More and more celebrities are encouraged to launch their own lines of makeup or cosmetics. Sometimes, they do it in collaboration with brands. This is the case of Claudia Schiffer with ArtDeco or Victoria Beckham with Estée Lauder. However, the number of models, actresses or singers that become entrepreneurs and launch their own firms is increasing.

The immersion of these in the world of beauty is enormous. For them, it is an instrument of work; they have the experience of long hours of makeup sessions. In addition, the requirement to be always perfect make them become experts in the beauty world.

That wisdom, together with the new concept of influencer on their followers, make them the perfect claim for cosmetics and makeup products. Victoria Beckham’s basic products? The makeup that Claudia Schiffer would use? Eco-friendly products recommended by Jessica Alba? The perfect skin and Miranda Kerr? We want them all!

In Horse, we have selected some of the most interesting lines along with the latest releases:

Claudia Schiffer for ArtDeco

A good example of the brands-celebrities alliance is Claudia Schiffer‘s collection for ArtDeco, exclusively sold in Douglas. In a limited edition; it has a lot of products to get a complete makeup. Blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliner, makeup foundation cream, illuminators, concealers, nail polishes …

The style of the whole line matches with the model, timeless and with a perfect and voluminous skin, with touches of lighting and contour to create that flattering and natural image that characterizes it. As for the color, it opts for pink tones.


Palette of blue shadows from the Claudia Schiffer collection for ArtDeco, very trendy.

The collection, which was put on sale last September 5th, shows what she has learned after the three decades between stylists and makeup artists.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

The one from Barbados has jumped into the world of beauty during this year in what has been a success of global dimensions. She has not make it alone, but with Kendo, a subsidiary of the LVMH group, to which brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty or Kat Von D Cosmetics belong.

The star products of Fenty Beauty are the illuminators and the foundation cream

She had previously collaborated with Mac Cosmetics and now begins her solo career with her own line and with Sephora as exclusive point of sale. Her products are as special as her; of the 91 that were launched at first, only 1 was a lipstick. The central axis is in the skin, that’s why the Pro Filt’r Matte Longwear Foundation has 40 shades that allows to find the one that best suits each consumer. And do not forget the illuminator, both in powder and stick, which has already become the star of Fenty Beauty.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Juice Beauty

Over the years, the actress has become a guru of healthy living. She started sharing tips and habits on her website, Goop, but the empire has been growing and what began as simple “tricks for a radiant skin” has become a whole line of products; from serums, foundations, powders, pencils and lip balms to eyeliners, mascaras, blush or brush kit.

Gwyneth Paltrow has her own line of natural cosmetic: Juice Beauty.

All Juice Beauty products are green and free of toxic substances and animal cruelty. The latest launch of the firm consists of three essential products for a natural look: a concealer to perfect the skin allowing it to breathe, a first illuminator of “good face” effect and a mascara to intensify the look.

Victoria Beckham for Estée Lauder

After the success of the capsule collection that Estée Lauder launched together with the designer last fall-winter, they have decided to launch a second edition for this 2017 season. If you couldn’t get any product, be calm, because they are back. Now they have new additions that adapt the line to new trends. Illuminators, gloss, mascara and new shades of lipsticks, shadows and pencils that join the products already established as basic by Victoria.

Victoria Beckham repeats collection for Estée Lauder.

“With this makeup collection, I want women to feel happy with themselves, beautiful and safe. Inspired by my favorite cities, this collection shows my personal vision of beauty.”- Victoria Beckham

Jessica Alba: Honest Beauty

For years, the actress, very committed to the environmental cause, has her own company of natural products called Honest Company. Among her offer, she includes items of the most varied directed to take care of the whole family. From diapers, to cleaning products or vitamins. It was in 2015 when she introduced the line of makeup and facial care of which she is image.

Jessica Alba is the image of her brand Honest Beauty

Miranda Kerr: Kora Organics

Similarly, Miranda Kerr has a small line of skin care and facial masks that bet on natural. Now, the model has joined Sephora to launch the Noni Glow Collection, which includes a facial oil, a body oil, a nutritional supplement to take care of the skin and an aromatherapy oil.

Kora Organics is the line of cosmetics and natural face masks by Miranda Kerr

Fame as a way to attract may make more than one question the quality of these products. However, time is showing the opposite. Some of the most renowned brands rely on celebrities to launch capsule collections. The list is long. Their firms are positioned among the   most sold or are object of international awardsThis is the case of the body oil of the new Kora Organics line, which has just received the Allure 2017 beauty award.

In the form of collaboration or entering the business world. The fact is that celebrities act as influencers and put their knowledge, experience and image to cosmetics and makeup products that are proving successful.