The tradicion starts on the 4th Century when the Church dit not allow to consume eggs during Lent. However, the chickens were laying eggs and throw eggs would have been a sin. So no choice but to save them. At that time a lot of eggs were collected and had to be distributed.

Easter Sunday was the first day that this rule ceased to exist and became the appointed date to give the eggs were not eaten during Lent. Thus he was born this custom.

Offering a basjet full of fresh eggs was a wonderful gesture, Ofrecer una cesta de huevos frescos era un magnífico detalle, but if it were coloredpainted eggs it became a real treat.

From the 18th Century, fresh eggs were emtied and then fulled of chocolate. In Spain, the regions with a more tradition are Catalonia and Valencia

y a rellenarlos de chocolate. En España, las regiones con más tradición en la elaboración de figuras de chocolate para celebrar la Pascua es la zona de Cataluña y Valencia.

These figures acquired great importance from the middle of the past century. Easter cakes are chocolate that adopt infinite forms, whose only limit is the imagination of the master chocolatier. Here are some examples of the most original ones.
Pastelerías TorreblancaTorreblanca Bakery (from Paco Torreblanca)

Ratón Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer

monas montablesAlberto Barrero


Eskimo and seal from Mateu Closa

napoleon y sanchoNapoleón and Pancho Villa from Miquel Guarro

dulces_semsanta_-t Mamá Framboise

huevos_galliga_mama framboise_-a

Chocolate hens from Mamá FramboiseStar wars chocolat factory

“Star Wars” from Chocolat Factory

Dare to give to your godson the most original Easter egg. Surprise him and make him never forget its design.