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In fashion as in art, everything that has made a mark in history returns or prevails. Fred Perry is one of them, his white polo shirts were a milestone in the 50s, and today remains a benchmark firm. For the new season they make us dive back into the soul of Fred with classic but renewed designs. Also, the wide collection of leather shoes, comfortable, casual and minimalist will not leave us indifferent.

After more than 60 years, the laurel wreath continues to lift the essence of Fred Perry, iconic English fashion brand within the history of sport and music. For this new winter season, the house has launched looks of classic pieces, but with a modern interpretation. The emblematic polo shirt, the rhombus print or the parka jacket are timeless trends, which do not lose their symbolism, and Fred Perry plays with them. Other pieces that we can find are cardigans, scarves or V-neck sweaters. Knitted garments that have origin and make reference to Fred’s own figure. With a perfectly sophisticated finish and with a channel knit, giving it some elasticity.


From left to right: Plaid cardigan, Plaid paneled sweatshirt, Plaid shirt

Of course, the footwear is not left behind, an essential complement to complete the style. Representing the brand, the sneakers are referential, many inspired by those used by Fred Perry when he was a player. With them we find a shoe made of leather, high quality fabric, elegance and coated in a sporty and casual way. They offer a wide variety of colors and designs; the classic white, the double lines of colors or black. All of them with the laurel logo embroidered on the side.


From left to right: Model Spencer Leather brown with contrasting sole, Model B721 Leather white with contrasting stripe

Taking the shape of the classic tennis shoes, the result is a clean and comfortable finish, perfect for everyday wear. In addition to tennis shoes, there are also boots such as the Hawley Suede, elegant and with a modern touch. Or the Norwegian lace-up shoes, launched together with George Cox, a shoe that combines details of the Monkey leather boot and Derby moccasins.


From left to right: Model B400 Leather black, Model B722 Leather with navy heel


The English tennis player Fred Perry wanted to leave his own essence in everything he touched. Despite being criticized by the elite for his humble origins, at a very young age he catapulted Great Britain by helping it win the Davis Cup after 21 years. Taking with him three Wimbledon in a row or making history by being the only Briton to have won all four Grand Slams;



Fred Perry during his tennis matches, classically dressed in the era.


A before and after in the history of British tennis in the 1930s, and which continued, together with ex-footballer Tibby Wegner, with the creation of his own sportswear brand in 1952. From the small wristbands to the emblematic white polo shirt, which was used in tennis; and from there the garment took to the streets, conquering subcultures such as the rude boys, northern soul or punks. All of them, dressed with the laurel wreath over their heart, a logo inspired by Wimbledon, and by those victors who received it in ancient Greece..

The importance of social movements and music in Fred Perry fashion

Throughout the years, the English brand has never lost its essence; its casual touch together with elegance and style. It has been continuously renewing and connecting with the trends of each era, and in this way, it is never left behind. Many are the collaborations with which the British brand has: George Cox or A Bathing Ape.

Eleven years of partnership with Amy Whinehouse Foundation

Music is also represented with Perry, and names like Nicholas Daley, with whom they pay homage to the music of the late 1970s, Gorillaz or Amy Whinehouse have their own capsule collections.


From left to right: Harrington jacket with gingham yoke and faux fur bomber jacket.

In 2010 Amy and Fred Perry connected to launch a collection together for the first time. Ten years later, celebrating and paying tribute, they decided to draw inspiration from the artist’s original designs and reissue her styles. All the garments launched accompany the laurel with two embroidered red hearts, and remind us of the legacy and essence of Winehouse herself. Pique polo shirts, T-shirts with high neck or the tube skirt and vichy plaid shirt, very characteristic of the artist.  Fred Perry contributes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation with each collection, supporting the work they do helping young people who want to rehabilitate themselves from addiction problems..


From left to right: T-shirt with high collar and embroidery, Tube skirt with houndstooth design, T-shirt with embroidery, T-shirt with embroidery, 

The virtual collection of Gorillaz

The British virtual band of art pop, electronic, hip hop and alternative rock style, composed of four fictitious characters, has launched its first collection with Fred Perry. The group has given a completely different touch to the designs, with bright colors in each garment, gorilla palm prints or the figure of the crane.


From left to right: Noodle in Crane print pleated tennis dress, 2D in Aquamarine print polo shirt, Murdoc Niccals in Bomber jacket with patch detail, Russel Hobbs in Tracksuit jacket with striped ribbed detail.

In this collection, each of theband members wears a different piece of the British brand. The vocalist, 2D, wears the white M3 polo shirt, the bassist, Murdoc Niccals, the M12 polo shirt in tartan green, Noodle, the guitarist, the M12 in light blue, and the drummer, Russel Hobbs, the M12 in red. In addition to representing the brand wearing the most iconic pieces, each character has its own story, connected to tennis, something very new and groundbreaking.

Images courtesy of Fred Perry

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