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Luxury brands unveil the shoe trends for this autumn 2022 season

The next season is full of new products shoes included. The big brands have already launched their collections with all kinds of footwear. Especially, the brands have opted for heels and stilettos, although boots and ankle boots have also had their protagonism.

What is clear from the fashion shows is that it is the small details that make the difference. The shoes, manufactured with great care, are not adapted to a single prototype of woman, but vary in shapes and colours to accommodate all possible customers. We present you the  footwear trends that will mark the new season.

1. Christian Dior brings together craftsmanship and modernity in his new Dior 62-22 model.

Luxury brand Christian Dior has reinvented the iconic lounge shoe in its new collection. A mix of originality and luxury made in artisanal fashion in the brand’s workshops. Maria Grazia Chiuri has been in charge of this launch. Inspired by the salon shoes created by Roger Vivien and Christian Dior in 1962, the new Dior 62-22 model represents the union between the past and the future of the brand.


Dior launches its new handcrafted Dior 62-22 shoes. Credits: Christian Dior

The timeless silhouette of the shoes features details such as elaborate embroidery, mimosa flowers, pearls, coral and fine turquoise stones, all individually hand-embroidered on each model in the Dior ateliers.
These embellishments are complemented by an ankle strap made of ultra-lightweight neoprene with yellow stitching. The material comes from the world of motorcycling, bringing together tradition and modernity in a single shoe.


Images from the autumn 2022 fashion show where we see the combinations that Maria Grazia Chiuri has reinvented the iconic pumps christened Dior 62-22 in reference to the year of their creation in 1962. A dialogue between the history of Dior and the contemporary world.

2. Dolce & Gabbana launches a collection of shoes that follow the latest fashion trends.

Dolce & Gabbana has presented its autumn-winter 2022-2023 collection of shoes and bags, demonstrating the strength and power of the brand. In particular, we highlight the footwear: geometric shoes with mesh in futuristic shapes or eco-friendly fur for the modern woman who doesn’t pigeonhole herself into a single stereotype.


Dolce & Gabbana bring out a new collection of shoes based on the big trends of the moment, such as fur and mesh. Credits: Dolce & Gabbana

The creations follow the trends and aesthetics that we have seen on the catwalks of the fashion weeks, such as thin, plush, long heels in bright colours that go with a maxi coat, a handbag and ear muffs. We also get a glimpse of what could be the future of the footwear world: socks and socks attached to open-toed stiletto sandals. These come in a variety of forms: with two simple straps, with a lace-up over the toes and even with teddy.


At its autumn-winter 2022-2023 fashion show, Dolce & Gabbana has presented its new footwear for this coming season. Credits: Dolce & Gabbana

3. Louis Vuitton takes inspiration from its iconic Archlight Slingback trainers to create its lounge shoes.

Louis Vuitton  introduced in 2018 the Archlight trainers, which with their contemporary design and oversize sole quickly became a must-have of the season and a signature classic. This time, the brand launches the LV Archlight, a reinterpretation of the iconic trainers in a comfortable and versatile lounge shoe. Finished with a pointed toe and exposed heel, they are made from technical satin, mesh and leather and feature a comfortable rubber sole.

louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s new kitten heel models for this autumn. Credits: Louis Vuitton

The heel is 5.5cm high, although they have launched the LV Archlight slingback model, with a kitten heel. Louis Vuitton has launched six variants of the shoe in different shades: white, pink, green, blue, beige and a combination of black and monogram fabric.

louis vuitton

Model Chiara Ferragni presenting the exclusive LV Archlight slingback campaign in Milan. Photo credits: Oliver Hanlee Pearch

4. Chanel’s iconic slingback is reissued in kitten heel format.

Chanel presented at the Grand Palais Éphémère its new autumn-winter 2022/23 collection inspired by 1960s England and tweed. For footwear, Chanel is launching its iconic slingbacks, shoes with exposed heels and pointed toes, but now reissued as kitten heels. This type of heel, which usually measures between 3.5cm and 4.75cm, is comfortable and stylish, as well as versatile and easy to combine with other garments. On this occasion, we find them in black patent leather and two-tone fabric in beige and black. The brand has also opted for some high heels made in a variety of fabrics and in black or white.

Chanel reissues its classic slingback shoe in a kitten heel. The new collection also includes pumps and high boots. Credits: Chanel

Finally, Chanel joins the high boots trend with models that reach below the knee or up to the thigh. They are made of brown, black and beige rubber.


Chanel takes inspiration from a bygone era to create and reissue the brand’s most classic pieces. Credits: Chanel

Virginie Viard and her team have been inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s life in Scotland to create a line of clothing, shoes and accessories that reinterprets the Maison’s classics and adapts them to current times and trends.

