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Accor Hotels has created ALL _Accor Live Limitless_, a loyalty programme, now at the Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade, with experiences for unforgettable moments.

Located on Avenida Liberdade, in the heart of Lisbon, Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade reopens after the pandemic with a renewed atmosphere and a new restaurant: Matiz. In addition, the hotel offers a loyalty programme with multiple activities to enjoy the gastronomy and the city.

A hotel inspired by French ‘Art de Vivre’ brought together by a cast of contemporary Portuguese artists

The first impression when you enter a hotel counts for a lot, and for more than two years, the Accor group has been working on eliminating the traditional reception bar so that guests are received in a friendly manner where check-in takes place at individual counters distributed throughout the lobby.


Entrance of Hotel Sofitel Liberdade Lisboa

While the receptionist completes your check-in details you can have a drink at the elegant bar in the Art Nouveau-inspired lobby or relax on the sofas. The aim is to have the feel at home with all the comforts and services of a hotel.


Lobby bar

Spacious and open spaces dressed with the contemporary works of local Lisbon artists are part of the hotel’s heritage and are the setting for the latest trends in decoration.


Atelier Contencioso’, a joint work by the four artists Ana Velez, Joana Gomes, Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa.

Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade has renewed its image towards a more cultural and modern concept and has incorporated works of art by different artists in its facilities. Some of them are João Bruno Videira, Catarina NunesAna Velez, Joana Gomez, Maria Sassettiand Xana Sousa.


The work Gotas, by Catarina Nunes in the living room with a vertical garden in the background.

An exhibition that takes customers to discover works of art by great contemporary Portuguese talents.


On the left, Veins by João Bruno Videira and on the right, Caruma Yellow by Eneilda Lombe Tavares.

The new Matiz restaurant: Portuguese cuisine at street level

Chef Daniel Schlaipfer gives his own touch to all his signature dishes at the new Matiz, a concept inspired by Portuguese cuisine with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. As Mayka Rodríguez, general manager, points out:

At MATIZ we bring history to the present through the innovation of much-loved Portuguese dishes, while maintaining their authentic soul.


Interior of the Matiz restaurant

The hotel combines innovation and modernity with the culture and tradition of Lisbon, a city that mixes colour, trend and light. In addition, the hotel joins the Planet 21 – Acting Here initiative of the Accor Group to maintain a commitment to social and corporate responsibility, as well as to the environment.

Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade All Accor loyalty programme creates lifestyle experiences to seduce guests

The Accord Group and Sofitel are clear that customer loyalty goes far beyond accumulating points or offers, but rather they are looking for fun experiences. The loyalty programme of the Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade allows them to carry out unique activities. Here are some of the activities offered a few days ago to Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade customers:

Sofitel Chefs Masterclass: Tuna Tartar with Chilli, Avocado, Chives and Shallots

Anaïs Foray Executive Chef of the Blossom restaurant at Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg and Daniel Schlaipfer Chef of the Matiz restaurant at Sofitel Lisboa Liberdade revealed how to cut the tuna for the tartar, what season of the year you can catch the native tuna in the waters of Lisbon, the right order to mix the ingredients


Chef Anaïs Foray and Chef Daniel Schlaipher teaching the Masterclass

The resulting tartar was a superb blend of fresh, herbaceous and spicy flavours that elevated the raw tuna.


Chef Daniel Schlaipfer shows us tuna tartare at the end of the Masterclass

City Tour of Lisbon by tuktuk and picnic

Another activity in the programme was a tuk-tuk-tuk tour of the Portuguese capital. Lisbon, the city of seven hills, offers a perfect route for lovers of beauty, tradition and culture.


Photos of the tuktuk ride and picnic afterwards in Jardim do Torel

After the fantastic ride, guests enjoyed a luxurious picnic in the Torell park overlooking the city where they could appreciate nature and the cosmopolitan and multicultural life of Lisbon.

Les Dîners Sofitel’ at the Matiz restaurant

Les Dîners Sofitel, a dinner proposal with a menu that fuses the best of Portuguese and French gastronomic culture. The event was hosted by Daniel Schlaipfer, executive chef at Matiz, and Anaïs Foray, executive chef at Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg.


Menu Dinners

Some of the dishes to highlight are: Aubergine Tartare and 4 Spice Sauce; Grilled Octopus with Steamed Oyster and Sweet Potato Puree; Black Lobster Ravioli, Seafood Bisque, Mussels and Cockle; Butternut Squash in Papillotte, with Quinoa, Cranberries and Turmeric; Sea Bass with Thyme, Chervil, Watercress, Pink Garlic Yoghurt and Meat Sauce; Fillet of Mirandesa with Roasted Black Parsley Root and Port Wine Sauce. To add a sweet touch to the menu, mandarin sorbet or Algarve citrus fruit textures, among others, were offered.

On this special night, traditional Portuguese music could not be missing, Fado songs with the voice of Silvia Peres accompanied by the guitar of Edu Miranda and the accordion of Carlos Lopes enlivened the evening.

Travelling is synonymous with happiness, you acquire new experiences and for the most curious people, it attracts them to do different things and live them in ‘petit comite’. Thanks to the Hotel Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade loyalty programme, this small luxury is much easier to live.

Avenida Da Liberdade, 127 Lisboa