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The city of Barcelona welcomes new openings of trendy restaurants with  stimulating flavors and a very defined identity according to the concept of the premises, with an extraordinary atmosphere to enjoy the dining experience.

These are our recommendations of restaurants that are fashionable in Barcelona, the latest in restaurants in the city where you can choose between Mediterranean food, discover Japanese flavors, opt for dishes off the menu, enjoy between embers or remember traditional dishes linked to our products.

Saona: The Balearic Islands as a gastronomic inspiration

Mediterranean gastronomy makes Barcelona fall in love and there are many restaurants inspired by the coasts. Barcelona’s Eixample welcomes restaurant Saona, a place full of Mediterranean flavors, which has been eagerly awaited in recent months. This recent opening is the second in Barcelona, as a few months ago the brand landed in the La Maquinista shopping center.

After the good start of the restaurant in Valencia, its passage through Madrid and the good reception in Barcelona, the Saona Group is convinced that the new openings will not leave anyone indifferent. They currently have 28 restaurants in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, and in recent months, to win the hearts of the people of Barcelona was their goal.


Elegant decoration envelops the diners, ceramic plates and vases, natural wood decorations and plants.

“For us, Barcelona has always been a special challenge. We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring something different to one of the nerve centers of Catalan gastronomy. We hope to be well received by the locals and to please them as much as we do in Valencia or Madrid,” says Gonzalo Calvo, president of the group, founded in 2013.

The restaurant, with a surface area of more than 450 m2, is located two blocks from Diagonal Avenue, on Aribau street, and has a capacity for 150 diners. Visitors can enjoy lunch from 1 p.m. onwards, and have exquisite dinners from 8 p.m. onwards.


Saona’s interior features meticulous details, soft colors, woods and ceramics surrounding the diners, giving a cozy atmosphere.

Healthy living through cooking is an essential element in our day to day life, that’s why Saona was born with the mission to promote homemade dishes, with high-end ingredients. Spain is fortunate to have a Mediterranean diet rich in nutrients, and that is a very desirable point for visitors.

So much is the commitment to the Mediterranean, that they have it present in their day to day with the project MediterraneanBonito. They collaborate with the Fundación CRAM and the Asociación Xaloc, putting effort and working together for the protection and care of the sea. In addition, they strive to maintain the conservation of sea turtles, which is one of the thousands of species that suffer from pollution and bad habits of humans.


Gonzalo Calvo, owner of Saona. The group is committed to environmental conservation. Thus, with the Mediterráneo Bonito project, they work on beach cleanups and marine animal conservation.

The ambience and decoration is composed to detail, transmitting the Mediterranean lifestyle, especially the essence of Saona, the cove of Formentera that gives its name to the brand. Other main pillars of the restaurant are the wide range of products they use to offer healthy quality dishes, in addition to offering an impeccable and close service.


From left to right: Banoffee tart, Oxtail cannelloni


From left to right. Tuna tataki, Crispy shrimp with kimchi, garlic and ham, Mellow rice with duck and artichokes.

The Saona Group has three more restaurants, with different touches but with the same essence and inspired by the islands; Turqueta, inspired by the Menorcan cove. The restaurant is designed to take diners back to those memories of crystal clear waters and white sand. TagoMago, more sophisticated and urban but with the same essence of the sea in its dishes. Quick Saona, more informal and fast restaurant, with perfect interior design always offering the best dishes.

Address: Carrer d’Aribau, 131, 08036 Barcelona

Orning hours: 13h – 17h / 20h – 24h

Extremely Wild

Japanese gastronomy is becoming more and more part of our outings to restaurants. Now that it is booming, many chefs know how to capture these Japanese delicacies and transfer them in an innovative way to our kitchens. Thus, Barcelona has been fortunate to host Salvaje, luxury restaurant that makes diners enjoy around the world.


Salvaje Interior. Whites and woods are essential elements in the decoration.

The restaurant has chef Fermín Azkue, who has created his own universe with his dishes, and has become an international attraction for the most exclusive visitors. In fact, such well-known faces as Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson or Sting have enjoyed Salvaje.


Salvaje offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes, as well as Mediterranean recipes.

The restaurant is as detailed as possible in its dishes with ingredients carefully selected by the chef himself, and with certificates identifying their origin. King crab, A5 quality Japanese wagyu, kimchi or umeboshi are some of the many perfectly chosen products;

“At Salvaje we put the quality of our food and the unique experience our customers enjoy. Since we opened our doors in Spain, Salvaje has become a must-visit restaurant for tourists and locals alike. Its success is a true testament to the work of our teams and the ability to create an atmosphere that people crave.”

Apart from the wild gastronomy, we can enjoy a unique design and ambiance, all areas are connected and inspired by the jungle. Visitors enter a world full of vegetation and fantasy, with sophisticated decorative elements and black and white sculptures that highlight the environment. An exciting and fun atmosphere that features live music and performances. The performances are in charge of the company La Troop, and propose a musical proposal ranging from Africa to Asia, through Brazil.


Cocktail area. The place is elegantly designed, using wood and stones to represent the wild life of the restaurant.