5. Luxury and comfort come together in Jimmy Choo shoes.

Jimmy Choo has launched its new collection of shoes and bags in a campaign alongside model Kendall Jenner. The footwear is defined by its versatility, ranging from vertiginous stilettos to rocker style ankle boots. However, all the shoes are united by a single factor: modernity. The desire to innovate and launch surprising creations is reflected in this new collection.

kendall jenner jimmy choo

Model Kendall Jenner wears Blake boots (left) and Dreece boots (right) Credits: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo follows this autumn’s trends with high boots above the knee and ankle-strap heels. The glitter takes centre stage, whether in more formal shoes or more relaxed looks. The Cosmos F, a pair of sports shoes made of neoprene and leather, is a dynamic collection, with different types of footwear that adapt perfectly to current trends. Shoes for every occasion, with different textures, intricate details and for every occasion.


From left to right and from top to bottom: model Bing 100 – model Heloise 120 – model Cierra Pump 100 – model Cosmos F – model Blake KB 110. Credits: Jimmy Choo

6. Salvatore Ferragamo launches collection inspired by informality

You can never go wrong when choosing timeless garments, which is why Salvatore Ferragamo has chosen to reinterpret the classic models this autumn. In recent years, society has opted for a more casual style, seeking comfort and simplicity. The brand is embracing this trend to show that garments can be versatile and casual and still be carefully tailored and designed.


Salvatore Ferragamo has already launched the campaign for its new shoe collection in which comfort and simplicity predominate. Credits: Salvatore Ferragamo

The rise of the bailarinas is undeniable, and now the brand has launched them in autumnal tones and lined with sheepskin. The snow boots, moccasins and mountain shoes have ultra-lightweight lug soles and voluminous proportions in calf leather. They also feature classic Gancini hardware.



Models from Salvatore Ferragamo’s new women’s autumn-winter 2022 collection. Credits: Salvatore Ferragamo

Last but not least, the collection also includes shoes in bright colours such as yellow and green. These are the new retro-unisex running styles, which are presented with a rainbow-shaped sole in reference to Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic Rainbow shoe from 1938. We also see salon shoes with a low heel and a grey wave print, finished with a pointed toe and a bow.


Salvatore Ferragamo 2022 campaign – Salvatore Ferragamo autumn-winter 2022 collection show. Credits: Salvatore Ferragamo

7. Manolo Blahnik takes inspiration from different moments in history to create his new collection.

The Manolo Blahnik launches its autumn-winter 2022 collection inspired by different areas of the creative spectrum. After a career spanning more than 50 years, the brand continues to surprise us with innovative creations. We can see shoes of different shapes, flat or with heels, which provide functionality and versatility.

From top to bottom: Bayhi model – Rocisan model – Hangisi model – BB model – Abu model. Credits: Manolo Blahnik

When designing the shoes, Manolo Blahnik looked at the architecture, artistic movements and trends of his formative years, which he translated into his own silhouettes. The Bayhi model, for example, is based on Scottish tradition through its tartan fabric. The Sinbelmu, a flat shoe inspired by Richard Hamilton, pioneer of British pop art. The brand is also launching its classic Hangisi, the well-known lounge shoe that was once made fashionable by Sarah Jessica Parker. On the other hand, the art and photography of Cecil Beaton were the starting point for models such as the BB. Finally, the Abu, created from the literary descriptions by the writer Colette explaining what society was like in the Belle Epoque.

manolo blahnik

Sevillamu model – Arre model – Gurzuf model – Fifino model. Credits: Manolo Blahnik

However, the trend of the season is opulence and this is demonstrated in the different models of the new Manolo Blahnik collection. With shiny embellishments, fabrics such as satin or velvet and large buckles, the brand once again demonstrates its versatility and capacity for innovation. The Sevillamu model, for example, is part of a small collection in which tassels are the protagonists, inspired by Pierrot, a character from the Commedia dell’Arte. The Arre shoe, in patent leather and with a large buckle, is based on the 1960s, specifically in the shops of London’s Carnaby Street. The Prussian style is also demonstrated in shoes such as the Gurzuf, a high boot without a heel and with geometric designs in the form of waves. Finally, the Fifino model, created based on the architectural work of Zaha Hadid.

Manolo Blahnik launches the Semanado model, a sporty model in different colours and fabrics. Credits: Manolo Blahnik

Finally, the brand has decided to launch unisex trainers in suede, leather and velvet. The Semanado are designed to be the weekend shoe, a shoe that can be worn to the office or on an excursion to unwind. The colours available are white, black, maroon, blue and khaki green.