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Several brands have launched creative and surprising collaborations to suit all tastes.

Innovation in the world of fashion is always important. Looking for new things and managing to surprise the consumer is one of the requirements for success. That’s why we are seeing more and more brands joining forces with other brands to launch new collaborations that are completely different and unique.

The North Face x Gucci

The North Face and Gucci join forces to create this ready-to-wear collection. Inspired by nature, it celebrates the values of self-discovery and exploration. This new campaign was created by French twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel, who took inspiration from nature.

luxury and streetwear come together in this collaboration that is the second chapter of what the brands already started last year. In this launch, the brand has launched garments where the essence of Gucci is much more present.


Canvas and sheepskin jacket, monogram canvas shorts, red leather boots and woollen hat – Silk shirt with trail print, quilted nylon waistcoat with forest print, nylon trousers with forest print and black leather boots – Woollen jumper in yellow, quilted nylon jacket, brown leather boots and canvas rucksack.

The new collection features items such as down coats, boots, jumpers, hats, scarves… But we also find dresses and blouses, very typical of Gucci, as well as more sporty garments, characteristic of The North Face. In this way, the brands achieve a very balanced union and the consumer perceives the artistic effort in equal parts.


Dark green cotton T-shirt, monogram quilted canvas jacket, monogram lined canvas overalls, red leather boots, monogram backpack, mini horsebit bag and monogram baseball cap – Lilac cotton T-shirt, lined cotton jacket, black leather boots and woollen scarf – Red and green hooded down jacket, red and green elasticated waist cotton trousers, canvas boots and canvas cap.

Prada x Adidas

One of the new collaborations that is coming on strong is Prada x Adidas, which joins forces again to create Confirmed, a premium collection. These two brands also prove that it is possible to mix streetwear with luxury and do it in an elegant and fun way.

After several collections that were simpler and designed for guaranteed success, Prada and Adidas decided to exploit their artistic and creative skills to create, among other things, unique trainers. The base model is the Adidas Forum. On this occasion, the collection is part of Prada’s Re-Nylon project, so the shoes are made from plastics collected from the countryside and the sea. The most characteristic element, however, is the removable nylon pocket with the Prada logo, which pays homage to the Italian brand’s iconic little bag.


Adidas Forum Hi trainers in black and white

There are two styles: the Forum Hi and the Forum Low. Both follow the Adidas Triple White and Triple Black monochrome model. The upper, side stripes, tongue and overlay are made of leather. The side panels, heel, toe and lacing area are made of nylon.

Brands have also launched clothing and accessories such as jackets, trousers, rucksacks and hats made from recycled nylon.


re-nylon jacket, re-nylon trousers, Adidas Forum Low shoes, re-nylon bucket hat and re-nylon fanny pack – re-nylon backpack – Adidas Forum Hi shoes and re-nylon bag.

Levi’s x Miu Miu

Miu Miu continues to move towards a more sustainable approach to the world of fashion through a collaboration with Levi’s. A collection that gives new life to denim thanks to Miu Miu’s redesign.

The most iconic garments are revamped, such as the 501 jeans for men and the Trucker jackets from the 80s and 90s. They were created from American workwear and have been a symbol of youthful rebellion since the 1950s.


Red tulle shirt – Denim jacket and trousers with black fabric details – Denim shorts with leather and pearl pockets – Jacket and trousers with nappa leather and Art Deco inspired details.

Jeans and jackets have been customised and adapted by Miu Miu with designs that play between masculinity and femininity. The iconic Levi’s back patch is also reinvented in pink and with the Miu Miu logo.

Dr Martens x Marc Jacobs

Dr Martens teams up with Marc Jacobs to create Heaven, a collection inspired by the 90s, with a rebellious and youthful style. A celebration of the era, teen spirit and self-expression.

There are two models available: the Audrick Heaven by MJ Daisy boots and the Audrick Heaven by MJ Tartan shoes. They use the familiar Dr Martens silhouettes, but give them a more modern twist: XXL platforms and New Vibrance Coco leather. The 1.9′ Quad Neoteric sole is lightweight and the Softwear sockliner adds comfort.


Audrick Heaven by MJ Daisy Boots – Audrick Heaven by MJ Tartan Shoes

The shoes feature the iconic yellow piping and other details in the same colour, a Dr Martens classic. They also have daisy eyelets and come with two Marc Jacobs teddy bear charms.

Desigual x Esteban Cortázar

Desigual and Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar have joined forces in a capsule collaboration inspired by Cortázar’s childhood in Miami. The spring-summer collection is sustainable, made with versatile, timeless and unisex garments.

Every day is forever is a collection inspired by the joy of living, with the work “El Beso”, created by Valentin Cortázar (the designer’s father), as the protagonist of most of the garments. There is also photographic patchwork work, with images taken by Andy Sweet during the 1970s in South Beach.

According to Esteban Cortázar, this is “a collection inspired by the past, designed today and to always remember”.


Top, skirt and bag with collage of photographs by Andy Sweet – Dress with collage of photographs by Andy Sweet – Dress with the work “El Beso” by Valentino Cortázar.

These new collaborations are bursting onto the current fashion scene as something different and new. creativity, sustainability, streetwear and art are some of the concepts on which these collections, designed for both women and men, are based.

Lacoste x Awake

The French brand Lacoste travels to New York to collaborate with Awake NY, by Angelo Baque. The brands join forces to create a 12-piece unisex capsule collection for both the streets of Paris and the five boroughs of New York.

Baque, an iconic streetwear figure, delves into the Lacoste archives to reinterpret iconic garments. Angelo Baque explains what it means to be able to update these pieces: “Their preppy aesthetic is very different from ours. Having the ability to access the archives and immerse myself in Lacoste’s heritage inspired us to create something that is versatile and functional. All the pieces in the collection match each other“.


Green and white polo shirt, checkered cardigan and fleece trousers – Polo shirt back design – Cotton T-shirts in different shades or white, blue and white fleece trousers and cap.

The collection is inspired by the French sporting codes of Lacoste’s heritage. We find polo shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, hats, jumpers…. All in deep greens, blues, reds and creams. In selected pieces we find the mix of the two logos of the companies: the crocodile silhouette with a letter “A” in university style typography.

Dior x Birkenstock

Dior presented its new collection at Paris Fashion Week 2022. With a very collegiate feel, the brand has given a lot of prominence to shoes, hinting at its future collaboration with Birkenstock.


Dior has so far presented five different clogs: beige, grey, grey with flowers, dark brown and muted beige.

La Maison has taken the classic “Boston Clog” model and updated it with new details and functional elements. We find clogs in different colours such as grey, brown or beige. Some are finished in suede, while others are designed with a felt-like fabric with floral decorations. We see the Dior brand name on the bridge of the foot, as well as on the buckles.

At the moment, this collaboration is not yet available, although it is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2022.


Images provided by the aforementioned brands.