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We show you the most terrifying manicures to wear the most impressive nails this Halloween.

October 31st is Halloween and to warm up, we bring you several nail options perfect for the holiday. From easy designs that you can do at home to more creative designs, make your Halloween manicures the most beautiful and spooky.

Surprising nail polishes for a unique manicure

If you don’t like patterned manicures, you can also opt for a single shade of nail polish. This Halloween, the most popular colors are red, black, off-white and pumpkin orange. Also, if you want to surprise everyone, you can choose polishes like Glow Up by Orly, which glow in the dark.


Halloween style nail design. Credits: Shutterstock

The French brand Zao Make Up also offers a multitude of nail polish colors to suit all tastes. In addition, Zao is a eco-friendly makeup company and its nail lacquers are vegan.

With all these tricks it is very easy to make the most beautiful and spooky Halloween manicures. Dare to try them to wear the most amazing nails of the whole party.

For them too…

The ‘creepy nail art’ trend can also be found for men, designs with spiders and their webs in black nail polish and ghosts in white to give a spookier touch for Halloween.


Manicure with Halloween motifs. Credits: Sharmyle (@shoga_art)

Nails are transformed into a canvas

There are plenty of designs to experiment with when it comes to doing your nails. The manicures look like real works of art and there are many easy options to do at home.

When we think of Halloween we immediately think of gory scenes and iconic films like Carrie. One of the best design options for the festival of the dead is a manicure with red waves that simulate blood. To do it, all you need is a light pink and a red. You use the first one as the base of the manicure and with the second one you do a French manicure. Then, with a fine brush or a hairpin, you simulate the blood falling down. Essie gives you an option with a twist: instead of doing all the nails in red, you can alternate them with a black.


Bloody Halloween manicure. Credits: Essie

You can also opt for a broken glass manicure, which is more creative and eye-catching. For this, you only need a silver tone as a base for the manicure. Then, with a fine brush and a black nail polish, you have to draw lines that simulate broken glass.


Halloween broken glass manicure. Credits: Essie

Finally, for the most classic, we have the starry night manicure. We will use black as a base. Then, on only one half of the nail we will apply a light pink shade with glitter. To finish, with a brush and this last shade, we will draw little stars all over the nail.


Halloween starry night manicure. Credits: Essie