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Fashion world joins the NFT trend to create fully virtual collections

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The NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) are gaining more and more prominence. After its emergence in the art world, several designers have decided to bet on this new modality. The Non-fungible Tokens, or NFT, are unique, non-replicable and immutable digital assets. In real life you can copy a digital file as many times as you want, but NFTs allow you to give you ownership of the work, so that your buyers are the sole owners of the product through blockchain fees.

In art, the existence of NFT is easier to understand, but when we talk about fashion, things get a bit more complicated. The non-fungible tokens of the brands are based on virtual garments to dress up an avatar and play on different platforms such as Decentraland, Zepeto or Minecraft. That way, you can create your own avatar, dress it with exclusive clothes and play and interact with other users of the metaverse.

Laagam launches its first NFT for the symbolic price of 1 cent.

Although in Spain this sector is not yet very developed, there are already firms like Laagam that follow the path of the big brands towards a type of online fashion available only in the metaverse. Under the slogan “What if instead of staying in the uncertainty of 2022, we play to think in 2023?“, the Spanish company Laagam offers its first NFT. It is a set to dress your avatar in the metaverse, an instagram filter, 3D digital art and a digital club pass, to attend exclusive sales of the brand.

It can be purchased for one cent, the price designated by the brand, although blockchain fees must be added to that amount. These are paid so that the transaction is marked on the blockchain and so you are the legal owner of the NFT. These fees fluctuate and can go up or down.

This would be the brand’s first step towards future projects of this type. A pioneer in Spain thanks to this campaign, Laagam has started with this small project to test consumer acceptance and, for the moment, it seems to have found buyers.

NFT applied to fashion allows the creation of virtual collections 

Another brand that has developed NFT has been Lacoste in collaboration with the video game Minecraft. Lacoste x Minecraft brings together the best of both worlds to create a collection of new spring-summer 2022 designs. With an infinite variety of styles, players will be able to dress their avatars with mythical garments of the brand, such as the printed polo shirt or the cap with the crocodile.

NFT of the Lacoste x Minecraft partnership

Pull&Bear joins the metaverse trend and presents its virtual world

The Pull & Bear brand also bets on the metaverse and launches its own virtual reality universe. In this, you can try on a myriad of outfits with garments of the firm in its virtual showroom and also includes a surfing game. The experience will be available soon, and can be used with virtual reality goggles Meta Quest 2.

To access this world, users will do so through a web adaptation with the Ready Player Me (RPM) configurator that allows you to customize your own avatar and dress it with the brand’s clothing. The clothes are compatible with all RPM platform games such as VRChat, LIV or Animaze.

Virtual world of Pull&Bear

Images provided by the brands mentioned above.