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Japan is a land of deep-rooted traditions, incredible culture and history, modern and prominent citiesbut there is room for wild and pure nature, not far from stunning Tokyo. Are you up for a trip for two? We’ll tell you all about it! .

There is a magnificent spot where tradition and modernity, wild nature and minimalism, comfort and unique spaces meet, yes, very close to Tokyo, in Japan, on the islands of Okinawa, Kyushu and Miyajima. And it is no coincidence that National Geographic has chosen one of these as one of the best places to travel in 2022, as well as Condé Nast Traveler magazine has awarded the Kyushu trainas the best in the world.

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Not only are these destinations recommended for exploring, seeing and seeing the world, but it is also a perfect place to travel as a couple. Adventure, romance, unforgettable places, culture and luxury come together to create a perfect combo to enjoy the amazing thing that is love;

Kyushu, Japan’s undiscovered island

Kyushu is located in the south and is Japan’s third largest island, and is considered the cradle of Japanese civilisation. This island, along with Okinawa, which will be discussed later, is full of natural wonders, volcanic calderas and iconic landscapes. However, an important fact, and one that is increasingly sought after by couples who want to travel consciously, is environmentally conscious tourism. Japan can claim to be committed to and practising sustainable tourism.

Route from Tokyo to Kyushu. This is one of the routes we recommend for travelling as a couple, and you’ll fall in love with it.

Route from Tokyo to Kyushu

  • We start the journey in Tokyo, to visit the modernity and tradition of Japan’s capital.

    • Next stop: head towards the island of Kyushu. This island is famous for its thousands of hiking trails.
    Senderismo Kyuzu-Miyazaki

    Miyazaki Natural Beauty Walk

    We can, for example, climb the mountain of Takachihonomine, a medium difficulty route that takes about 3 hours and make an easy bike ride for the less experienced to the Ryushun waterfalls. For the more professional, you can walk up Mount Aso; a hike to the active crater of the incredible volcano, and there is also a small museum next door, where you can learn about the history and features of the mountain.


    Excursion to the crater of Mount Aso


    Mount Aso Kyushu


In Kuyshu, bathing also takes place in the middle of the forest.

In the nature, forests and mountains of Kyushuthere is a practice that has become famous: Forest bathing: an excellent antidote to stress, and an activity that will provide us with well-being and happiness. This practice is about going for a walk, alone or accompanied by nature, and being aware of its existence, and your own. Give value to each tree, root, flower and respect the environment. We can stretch, sit and, in silence, absorb the atmosphere of the living beings around us..


Forest baths in Kyushu. Photo Shirota Yuri

  • Another of Kyushu’s highlights is the volcanic sand steam baths at Ibusuki on Kagoshima Beach, famous for its sand baths that can only be reached at low tide. The ritual is called suna-mushi and involves covering yourself in hot sand up to your neck to purify your blood, dressed only in a light cotton kimono.

Kagoshima Beach Steam Baths

  • In the city of Kagoshima itself, if you like botany, a visit to Sengan – a Japanese garden attached to a former residence of the Shimazu clan – is a must.

Segan-en Botanical Garden

We will visit Kumamoto Castle,  west of Kyushu Island, was created to make it impossible for ninjas to cross, a must-see visual and cultural experience.


Kumamoto Castle

The most important events of this construction are the Autumn Festival and the cherry blossoms around the castle. In the city centre of Kumamoto, you can either walk, take a tram or walk from the train station.

  • Other natural attractions include the Umino Nakamichi Park. A beautiful, flower-filled park that can be visited in 3 hours, a place to relax, enjoy nature and get to know the local flora.
  • On our way back, if we have days left to continue, we will visit the port city of Osaka to enjoy its street food, nightlife and modern architecture but also its history as the Osaka Castle of the 16th-century shogunate.
  • Osaka_umeda_sky_building_Japon-Magazinehorse

    Street food in Osaka

    It is surrounded by a moat and a park with plum, peach and cherry blossom trees.


    Osaka Castle

Oh, Okinawa, how wonderful

If Kyushu had amazed us, Okinawa, has a thousand treasures to discover, above all, the underwater riches. That is why it is one of the best diving destinations, also according to Condé Nast Traveler. Whether professional or not, everyone can enjoy its crystal-clear waters. Plus more than 200 species of coral, and amazing creatures, of course.


Okinawa is a perfect place to dive.

Okinawa is one of the regions in the world with the longest-living people, understandably so, with the scenery, the healthy and tasty food and the fresh sea air…

Alojamiento tradicional japonés

Traditional Japanese accommodation

However, Laura, from the Japan National Tourist Board, explains that one of the most incredible experiences is traditional accommodation, but with a touch of magic. Spending a couple or three nights in typical accommodation,” she said, “is a very different and original experience. The tatami flooring, sliding doors and wooden-supported windows, with the main attraction, the private hot spring baths..

Private thermal bath

And there is not only relaxation in the baths, we can also learn about Japanese culture with respect and admiration. We can attend a tea ceremony, a sushi workshop, a craft workshop, etc.

Laura, also reported that “Travel is increasingly inspired by social media photos. In 2019, social media was the second most popular travel inspiration and reason for honeymoons, with 40% deciding on a destination based on whether it is photogenic or not.”.

Miyajima, a dream with a name

Lastly we will talk about this beautiful island, which has everything, but most of all, natural beauty and gastronomic pleasure. And with alegend as exoticas, who knows, true: it is said that a long time ago, the gods and goddesses descended to Earth from Mount Misen, at one end of the island.

This island became one of the most sacred, if not the most sacred place in Japan. No one could die, hence there is no cemetery, nor could anyone be born in this pure and sacred place, so until very recently, anyone who needed to go to the hospital had to leave the island.

Mount Misen, Miyajima

But gods or not, Miyajima hosts the Oyster Festival, so you can imagine the important role of gastronomy, as the island’s most famous dish is grilled oysters, and… cheese with extra mayonnaise!

When we talk about Japan we often think of unstoppable Tokyo, morning, noon and night, lights, cars, buildings, technology and a frenetic pace. But Japan is also the iconic landscapes and natural wonders of Kyushu, the underwater worlds of Okinawa or the gastronomy and legends of Miyajima. There is peace, the rhythm of the seasons and time, wild and pure nature and mysteries everywhere.  That’s why, before we talk about a place we have to know it, because we never know it well enough, they say, until we have seen the nature of the place in its pure wildness.