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Mixing moisturiser and oil at the end of your face care routine is the new trend to nourish and hydrate your skin to the max.

The moisturiser is an essential step in the skin care habit to provide long-term nourishment and to help balance the complexion’s components. Now, the new trend is to mix the cream with an oil. Such products are essential to keep the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier balanced, according to several experts.

Although the moisturising cream and oils are normally used on skin that tends to be drier, they are two important steps in any skincare routine to get the most out of our skin. What is proposed is to make an emulsion with the cream and oils, as the latter enhances the positive effects of the cream, sealing the skin and guaranteeing its hydration and moisture levels for longer, as Raquel González, cosmetologist and head of training at Perricone MD, tells Perricone MD. But which oils are the best to use? Here are three perfect and effective options for all skin types.

Bakuchiol Peptides oil: the dream blend to soothe and maintain the skin’s nutrients.

Medik8 offers Bakuchiol Peptides, a lilac-coloured oil capable of improving the sealing capacity of moisturising cream. As the name suggests, the main ingredient is Bakuchiol, the natural alternative to retinol. This component is non-irritating, does not require an adaptation period and can be used in the day and night routine. It contains omegas that reinforce the dermal barrier function, as well as brightening peptides and centella asiatica that helps soothe the skin.


Medik8 oil helps to strengthen the skin barrier without irritating the skin.

Miracle Facial Oil, the miracle-working oil

As the name suggests, the Miracle Facial Oil works miracles on your face. From the Omorovicza brand, this oil also contains Bakuchiol. However, its many other ingredients, such as sea buckthorn, rosa mosqueta and sweet almond oil, help nourish the complexion and provide antioxidants to the face. It also includes the Healing Concentrate patented Healing Concentrate, made from minerals from the thermal waters of Budapest.


The Miracle Facial Oil contains a unique concentrate specially created by Omorovicza.

Mattifying Face Oil, the ideal oil for nourishment and shine prevention

The Mattifying Face Oil Aromatherapy Associates is defined as a balancing and refining oil. It contains rose oil to help regenerate the skin, lavender oil to soothe the face and Ylang Ylang oil to energise and regulate oil production. This oil is perfect for skin with sebum problems, as it helps to balance the overproduction of oil while still nourishing and sealing in moisture at the same time.


Mattifying Face Oil is your best ally if you want to take care of your skin and at the same time reduce the overproduction of oil.

Getting skin care is easy if you start with a routine that suits the needs of your face. Moisturiser and oil are two basic steps no matter what skin type you have, and when mixed together, they have a powerful and beneficial effect on your complexion.