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Men’s cosmetics and make-up lines are growing all the time. Consumption of these products is booming. Many prestigious brands have already joined the trend by presenting their new beauty and make-up collections for men.

Earlier this month we learned that Shiseido Men, the prestigious Japanese cosmetics firm, and FC Barcelona have teamed up for a series of skincare and make-up products for men. As part of the deal, as announced by both parties in a statement, Shiseido Men will produce a co-branded content series with the Club, which will revolve around the lifestyle of the first team players and make a film starring Sergi Roberto, FC Barcelona’s fourth captain and husband of Israeli top model Coral Simanovich.

Shiseido Men - Sergi Roberto - Magazine Horse

Shiseido Men and footballer Sergi Roberto

The trend of associating men’s cosmetics with the image of sportsmen is growing. Nivea has already teamed up with Real Madrid players to reinforce its men’s line. David Beckham, the former footballer and husband of English designer Victoria Beckham, was the first to tread this terrain, as after starring in several cosmetics advertising campaigns, he became the first celebrity to design his own men’s cosmetics line ‘House 99’.

These facts affirm that men are increasingly immersed in the world of beauty. For generations, make-up has been seen as an exclusively female industry, but today it caters to their needs.

David Beckham - House 99 - Magazine Horse

David Beckham promoting his own cosmetics line ‘House 99’.

If we look back to Ancient Egypt, make-up played a very important role for men. It also did so in Elizabethan England, where men covered their faces with white powder. In the early 2000s with the explosion of the ‘metrosexual’ wave, the concept of the ‘guyliner‘, a look popular with punks and rockers, was introduced. Since then, some cosmetics brands began to include a men’s make-up line.

Make-up and skincare brands for men

Jean Paul Gaultier was a pioneer in launching a complete line of men’s cosmetics. He did so in 2008 with the ‘Monsieur’ line, which included everything from anti-ageing cream to mascara. That same year Guerlain launched a men’s version of one of its flagship products: Terracotta powder.

Chanel in 2018 announced that it was joining the trend, presenting its first men’s make-up line: Boy de Chanel‘, composed of 3 products: a foundation, a lip balm, and an eyebrow pencil. The following year Givenchy launched a genderless cosmetics collection called ‘Mister’. These are just a few examples of the brands that have joined the world of beauty men in recent years, the unstoppable business of male beauty.

Boy de Chanel - Givenchy Mister - Magazine Horse

The collection Boy by Chanel and Mister by Givenchy

Famous men and influencers who wear make-up

We know of different famous faces who are committed to make-up. Here are a few examples:

In the world of music over the years we have seen artists who have left their mark, not only for their gift, but also for their image. An example of this was David Bowie and Michael Jackson, with their made-up faces. Following in their footsteps were Robert Smith, the singer of The Cure, Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, the musicians of 30 Seconds to Mars, the violinist David Garrett, and Miguel Bosé, among many others.

In the film industry, actors such as Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller are constantly appearing with their eyes outlined in black.

Social networks have helped to break a series of taboos and Manny Gutiérrez and James Charles are part of this, through their make-up tutorials that have millions of views. The youtuber and influencer Manny Gutiérrez was Maybelline’s image in 2017 and James Charles has revolutionised the networks and already has almost 27 million followers on Instagram.

Another example is Fedez, the rapper and husband of Chiara Ferragni, who takes the nets by storm with his nails painted with different trendy designs.

Ezra Miller - Johnny Depp - Magazine Horse

Guyliners Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp

The male beauty boom never ceases to amaze us. Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry. Social media has helped to break the mould and give visibility to this trend, which has taken different parts of the world by storm.


Images provided by the brands mentioned.