Any time of year is great for a trip to Miami. The good weather is the tonic of every month of the year and many of the attractions of this Florida’s city are enjoyed outdoors. For example, the Caribbean gastronomy of Little Havana’s terraces, the walk between the elegant art-deco architecture on Ocean Drive or the indispensable visit to the South Beach arena.

Well now and after five years of intense renovation, there is something new in Miami. We talk about the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. A modern, cultural, informative and tourist infrastructure that has been welcomed with great success by the inhabitants of the city and by its visitors. In fact, since its reopening last May 8th, it received more than 28,000 visits in the first week.

A spectacular science museum

Philip and Patricia Frost are a philanthropist’s marriage whose name also appears in another of the most important cultural infrastructures of the city, the Frost Museum of Art that has one of the best collections of Latin American art of the 20th century. And now, their surname is also attached to this museum of science since they made a considerable donation for its construction. As The Miami Museum of Science is not new because it has several decades of history, now has been completely remodeled and even moved to a new location in Downtown, in front of the Biscayne Bay.

complex of the Miami Museum of Science

Complex of the Miami Museum of Science designed by Rodríguez , Quiroga and Grimshaw Architects

In total a new architectural complex has been built that occupies up to 23,000 m2 and is subdivided into four different buildings: the Planetarium, the Aquarium and the North and West Wings. All designed by Rodríguez, Quiroga and Grimshaw Architects.

The Frost Planetarium

Without a doubt, one of the stars of this museum is its incredible planetarium. A planetarium located under a huge dome of 20 meters in diameter that becomes a gigantic screen, where is situated one of the few projectors of resolution 8K that exist in the planetariums. A very high quality system with 3D technology or the possibility of performing shows with laser beams.

planetarium of the Frost Museum of the Science in Miami

They are going to make fantastic projections in the Planetarium of the Frost Museum of the Science in Miami

What are they trying to achieve with such avant-garde technology? That the spectator of any age will immerse in a unique audiovisual experience. But it is not a mere show, everything seen and heard has a scientific basis, so the projections are informative. Of course, a person learns without realizing it while attending the great spectacle of nature and the firmament.

The new aquarium

The other great place of the Frost Museum of Science is its aquarium with a capacity of almost 2 million liters of water. Here are represented the different aquatic habitats of Florida. In other words, it proposes to discover the nature of its mangroves, the coral reefs in the Keys, the biodiversity of the Everglades Park or the peculiar life that arises thanks to the Gulf Stream.

The new aquario in Miami

From great sharks to beautiful corals, the entire Florida aquatic ecosystem is represented here

A descending walk through a 3-floor installation that offers a complete view of the aquatic habitat, from the surface, that is, the space “The view” to the hidden under the waters: “The depth” and “The immersion”.

Different exhibitions

A museum of science must always be a living, dynamic installation and aware of the latest scientific advances to present them in an entertaining way to the public. And of course, with this vocation the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami is born.

new Science Museum in Miami history, science and adventure

From feathers to stars, an incredible journey through history, science and adventure

Hence, for example, the sample of Feathers to the Stars is prepared, since palaeontologists assume that many dinosaurs would have feathers and that would be the origin of the flight history. That is, those dinosaurs of 125 million years ago would be the pioneers, even if they did not fly, of what today are space shuttles and flights beyond our planet. Definitely, an exciting exhibition that takes us from the most remote past to the most immediate future, and all told with a sound scientific basis.

Children are especially welcome in this science museum

Children are especially welcome in this science museum

Nowadays there is much more to contemplate in the museum. Especially with all you experience. For example, it is possible to discover how body and mind interact constantly, or also in the space of H20 TODAY you can see how water is one of the big responsible for our world to be as we know it.

Miami is also a cultural destination

The new aquarium in Miami

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is going to become a tourist flagship in Miami for children and adults.

In short, the Frost Museum of Science strengthens the cultural life of Miami. It has certainly become a must-visit for its visitors, even more considering its location alongside the Perez Art Museum, the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center and the American Airlines Arena auditorium. All this surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic in Biscayne Bay, one of the most elegant and dynamic areas of Miami.

Translated by Raquel Sanchez