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July, a very warm month, to travel, and to spend a few hours at home. So here, we suggest you seven events to relieve yourself of those temperatures, to make interesting trips and of course to enjoy a quality leisure.

Exhibition Marilyn Monroe “The Last Sitting” at DS World Paris

In 1962, the quintessential erotic myth, Marylin, posed for the last time in a famous session “the last sitting” for the photographer Bert Stern, who created these images for Vogue and that from the past June 8th can be contemplated in the DS World Paris. There will remain some of the most iconic photos of Marilyn until January 2nd, 2018. An exhibition that you should not miss if you like cinema, beauty and eroticism and if you go to Paris, and better yet knowing that is free, something that is very common in the French capital.

Marilyn made by Bert Stern

One of the last photos of Marilyn made by Bert Stern

But, why these photos have room in a space promoted by the French automobile company DS? The responsible of DS World Paris give us the answer, as Marilyn is an image of beauty and timeless glamor, just like the legendary DS cars that were born in 1955. Some models that have been evolving over time, improving their technology but maintaining the innovative design that made them something different. As Marilyn Monroe, she will always be different.

Giacometti Exhibition at the Tate Modern in London

The exhibition proposals of the London Tate Modern are always of great interest for those who want to discover the latest artistic trends and who wish to understand how we have arrived to this moment of eclectic post avant-garde. In that sense, it is more than attractive to visit the exhibition that until September 10th will be dedicated to the great painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.

Famous sculpture Man walking I

Famous sculpture Man walking I

This exhibition, with its 250 exhibited works, is considered the greatest retrospective of the Swiss artist. The purpose is to make the public aware that Giacometti is part of those chosen ones (Picasso, Matisse or Degas) who were able to create art on both canvas and paper as sculpting and modeling. A task within the reach of very few throughout the twentieth century, and in the case of Giacometti it is an aesthetic pleasure to discover.

Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave at the British Museum in London

Another exhibition in London, now at the British Museum, whose temporary exhibition halls (from May 25th until August 13th) will be flooded by the waves and the Japanese art of one of the greatest Japanese illustrators, Katusushika Hokusai (1760-1849). As you can see by the dates, a long-time creator, who painted some of his masterpieces during his last three decades of life, a phase in which this exhibition entitled Hokusai beyond the Great Wave is focused.

Hokusai's Great Wave

Hokusai’s Great Wave

The Great Wave is one of his most famous works, but you will see that there is much more. Subtle landscapes, with the Mount Fuji, domestic scenes, animals, monsters, etc. A very complete exhibition with engravings, paintings or illustrations, all very delicate, so that towards the middle of the period of the exhibition the sample will change. Thus, the days 3, 4, 5 and 6 of July will remain closed to the public to make that rotation works.

Summer Concerts in the Baths of Caracalla

When the Emperor Caracalla ordered to build between 212 and 216 the Caracalla Thermal Baths, he only longed that his name will be remembered by a gigantic building destined to be one of the greatest thermal complexes of the history. However, he did not imagine that eighteen centuries later, that construction would be an archaeological ruin visited by tourists from all over the world and above all   there, some of the most famous opera concerts in history, especially Pavarotti’s historic recital, Domingo and Carreras, the Three Tenors, following Zubin Mehta were going to be held.

Roman Baths of Caracalla

Roman Baths of CaracallaMusic sounds in the Roman Baths of Caracalla

That has been the most famous concert that has sounded in the Baths of Caracalla, but like every summer, the voices of great sopranos and tenors will be heard again, since there is a programming of the most attractive between July 2nd and August 9th. During this period, the operas Carmen, Nabucco or Tosca can be seen. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience during a trip to Rome: opera in an archaeological site.

71st edition of the Avignon Festival

The performing arts and the world of theater have in the Festival of Avignon, one of its great references since it was created back in 1947. And it is because in this small city of the south of France, the most novel assemblies coming from anywhere of the planet meet. A meeting between creators and public that lasts for three weeks, in this 2017 from July 6th to 26th.

Courtyard of the Palace of the Popes in a last edition of the Festival of Avignon

Courtyard of the Palace of the Popes in a last edition of the Festival of Avignon

Scenic events with highly contrasted aesthetics, sometimes surprisingly risky and breakthrough. The whole city is animated with the avant-garde theater that even reaches its most famous monument: the Palace of the Popes. In fact, in its great Courtyard of Honor the most spectacular representations take place. In the different rooms of the palace, in churches, cloisters or in more modern halls are dozens of new shows that make up the official programming that makes the visit to Avignon on those dates is a real show.

South Pyrenees Festival, the International Festival of Cultures

The floating stage of the Lanuza reservoir, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, will once again welcome artists from around the world, and the public will attend their concerts from the banks of the marsh. A union between emotions, music, culture, the night and the Pyrenean environment that has been repeating for 26 summers. 26 editions of the South Pyrenees that have made this festival to be considered one of the most attractive of the entire festivals panorama in Spain.

auditorium of the South Pyrenees

Floating stage and auditorium of the South Pyrenees

This year the concerts will take place between July 16th and 30th, and here, well known artist will come as Diego “El Cigala”, Franco Battiato or Youssou N’Dour. The latter or the Mali’s group, Tinariwen, largely represent the essence of this different festival, where you can appreciate unknown and distant music, especially from Africa. A continent that year after year is present in the schedule of the festival .

Tomorrowland Festival in Boom, Belgium

The Tomorrowland Festival in the Belgian city of Boom is the most relevant meeting of the year for lovers and professionals of electronic music, and here are a few data to confirm it. This year the participation will be up to 1,000 artists spread over some 70 different scenarios and, if the exponential growth of the festival continues, the number of visitors will exceed 400,000 people. All this in only 6 days in two weekends, from July 21st-23rd and from 28th-30th of the same month.


Main and delirious stage of the Tomorowland

Six days in which sessions are scheduled with DJs and musicians of all genres and possible variants of electronic music.  And of course, you cannot miss the great stars of the moment like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Alesso or NERVO, to name just a few. It is clear that anyone who likes to dance these rhythms should go to Boom and enjoy the Tomorrowland, a place that the organizers call Dreamville.

From Horse, we are convinced that some of these ideas will motivate you. Well, you are still in time to make it come true. Find more information on the links we include and get ready to enjoy the summer.