Designers and artists from all over the world wait expectantly for the moment in which Pantone announces what will be the color of the year. The chosen Pantone is 18-3838 Ultra Violet and will be with us during 2018.

Pantone Ultra Violet


Year after year, the company predicts the color that will be with us wherever we go: fashion, accessories, makeup, design… For this, the company uses the psychology, the power and the emotion that colors transmit to identify the tonality that represents the society at that time. Ultra Violet symbolizes originality, experimentation and nonconformity, as well as being the color of the feminist struggle.

The perfect alternative to black

The color of infinite combinations. With neutral tones, with beige, with white, with gray, with powdered tones and with mallows but also with powerful yellows and red and raspberry tones.



Its versatility makes it the original alternative to black. For the daily life, it brings sophistication to the working looks. For the night, the colored velvets of this color become a must.

A touch of color

To follow the trends within our comfort zone, the simplest option is to incorporate them through accessories. The most discreet ones can incorporate Ultra Violet as a touch of color in bags, jewelry, shoes or even lingerie bras. A simple gesture that converts the simplest outfit in something original and trendy.

Daniel Espinosa bracelet, Pure Silver ring, Dolce & Gabbana bag and DIM underwear.

Ultra Violet: flattering and attractive

Although it may not seem like it, it is a color that favors all types of skin and any hair color. For the day? A powerful lipstick, a simple manicure or a subtle eyeliner. For the night? A rising trend this season, a colorful smokey. In this case, of course, in violet tones that enhance the look.

Gucci shade in Ultraviolet shade, Nars nail polish in Purple Rain, L’Oréal Ed. Balmain lipstick in Liberation color and CND Shellac nail polish

Technology also follows new trends

Ultra Violet is the color of the year and inspires the launches of all kinds of brands; this is not something said randomly. Even the firms related to technological gadgets inspire their products in this tonality. They know that technology is increasingly present in our daily life, we show it more and more every time. In many occasions, they are part of our outfit as an accessory. So, why worry about following trends?

Philips headphones, Fujifilm instant analog camera and Fitbit physical activity wristband.

Powerful but serene

Incorporating Ultra Violet into our home is very simple. It can be done in two ways. The first one, more daring, with pieces of furniture that stand out. Combined with neutral tones, beige, gray or powdered roses it won’t be too much and will create areas of contrast that invite to relaxation. The combination with a vibrant green or turquoise tones is also a fantastic option and it goes out of the ordinary. Sofas, chests of drawers, stools, poufs… large, medium or small pieces that instantly become the focal point of the room.

Proposal of By Swans for the decoration of a bedroom with the Ultra Violet color


The other option is to choose to introduce small doses of color to the base structure that we already have. Cushions, crockery, blankets, candles, lamps, vases… the choices are endless. To enhance the color more, if you combine it with gold elements is the best match.

Stools and table by Swans.

Although it may seem strident, Ultra Violet is a mixture of red and blue, that is, powerful but that invites serenity. It is perfect to color the rooms without altering their balance. It also offers an infinite range of combinations, textures and nuances, so, long live to creativity and let’s experience!