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This October has already welcomed, for the second consecutive year, the Paquito Route. The delicious lamb sandwiches are already present in bars and restaurants in Barcelona, as well as in two of the best cocktail bars in the world: Paradiso and Two Schmucks.

The different versions of the classic lamb sandwich are back on the streets of Ciudad Condal, and this year they are especially popular with the younger public. Something as simple and popular as joining two loaves of bread to enjoy sheep meat is already triumphing in other cities such as Madrid, Zamora or Ávila. Through the project that heads the initiative, INTEROVIC, they seek to promote the consumption of meat that is cared for in a sustainable way.


The versions of Paquito that can now be enjoyed on Claris 118 and Contracorrent

The director of the INTEROVIC project, Tomás Rodríguez, is confident that the reception for the second year will be really good.

When you eat a Paquito, you are opting for the most sustainable meat, thanks to its production system of millenary origin such as pastoralism. From INTEROVIC we are very excited about this original sandwich, and as a great novelty, to the cocktail bars of Barcelona.


Meat served pulled is very common nowadays, and in the burgers of Bar Torpedo and Bodega Pasaje 1986 we find it.

We find more than 200 establishments, and their various versions in the route Paquito, and can be enjoyed until 30 October. Discovering very different elaborations using the same product. As we have already mentioned, this year the cocktail bars are participating strongly, with Paradiso and Two Schmucks on the route. Both are on the list of The World’s 50 Best Bar. Paradiso, awarded as the best cocktail bar in Europe and the world in 2022. Meanwhile, Two Schmucks, has risen to seventh place. In addition, restaurants and bars such as Café del Centre, El Puestu, Bar Yeti, La Mundana or Claris 118 also offer their visitors the delights of lamb.

Sustainable meat rooted in the land

There is nothing better than going back to those traditional methods when it comes to putting meat on the plate. Rapid industrialisation offers products in a short time, but the quality of these cannot compare with the results of grazing. Maintaining that connection between the cattle and the land, grazing and growing naturally in their territory. This is something essential to transmit through the Paquito route. Not forgetting where we come from, valuing the livestock culture that characterises us in the country and its importance in biodiversity.


Across the different venues, there are very different versions of the sandwiches. We can see how the lamb meat is accompanied by different ingredients at Bodega Montferry, Tapas 24 and Fishology.

In this way, the INTEROVIC project forms part of the European Programme 2021-2023, with the aim of reconnecting with natural consumption. Where livestock animals are cared for in freedom, maintaining a sustainable link that does not fail to benefit us as a society. Spain currently has more than 25,000km of livestock trails, something that cannot be wasted or misused. By promoting once again, in a responsible manner, natural livestock farming, as our grandparents and great-grandparents did years ago;

Images courtesy of Lobo Agency

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