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Advances in microsurgery are increasing, and specialists are training to find more effective and less invasive methods of intervention with the quality of life of their patients in mind.

The best solution is to know which are the clinics of aesthetic surgery in Barcelona referents that know how to give the best results and high quality medical care as the clinic Wellness Kliniek that has 3.600m2 distributed in three floors and equipped with 4 operating rooms with the latest technologies. This Belgian group specializes in:

  • Breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures.
  • Body surgeries such as abdominoplasty liposuction.
  • Interventions of facial lifting  facial.
  • Treatments for hair loss that is demanded by both men and women, as more and more women suffer hair loss for different reasons

New technological advances in surgery and new knowledge for surgeons are gradually helping to improve these interventions. These procedures are becoming simpler and faster. Patients are only hospitalized for a few hours, and recoveries are more pleasant. Finding many benefits and services of cosmetic surgery.  

When we talk about this kind of surgeries, we may think of retouching for aesthetics, for beauty. But staying only with that idea is a big mistake. We must not forget that many of these interventions have a high psychological component. Helping each patient to improve his or her mood and physical state is a necessity. Each patient is a world, and surgeons work for them. Many of these emotionally charged surgeries can come as a result of, for example, mastectomies. Unfortunately, many women suffer breast removal because of breast cancer. And there is a need for a group of medical specialists who know how to best reconstruct that loss.


Breast reconstruction can be done effectively, leaving a natural result.

It is important to know what kind of center to choose, to be informed and documented, to be very clear about the procedures of the clinic and the work of the surgeons. One of the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Barcelona is the Wellness Kliniek. The Belgian company, which is the largest center in Europe, has specialized national and international specialists. The clinic has been working for 25 years on improving procedures and seeking the best results for each case. This is the basis for finding the best surgeons. Not only for cosmetic surgery, but for any intervention. Health always comes before everything else, and you must train and find perfect professionals.

As we have said before, these surgeries treat different parts of the body. Next, we will see which are the four most demanded surgeries

Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most demanded services by women. As we already know, this intervention is not only for aesthetic pleasure, it is also very important to reinforce self-esteem. The breast is a great symbol for women, and can cause lack of confidence if the size or the constitution of its shape is not to their liking.


Different measures to increase the breast.

This small surgery has different types of implants, shapes and sizes. The perfect selection of materials will always depend on the patient and the surgeon. Always looking for excellence and the best method for each case.


Breast lift

Breast lift is very common after the breasts lose their shape due to childbirth, weight loss or aging of the body itself. Depending on the individual woman, this lift can also be performed in combination with breast implants. With the aim of giving volume and fixing the breasts in the best way. Depending on the degree of sagging of the breast, interventions can be made with small elevations or more complete elevations.


Breast lift provides volume and support

Surgeons will always indicate what is optimal for each case, for the body shape and what is best for health;

Breast reduction

This intervention is tailored to the needs of each individual. We know that aesthetic surgeries are not only performed for beauty, also for emotional and even physical need. Excessive breast weight has a negative influence on women’s physical health. It can cause back or neck pain, or difficulty exercising or even sleeping. The best solution is breast reduction, to correct these physical problems that may appear in the future. Maintaining and caring for the quality of life.

Differentiating the interventions among women we find, for example, that young girls with excessively large breasts at an early age, liposculpture effectively reduces the size. Slowing down the growth of the breast, and if it is done in time, a more complex operation can be avoided in the future.


Excessive breast reduction is essential to avoid future physical problems.

For lady reduction, the breast size is reduced by removing skin and breast size. Leaving a circular scar in the area of the areola and a horizontal scar in the breast fold. These scars disappear over the months. Surgeons also have different surgical techniques, which will be fully explained before the intervention..

Men also suffer from breast enlargement, and for them there is gynecomastia. The excessive development of the male mammary glands is a problem that affects 40-60% of men, and usually arises in adolescence. After puberty this breast enlargement may disappear, but in many cases it does not. The best solution is a small intervention, using liposuction techniques in the affected area.

Nipple corrections andareolas.

Both women and men can suffer from imperfections in the nipples and areolas; inverted, deformed, excessively large, protruding or sunken nipples. These small corrections are quick, and usually originate congenitally. Also these small malformations can occur during birth, and at puberty they come to light;

These interventions are performed under local anesthesia, the same day you can return home, and continue your daily life as normal after 24 or 48 hours.


The correction of areolas improves the small deformities that the breasts may suffer.

These four most requested surgeries are increasingly being performed in a simpler and less invasive way. They are quick surgeries, they take no more than 3 hours to perform, most patients are discharged the same day, and recovery is very brief. In addition, although the interventions are quick, the clinics must always do a thorough follow-up of the results. Controlling the recovery perfectly for months. This is the way to achieve security in the benefits and services of cosmetic surgery.

Address: Carrer de Marconi, 72, Rubí, Barcelona

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