Written by: Rosa Morel

The only luxe apartments in Europe with a 24h concierge service.

As Givenchy claimed, luxury is in every tiny detail. There’s no better quote to describe the residential idea of The Onsider Barcelona.

Event though luxurious aparments exist, there’s even a higher level on the luxury revolution, where we can find The Onsider Barcelona, an exquisite, exclusive, residential complex under the motto “living made easy”. It’s the only concept that joins together extended stay luxury residences with a full premium services catalog offered by Alberta La Grup.

The 20’s style building, placed in the select neighborhood of San Gervasi (Aribau 306) has been redesigned by the arquitect Marc Obradó and refurbished by Cristina Thio‘s team, who have been able to give its manorial shine back, while adapting it to contemporary needs.

El edificio años 20 ubicado en el selecto barrio de San Gervasi (Aribau, 306) ha sido reformado por el arquitecto Marc Obradó y restaurado por el equipo de Cristina Thió, que han logrado devolverle el resplandor señorial adaptándolo a las necesidades contemporáneas.


The Onsider Barcelona also relies on the collaboration of Jaime Beriestain, artist and interior designer, which has resulted in a modern high-level facility with smart houses which offer the latest domotics technology and a complete sensibility for efficiency and a compromise with the environment.


The Onsider Barcelona: home away from home

As we’ve stated before, luxury is found in the smallest details. That’s why The Onsider Barcelona excels through multiple personalized services which they offer to all their residents.


They can rely on a private chef, dry cleaner’s, dog-sitting, shopping services and a concierge team at their complete disposal 24/7, thus becoming one of the only luxury apartments that take car of their residents 7 days a week.


The spectacular communal areas providen modern and unique spaces: fitness rooms, sauna, swimming pool, chill-out area and even a cinema. In The Onsider Barcelona there rae no limits, and that’s how their finishing touches and their elegant and close care prove it.



The Onsider Barcelona is, above all, a compromise with those who do not only want the best, but they also want to live in it.