamaica - MagazineHorse

Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica at night

Coffee… please

Blue Mountain Coffeeis the best coffee in the world, as most people know. But only a few know what makes it so special… So, what better excuse to discover the secrets of Jamaica’s best-kept treasure than to visit one of its coffee plantations, such as the award-winning Croydon Plantation in the Catadupa Mountains or the private Creighton Estate, to learn, firsthand, all the details about its production. For example, the Mavis Bank coffee factory is one of the few places on the island where this delicacy is produced.

And so that everyone can have this precious experience, they organize 45-minute guided tours of their facilities. And, after the tour, participants can enjoy a free tasting of this select coffee.

Café de las montañas azules - Jamaica - MagazineHorse

Coffee from the blue mountains of Jamaica


A bamboo boat to lie on

Yes, it is possible to get on a handmade bamboo boat without getting seasick on the high seas.  Bamboo Rafting rides, despite their name indicating otherwise, are very relaxing and can be enjoyed without any worries;

There are several tours to choose from, depending on individual tastes and abilities, with the most popular being the Martha Brae river descent and the Rio Grande, which offers the opportunity to sample an authentic Jamaican menu on the banks of the river at Bellinda’s, a place to get lost in and sample gastronomic delights..

Originally, bamboo rafts were a key means of transportation during the golden age of Jamaica’s plantation era. Today they still maintain the same design as in the past, although they now carry passengers instead of cargo. It is important to keep in mind that, being a historic boat with a strong cultural identity, it is worth trying it, always from the perspective of sustainable tourism and respect for the materials and the artisans who make it.

Barca de bambú en Jamaica - MagazineHorse

Bamboo boat handcrafted in Jamaica

Red Stripe beer between the sea breeze and the colors of the sky

Obviously there is one mandatory stop when talking about Jamaica, the most cool bar in the Caribel: Floyd’s Pelican Bar.

Its owner, Floyd Forbes, dreamed of building a bar in the middle of the ocean, and in 2001 he made it a reality. Located on the high seas, more than a kilometer from the coast, its only access, which gives it a mysterious and exotic touch, is by boat. The interior of the premises is decorated with relics from all over the world, so the traveler can feel free to leave his own souvenir in any of the forms he wishes. It’s a nice gesture because it’s not just the going and coming back that counts; it’s what you leave behind when you leave.

Floyd's Pelican Bar - Jamaica - MagazineHorse

Floyd’s Pelican Bar on the coast of Jamaica

Castaways for a day

We have always been asked the mythical question: what would you take with you to a desert island? Well, now you can find out, being shipwrecked for a day on Pellew Island, also called Monkey Island. This beach features a small private beach and swing set, the perfect place to enjoy a picnic surrounded by an idyllic setting. It is said that when the tide is low it can be accessed on foot, although it can also be easily reached by raft or boat from nearby Blue Lagoon.