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The catwalks of the big brands have left us with the new hair trends for the coming season: natural looks, voluminous cuts and a return to the seventies.

For many, September means a new beginning and this is also noticeable in the trends that come from the new collections of the brands. With the start of autumn and winter comes the desire to change things up and try something different. We bring you the best tips on cuts, styles and colours so you can get it right this coming season.

The cuts that will triumph

The bob and the pixie cut: short hair continues to conquer.

When it comes to a classic, easy-to-wear and flattering haircut, the bob haircut comes to mind. This hairstyle, which consists of cutting the hair at chin length, continues to be more fashionable than ever. The best-known option for this hairstyle is a centre parting and a slicked back-to-front cut, although you can opt for other variations such as the blowout bob, which marks the ends and gives volume to the roots, or a french bob, cutting the hair just below the ears.


Chanel Cruise Collection 2023 – Chanel Métiers d’Art Collection 2021/2022 – Chanel Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2022 Show

Although classic is always a good idea, the new season brings back one of the most risky and fun haircuts: the pixie cut, as can be seen in the new Chanel Haute Couture collection or on other catwalks such as Loewe. Also called pixie cut, it consists of leaving the hair short at the back and sides and a little longer at the front, with a fringe that falls over the face. This type of cut gives a fresh look and also helps to heal your hair, especially after the summer.

Clavicut: the half-length hair that takes the world by storm.

The new autumn-winter season is a return to the classics, so it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see more and more midi cuts. Again, they’re a hair-healing option that’s also easy to wear and style.


Chanel Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Chanel Autumn-Winter 2022 Haute Couture Fashion Show – Chanel Cruise 2023 Collection – Chanel Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection

The clavicut, a layered, collarbone-length cut that adds lots of movement and volume to the hair, is the new trendy hairstyle. It can be adapted to various face shapes and experts recommend it especially for women with very fine hair and no volume.

If you’re more into XXL hair but want something different, the long midi is your best option. It’s a slightly longer cut than the clavicut but much more comfortable than long hair. It’s perfect for longer faces and gives a rejuvenating, modern look.

The mullet and the seventies-style cuts.

During 2022 we have already seen how the mullet, a cut that is longer at the back than at the top and sides of the head, took centre stage on both men and women. Many celebrities such as Úrsula Corbero or Miley Cyrus were responsible for making this cut fashionable, although it was born in the 70s, it reminds us particularly of the 90s aesthetic.

Chanel Métiers d’Art Collection 2021/2022 – Chanel Autumn-Winter Collection 2022 – Fashion Week Seoul Spring-Summer 2020 by Leong Su Shan – Christian Dior Autumn-Winter Collection 2022

Following the mullet aesthetic, the shaggy cut is also making a comeback. Cut with scissors to achieve uneven strands and with more volume at the top, the shaggy gives a youthful, casual look and is perfect for women who are looking for something risky.

The fringe is back in all its forms.

Since 2021 we’ve been able to see how fringes have been gaining more prominence among celebrities’ hairstyles. The trend started with the typical straight fringe and has now evolved to the viral curtain bangs or the V-shaped fringe.


Loewe Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Versace Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Loewe Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Chanel Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Loewe Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection – Chanel Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection

The fringe allows for different styles and hairstyles and can be a very versatile and at the same time differentiating element. If you want to surprise with a different haircut, the bottleneck style is your best choice. It is distinguished by having the centre strands shorter, making the hair open and thus having the shape of a bottleneck, as its name suggests.

Finally, the curtain-style fringe swept to one side, so typical of the sixties, is making a comeback on the catwalks of major brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton.