Spring has already begun and good weather is here. A great time to plan long getaways and discover charming places. But it is also an opportunity to be amazed with the most interesting cultural proposals. If you don’t know where to go, here are our special recommendations, our seven highlights of April.

The Balenciaga Museum reopens

On March 24th, the Balenciaga Museum opened its doors in Getaria, the birthplace of Gipuzkoa’s great creator. In fact, the big house that today houses the museum was the place where a young Cristóbal had his first contacts with threads, pins and backstitches. Because as a child he accompanied his mother, a seamstress, to this house, where she worked for the marquises of Casas-Torres.

The Balenciaga Museum is an excellent reason to visit Getaria and the coast of Gipuzkoa

A lot of time has passed, and now the old traditional house has been enlarged with a new space for the museum. A museum that has prepared the Fashion and Heritage exhibition that will remain there until January 27th 2019. An exceptional occasion to see how the work of Balenciaga has stopped to be an object of consumption to be turned into art since he retired 50 years ago.

The Snowbombing festival returns

A few weeks ago, in Magazine Horse we already talked about the Snowbombing festival of Mayhorfen in Austria. Well, the time has come to put it in our April’s highlights, since it will start next Monday 9th and will end on April 14th. A whole week in which electronic music will flood ski tracks, forests and even the last corner of this area of ​​the Alps.

Skiing during the day and dancing at night: the Snowbombing proposal

The festival began to celebrate the end of the winter season and the arrival of spring. But that grew exponentially with more and more ambitious activities and events, which even lead DJs to play their music in spaces like the igloo at almost 2,000 meters of altitude. The fact is that it continues to grow. We can see this with the programming of 2018, which will feature the stellar presence of Liam Gallagher, former singer of Oasis.

A highlights’ classic: the Coachella Festival

Its full name is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival. Everything clear: location and content, that is, music and different arts. But what that name does not say is that it has become the favorite festival among celebrities. Everyone in the spotlight, or that wants to be, is there. And obviously they try to impress, so they dress up for the occasion, turning the festival in a peculiar fashion show with the trends for summer.

The stars of music are never absent at the Coachella. This year Jamiroquai

But beyond that, the Coachella Festival is an artistic and mainly musical event. An event that this year will occupy two weekends: from April 13th to 15th, and the next from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd. Six days with six nights in which stellar performances are expected such as Beyoncé, Eminem or Jamiroquai.

New edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan

From April 17th to 22nd, the Salone del Mobile in Milan will take. It is one of the most anticipated appointments for furniture designers. This contest arose in 1961 with the aim of promoting the export of prestigious Italian furniture. Nowadays, it still has that goal, but there is much more because it is an authentic international exhibition and the annual meeting point for all those involved in the furniture industry.

What’s new in the Salone del Mobile 2018?

Knowing the importance of the event, its promoters have wanted to put into force a manifesto that updates this historic event. A manifesto that wants to promote innovation, but also other key values ​​in the 21st century, such as sustainability and cultural exchanges. That is to say, the Salone del Mobile does not want to get outdated and undertakes its 57th edition with the aim of becoming a global and current event.

Fashion and nature at the Victoria & Albert Museum

It is not the first time that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London appears in our highlights. Nor will it be the last. On this occasion, the exhibition will be opened on April 21st and will last until January 27, 2019. An exhibition named Fashioned from nature, since its purpose is to show the close and complex relationship that can exist between fashion and nature.

Some of the objects that make up the sample

This relationship is not new, since the exhibition shows samples that take us back to the seventeenth century. It is clear that the purpose is to make us think about today, and show the importance of respecting the environmentSomething that is reflected for example in the attitude of protest maintained by designers like Vivienne Westwood or in creations such as a Calvin Klein dress made with recycled plastic bottles.

Masterpieces by Rothko in Boston

The Reflection exhibition by Mark Rothko was inaugurated at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in September 2017 and will remain open until September 3rd of this year. That is, given the importance of this essential creator in contemporary art, it is planned to last a whole year. So there are no excuses, if you go to this city of the state of Massachusetts you cannot miss it.

One of the most emblematic images of Rothko

There awaits a vital tour of Rothko’s work (1903-1970), from his years of training studying classical painters, to his most charismatic works where he had already completely broken with traditional formsIt is that part that has made him more famous and, undoubtedly, is the best part represented in the exhibition, since visitors have been enveloped by huge canvases where color and geometry reach a surprising expressiveness.

Creme de la Creme in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen Design Museum is one of the best museums around the world due to its permanent exhibition specialized in the always elegant Scandinavian design and for the attractive temporary exhibitions it produces. One of them occupies our last highlights of this month, the Creme de la creme exhibition that will open for visitors on April 25th and will last until January 27th 2019.

The Copenhagen Design Museum is waiting to surprise you

On this occasion, the exhibition has been created from the artistic collections of the museum, with works that are hard to see, and which will leave both design fans and art lovers speechlessYes, because they are going to exhibit works by Gauguin, Léger, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse and others, but these are creations on supports that we are not used to, such as ceramics, textiles or jewelry.

We don’t want to reveal much more about this exhibition, as it will be a very pleasant surprise for visitors. It brings together everything we look for in Magazine Horse when it comes to making our monthly list of highlights: lots of art, design, uniqueness, exclusivity and invitation to travel, both physically and with our imagination.