Do you want to have the results of cosmetic surgery, but without surgery or side effects? The new HIFU technology is the most effective alternative.

Recent researches have focused on the development of alternatives and complements to radiofrequency and HIFU technology is part of this whole technical revolution that is taking place around the world of the most professional and advanced aesthetics.

In Institut Saurina de Pomaré we have Incorporated HI LIFT 3, a HIFU device that represents a non-surgical solution for facial age signs (wrinkles, sagging, loss of dermal density, …).

 Would you like to eliminate rictus wrinkles or puppet lines? Did you know that certain facial wrinkles are formed due to lack of muscle tone and would be eliminated by treating sagging? Have you ever wanted to erase the fine lines of expression that are marked around your eyes or those that furrow your forehead? Have you ever considered that the signs of fatigue are possible to eliminate? Would you like to have a well-defined facial oval that embellishes your neck?

HI LIF 3 represents the most effective and non-invasive solution to give back to your face and neck the features that are blurring and eliminate all those signs of age that bother us.

High-intensity ultrasound (HIFU) technology allows ultrasound to emit a frequency that produces painless internal micro-injuries, which the body regenerates by achieving the retraction of the facial tissue, smoothing wrinkles, creating a tensor effect and adding volume to the tissue.

The advantages of HI LIFT 3 compared to other HIFU technology are its high tolerance and a thermo-mechanical performance that only acts in the “target” areas without damaging the dermis, epidermis or adjacent tissues.


Choosing HIFU as a treatment for each person is assessed after a complete diagnosis and the pattern of each case. In general, 3 sessions scheduled every 3 months are sufficient for better results than those obtained with other technologies.

At Institut Saurina de Pomaré you can book your appointment for diagnosis (free of charge) and we will advise you in a personalized way!

RRP: from € 225 / session (depending on the area and / or areas to be treated)