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There are few things more relaxing than a hotel spa. Especially after a week of intense work, probably with hardly any time to rest.

Arriving at your chosen destination, entering the room and getting ready for a restorative bathing session is a priceless pleasure. Or yes, but a very convenient price if you take advantage of one of these weekend spa offers.


Taking a relaxing bath in a hotel is one of the best plans for a relaxing stay

It is said that the anglicism spa (with which in English we know the thermal or hydrotherapy centers whose main objective is relaxation) has its origin in the Belgian town of the same name. This town was already well known during the Roman Empire for the curative capacities of its thermal waters, which it has maintained until the present time. In the sixteenth century the word was incorporated into the English language, from which it has made the leap to other European languages.

In the Nineteenth Century, Spa became a tourist pole for the European aristocracy and high bourgeoisie. Eventually, the concept has spread so much that today it encompasses thermal centers or old spas, also very fashionable among tourists in the first decades of the twentieth century. A spa is a place where therapies, massages, hydrothermal treatments and relaxing activities are offered with water, generally with mineral and medicinal properties. These waters usually come from natural springs and are used in the pools, jacuzzis or saunas of the establishment.

In any case, nowadays it is clear that it is not necessary to travel to Belgium to enjoy a spa. In fact, it’s more accessible than ever thanks to websites like BuscoUnChollo, a website that channels last-minute deals on destinations, accommodations, restaurants or attractions, to the customers who are looking for them. In other words, it is a way of directing customers to the last-minute offers that destination providers make because they have not been able to place them weeks in advance.


Enjoying a spa weekend is the perfect plan

In this case, we are going to show you spa offers for the next weekends. Places where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, alone, as a couple or as a family, for the most affordable prices possible. A luxury weekend at a bargain price.

Algarve (Portugal)

Algarve is an increasingly fashionable destination. Nearby, affordable, little exploited, cheap and full of incredible attractions, such as food. Add now the possibility of staying three days and two nights in a four-star hotel, half-board, with access to indoor heated pool and unlimited access to the spa. Can you ask for more? Yes, that it is cheap. All this for only 69 euros per person. Now yes, you can’t ask for more for a truly relaxing weekend.


A relaxing weekend alone, as a couple or with the family

Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava)

Those who go to Catalonia choose Lloret de Mar… Few know it, but this marine town is the second tourist destination in the community, only behind Barcelona. We are talking about a beach destination, with multiple hidden coves with crystal clear waters and everything that goes with it, such as the Santa Clotilde Gardens, a romantic garden on a cliff, recognized as one of the best historical gardens of Mediterranean type in Europe. In Lloret de Mar you can also visit some of the most recognizable modernist buildings in Catalonia.


We offer you the best offers to relax

Well, add to that the possibility of staying in a four-star hotel with full board for four nights for only 185 euros per person. And that hotel allows you to relax in a fantastic spa. Is there a better plan?

Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)

We already know that Santiago de Compostela is the end of the road. The Holy Apostolic and Metropolitan Church Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela houses the tomb of the apostle St. James, and since the Middle Ages it has been the destination of the pilgrimage of tens of thousands of believers, who arrive in the city every year after a long and enriching journey.


Enjoying a spa session is very easy

What wouldn’t any pilgrim give for a prize at the end of the Camino, and stay in a four-star hotel with spa? Not for the price. For 38 euros per person, you can spend two days and one night, with daily access to the spa.


Andorra, which in Spain has traditionally been associated with shopping, is a fantastic winter destination. Located, as everyone knows, in the heart of the Pyrenees, the Principality offers mountain and spa hotels, making it an ideal candidate for a romantic weekend getaway.


Caldea offers masks and massages.

Moreover, now it is not expensive. For example, you can find an offer of two days and one night in a three-star hotel in Andorra la Vella on half board plus morning entrance to the thermal center Caldea, including a free aquatic mask, for 59 euros per person. This offer reaches even the most coveted dates, and includes December long weekend, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Carnival and Easter 2022.


Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.