These animated performances can be accompanied, not only with the dishes, but also with the cocktails that we find proposed by Borja Goikoetxea. The bartender has created a cocktail menu perfect for pairing with the chef’s proposals or take them alone. With them we find a luxury combination of Asian and Latin flavors, unique drinks from Salvaje.

Address: Carrer Enric Granados 86, 08008, Barcelona.

Orning hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 13h-1h . From Thursday to Saturday: 13h-3h.

Madelucat: Success with off-menu dishes

The chef Victor Ródenas and the brothers Ignasi and Marc García leave aside the routine menus to put the finishing touch on the changing dishes that make diners enjoy every day. The restaurant Maleducat is committed to a “Catalan-French” market cuisine with seasonal products.


Exterior of the Maleducat restaurant

The chef Ródenas has been in charge of creating a menu menu perfOutside the Maleducat restaurantctos to share with good energy among friends and family. This menu is accompanied by 6-8 dishes with ingredients that vary according to the time of year.


From left to right: Victor Ródenas, chef, Ignasi García and Marc García.

One of the strongest points of the cuisine are the rice dishes, all unique and varying products; shrimp, octopus, duck breast or Iberian feather. From the house they believe that the croquettes of ham and the cannelloni of rostit are two star dishes well known and desired by diners, apart from the paellas and dishes off the menu.

“Our intention is to provide and offer the public the ideal of food that we like: to share different dishes and flavors with friends in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, enjoying from the appetizer to the after-dinner with a sweet or digestive wine”.


From left to right: Creamy potato salad with tuna cubes, Pigeon with cherries

As for the wine offer, it also changes from time to time and has 45 references. Wine lovers will be able to enjoy and be surprised with different wines, as they change every week.

Address: Carrer de Manso, 54, 08015 Barcelona

Hours: Monday to Saturday. 13.15h – 17h. / 20.15h-24h.

Basement Parking: The entrecotte as the only protagonist.

After the great success of the Parking Pizza restaurants in Calle Londres and Passeig de Sant Joan, Barcelona, the founders have decided to bet on Parking Sótano. A new place inspired by the embers, a must-taste for meat lovers, and with a very original and creative atmosphere.


Entrecotte of 500 grams. Main course of Parking Sótano

“We like single-concept businesses, in this case focused on eating good meat at a very competitive price-quality ratio,” confirms Marcos Armenteras.

The representative piece on the menu is the entrecotteof 500 grams, designed to share between two people, along with a selection of sides such as patatoes au gratin, leek and gruyère, creamed spinach, potato and truffle parmentier or grilled carrots. All this can be combined with Béarnaise, café de Paris, blue cheese and onion and chimichurri sauces. And to finish the delicious meal, sticky toffee, chocolate truffles with cardamom or delicious ice creams await at dessert.


Parking Sótano has an open and perfectly decorated space and the fire is the main point of the place.

With a totally casual and dynamic style, the restaurant has a shared entrance with Parking Pizza, on Passatge Marimon. As soon as we cross the threshold, if what we want is entrecotte, some stairs will guide us to a clandestine basement. A space of industrial air and London style in which the embers are protagonists. It is designed in a very new and different way, with an atmosphere of speakeasy and dim lighting that contributes to diners to live a more intense experience.


Parking Sótano work team, led by Gloria Márquez, head chef.

The kitchen is fully visible, so visitors can see how their delicious products are cooked. The room is distributed in three large tables, accompanied by stools where visitors can leave their belongings: bags and jackets.

Address: Passatge de Marimon, 5, 08021 Barcelona

Schedule: Lunch: 13h-16h. Dinners: 20h-23h

Tavern Northwest: Connection between North and West.

Javier San Vicente Carro and David López Sánchez, two young chefs who found the magic of cooking together at Tapas 24. This work side by side, under the orders of executive chef Carles Abellán, made them take on a new project together: the Taberna Noroeste restaurant.


David López and Javier San Vicente deftly preparing the dishes

After several years working in the sector, the Coruña-born and Salamanca-born chefs have decided to embark on a new stage between the stoves. A restaurant of popular cuisine, closely linked to the products of the land and with its own identity. Diners can enjoy dishes inspired by the cooks’ roots. Galicia and Salamanca have their own memories within the walls of the restaurant, always wanting to offer seasonal products and classic recipes, in addition to providing the best cooking techniques;


Bomba de cocido gallego, one of the most desired dishes by diners.


Bonito in pickled sauce with organic leeks

Visitors will be able to taste dishes such as Galician stew pump, the sea and mountain of ray and ear, its own version of the cake of Santiago or mullet in caldeirada. Spoon cuisines, fresh and grilled products; a varied offer full of complements together with an offer of natural and organic wines from small, uncrowded wineries.

Address: Carrer de Radas, 67, 08004 Barcelona

Timetable: Monday, Thursday and Friday: 13.15h-15h / 15.15h-17h / 19.30h- 21.15h

Saturday and Sunday: 13.30h-15.30h / 19.30h-23.30h

Tuesday and Wednesday closed


The city of Barcelona, a must for locals and visitors, has the magnetism of culture, gastronomy and the sea, a connection that inspires to offer the best of the land.


Images provided by the restaurants Saona, Salvaje, Maleducat, Parking Sótano and Taberna Noroeste.


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